New Fashion Favorites

I told myself I was going to finally stop online shopping excessively this year but then the post holiday sales hit and that promise was quickly broken. Plus, January is also my birthday month so in the back of my head that little "treat yo self" voice was constantly ringing every time I saw something that I liked and I caved like the weak human being that I am. Now that the month is up I am determined to shop less online so I thought it would be a good time to share my most recent favorite purchases. 


Bronx Black/Gunmetal Leather Ankle Boot

I love ankle boots. I have major ankle/foot problems and recently sold pretty much all of my boots because the heels were too high. I've since been rebuilding my shoe wardrobe with pairs that have little to no heel so I can actually wear them and not end up injuring my ankles/feet even more. I currently have seven pairs of ankle boots that have a block heel and these are by far the most comfortable. The difference being these have a rubber heel, as opposed to wood like most of my others, so there's a lot more cushion in the heel. The toe detail on them gives a little interest but it's not so much so that it makes them hard to style. These are what my boot dreams are made of and I almost didn't get them. I first saw them online at ASOS and had been eyeing them up for a while but didn't want to pay full price because something in my DNA is averse to paying full price for pretty much anything. The day I noticed they had gone on sale I had to leave for a dentist appointment so I decided to buy them afterwards. By the time I got home from my appointment they sold out online in my size (being a size 10 sucks big time). I was so bummed so I spent the rest of that evening and the next day trying to find them somewhere else online. I found them on the brand's website but unfortunately for me they do not ship outside the EU. Next I tried Amazon. I searched high and low and could not find them on the US Amazon site but I somehow, through the powers of Google, found them at Amazon Germany. Thanks to the AmazonGlobal program I could buy them from Amazon Germany and not pay outrageous customs or shipping fees. I bit the bullet and a few weeks later they arrived. I ended up getting them for a few bucks cheaper this way than I would of if I'd bought them from ASOS so it all ended up working out perfectly. I would gladly purchase something this way again on Amazon and will definitely be adding more Bronx boots to my collection sometime in the future.


E&E Örsten Sunglasses in Stone

Sunglasses are quite possibly my favorite accessory and I wear them year round because I have light sensitive eyes. I'm always buying and selling when I find new ones I want to keep my collection under control. I had a pair of these Whistles Faye sunglasses and, while they were beautiful, they did not fit my face properly so I never wore them. I liked the ivory/black tortoise of them and had been looking for a pair that would fit my style and hopefully my face better. I decided  to look online at NA-KD since I had purchased another pair of sunnies from there before and came across these beauties by E&E. I love the black and white tortoise effect and the brow bar gave them a little something extra that my Whistles pair didn't have. These have become a fast favorite of mine and I don't think I'll be selling these ones. 


Guess Satchel in Black Gray White Lily Dream

I am always keeping my eyes open for medium/large handbags to use as a camera bag. I like fashion (obviously) and I don't like carrying around a big ugly camera bag so I need a bag big enough to fit my Canon 5D Mark III plus lens(es). It also needs to have a sturdy enough structure to protect the camera and wide/strong enough straps to support the weight. I have a few bags that I have been wanting to sell since they're just don't suit my style/needs anymore. I went into Marshall's to return a backpack I though might be the winner (it was not, made my back hurt a lot when I put my camera in it) and I saw this and fell in love. The size is perfect, not too big but not too small, sturdy structure, and came with a wide strap that would support the weight of my camera. I must confess, I have not actually used it as a camera bag yet, I have been using it as a gym bag, but I have high hopes for its camera bag capabilities. I could not find any online anywhere but there might be some on eBay if you poke around a bit. At my local Marshall's they had the bag in three different colors, a tan/brown multi color and a tan/rose pink color way, but I chose the black/grey combo since it fits my wardrobe best and will mark the least since it's the darkest. I cannot wait to take this out as a camera bag and put it to the test but until them I'll keep using it as my gym bag. Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day!