October Nylon Box

Hello, today it's time for the October Nylon Box! I was planning on sharing my Sisley Box as well but it hasn't arrived yet and I'm impatient so there's just one subscription box to go over this time. The Nylon Box normally comes with an info booklet going over all the details and how best to use an item but we didn't get one this time around (or at least I didn't) but I was still able to find everything online and even found one item cheaper on Amazon. I don't have a big long intro for you today so let's just get straight to the items!


Vinca Tiny Chef's Knife Earrings $17.95 Value

It's cool to see a subscription box featuring brands that aren't huge corporations and this company, Vinca USA, is based out of Austin, TX. I actually laughed when I saw this because my dad used to be a meat cutter (not a butcher, that's a little different than what he did). We have quite a few large knives in the house so it was kind of funny to get knife earrings plus it's also a little Halloween appropriate. The materials are surgical steel and acrylic so it shouldn't irritate anyone's ears. Not my style at all and I don't really wear earrings in my lobes very often anymore so I think I'm going to put this in a white elephant gift at Christmas this year. Not my cup of tea but I really appreciate the quirkiness and supporting a smaller business. 


Tarte Tarteist PRO Glow Liquid Highlighter in Sparkler $8.29 value, $29 full size

Sparkler is the rose gold toned option out of the Tarte liquid highlighters. This is about a 1/3 size sample so I'd say it's a pretty decent size for a subscription box for an item like this. I didn't want to swatch this since I'm not keeping it for myself because I just bought the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick during a sale online and I'm not a highlight hoarder so I just don't need it. Plus, if I'm being completely honest, it doesn't sound very promising. I linked to Ulta above since this shade isn't available on Tarte's website but it has a lot more reviews on Sephora's website and out of 72 reviews it only has a 2.7 star rating. A lot of reviews say it dries too fast and is really glittery which doesn't sound great to me so I would say proceed with caution on this one. Since it doesn't sound very good I don't think I want to give it to a friend so I might put this in a white elephant gift as well (sorry fam). 


Venus in Leo Rosemary Grapefruit Deodorant Balm .5 oz for $5 or 2 oz for $9

I love that there's a natural deodorant in here! I have stupid sensitive underarms and am not sure exactly what it is in deodorants that I'm allergic to. I quit using deodorants with aluminum in them ages ago and that helped for a while but for some reason this year I started having reactions to all-natural aluminum free deodorants as well and it got so bad that I had to go see a dermatologist in August (the doctor didn't say what caused the irritation but I'm pretty sure I narrowed it down to either deodorant or food dye). I am a little apprehensive to try this since my skin is so sensitive and reactive in the area of application but I will definitely try it at some point. For now I've mostly not been wearing deodorant, if I can get away with doing so, to avoid having another skin reaction. One of the deodorants that I currently have is Native in Grapefruit & Bergamot and the Venus in Leo Rosemary Grapefruit definitely smells better (for the record I don't recommend Native because the product is pretty inconsistent in my experience). Excited to give this a try and happy to see another small business in the box!


Linné Botanicals Smooth Body Balm 1 oz value $17, Full Size 4 oz $68

Another natural product this month in the form of a body balm. This balm is 100% organic and has key ingredients of meadowfoam seed oil, beeswax, avocado fruit oil, palmarosa essential oil, geranium essential oil, bergamot essential oil and cypress essential oil. The ingredients sound promising but I can't stand the smell of this stuff or the texture. I have super dry skin and now that the temperature has started to drop I can use all the moisturizing products I can get but unfortunately this will not be one of them. It's just way too oily and greasy and smells very earthy which is just not my type of scent. Again, love the support of another smaller business though!


Milky Dress Bomb Pack $2 value,10 masks for $20 on Amazon

Not the type of sheet mask I normally go for but the timing is perfect because I'm in the midst of testing out a bunch for the next Sheet Mask Showdown! I'm getting my info from masksheets.com but I linked to Amazon above since it's out of stock (and more expensive) on masksheets' website. This masks is supposed to be clarifying and hydrating but non-irritating so we shall see if that is true (anything with the word "clarifying" in it freaks me out since my skin is sensitive). This mask bubbles up while it's on and then you remove the mask and massage the bubbles into the skin and then rinse afterwards. Seems pretty simple to use and if you want to know how it works out be sure to check back in a few weeks for my review.


Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoos $1.50 each (whatever, spirit animal & double moons)

Instead of getting a sticker sheet this month it seems like we're getting temporary tattoos. Another item that seems like it had Halloween in mind when being chosen for this month so it's nice to see some intention there (I think, I'm inferring a lot here folks). The idea is nice I guess but as a 27 year old with a half sleeve, fake tattoos have zero allure to me so this is another one that will be going in a white elephant gift or to a friend. 


Nion Beauty Opus Express $39

Okay, now this is pretty cool. From the handful of subscription boxes that I've tried I've never received an electric beauty tool before. As I've mentioned countless times, I have sensitive skin so I'm super glad they put one in that is made of silicone since it's a lot more gentle for sensitive skin types (plus it's more hygienic and easier to clean). I've used this multiple times since receiving it and I do like it but I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes. I also don't use any foaming cleansers so it's a little unsatisfying to use but I'll continue to test it out and see if I start to notice a difference. 


So that is everything this month! The total value of this box is just under $94 so I'd say that's a pretty fantastic value for a $20 subscription box. The items this month were not my favorite and out of the four Nylon Boxes I've received so far this one is probably my least favorite but the things that I do like or plan on using more than make up for the price of the box so it's not a big deal to me. I was kind of hoping for some false eyelashes this month because I thought that would be a good one for Halloween but we could see some in the December box for NYE so I'm still holding out and hoping for some falsies! What do you all think of the Nylon Box so far? Even though this month wasn't my favorite I'd still say it's my favorite beauty subscription box/service that I've tried so far. I'm debating posting my next liquid lipstick battle or a skincare related post next so please vote below to let me know what you would like to see! I hope you all enjoyed today's post - I'm not sure where my Sisley box is so it might get tacked on to another post or I'll double up on Sisley next month. Thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!

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