What's New In My Wardrobe?

So, I've been doing a bit of shopping recently and had a few pieces I bought over the summer that I never shared so I thought today would be a good day to talk about the new items in my closet. Some of them are definitely gearing up for fall and others are not season specific. I purged my closet over the summer of a ton of my old ankle boots that didn't quite fit right and some handbags that were not getting enough use so I've been replacing those and that's primarily what I've got for you today but there's also a few other bits mixed in. I've linked everything that's still available incase you see something you fancy so let's get straight to it!


Hudson London Atlas Suede Ankle Boots

After trying on all my ankle boots this past summer, because I was dying to get back into them, I realized either A) I bought them a little to snug or B) my feet grew. Over half of my boots in my Ankle Boot Collection post from earlier this year were squeezing my toes way too much so it was time to part ways with five of my beloved booties and start finding some that fit better. I was specifically on the hunt for another pair of flat boots since I only had one pair after the discovering the fit issues and these were calling my name. They caught my eye quite a while ago but I waited patiently for a sale/discount code to come up at ASOS so I could snag them at a better deal and was able to get these in June for about $82 (original full list price was around $250). They fit so much better than the Hudson Apisi boots that I previously owned so I'm very glad I decided to get rid of those and got these instead as their replacement. The only thing that I don't like is that they have leather soles, which are very slippery, so I will have to either take them to a cobbler to get a rubber sole put on the bottom or buy a kit online to do it myself but to me these are worth since they're so much more comfortable. ASOS still has US sizes 6 and 7.5 in stock for $114 but I can't find them anywhere else online because they're probably a few seasons old. If you like this strappy style and color but want something more affordable I would suggest the ASOS Alexus Suede Ankle Boots which go for $67 and they have sizes 5-10 in stock (no half sizes though). If you have the budget and want a little heel the Hudson Horrigan Suede Boots also have a similar vibe with the straps and the Beige color is on sale for $196 and is available in US sizes 5-7 (no half sizes here either).


Woolrich Western Territory Boots

I was browsing TJ Maxx's website just to see what they had since their stock changes so rapidly and saw these and snatched them up immediately. They're very military inspired but I just loved how tall the shaft is and that is what drew me to them. Online they were listed as black but they didn't quite look black to me in the photos and in real life they're definitely not black. I would say they're a worn black at best or espresso if you want to be more accurate but I actually like that they're not black since I have a few pairs of black boots anyways so this just gives me more variety. The heel height is perfect at two inches so they're super comfortable. These are water resistant and treaded so they'll be great for the rainy fall days that we're prone to here in Kansas. I was able to get these for $60 back in July but they're currently going for $200 at Nordstrom in two different colors; black available in sizes 6 and 8.5 and in Ginger, cognac brown leather, in sizes 6 and 8-9 (half size available). If you like the Ginger color Amazon has them in sizes 7-11 for about half the price so definitely check that out if you're feelin' this style of boot!


Free People La Brea V-Neck Sweater

This photo does not do this sweater justice but I don't have a backdrop or surface big enough for flat lays to shoot on inside the house so be sure to click the link above if you want to see the style better. I got this gorgeous sweater from Free People during some sort of sale or promotion that knocked the price way down from $108 to $52.46 back in early September. Free People is a bit funny with sizing because a lot of their tops run incredibly oversized so I ordered a medium and a large and actually ended up keeping the medium (for reference most of my other knitwear is in sizes XL-2X). Unfortunately this shade is sold out but there's six other beautiful colors to chose from, I'm quite fond of the Sea Fog option, so I would check those out and see how it fits their models to help gauge what size would work best for you if you're on the hunt for some knitwear. It's a v-neck as the name would suggest and the sleeves hit just above the wrists on me. On Free People's website they had this color styled with a long sleeve button down shirt underneath which is right up my alley and how I'll probably end up wearing it. I haven't worn this yet since it hasn't been quite cold enough for knits but from trying it on I really liked it and would recommend if you like slouchy, cozy v-neck sweaters. 


Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Crossbody

I've had a certain type of bag in mind for a while now that I wanted to go with my Bronx boots and I saw this one when I was perusing Nordstrom Rack and it is exactly what I've been on the hunt for so I snatched it up. It's real leather and the style is absolutely perfect for what I'd been wanting so at $68.25 it was a bit of a no-brainer for me. I can't find the black with silver hardware anywhere online so I've linked to black with gold hardware above but it's also available in a few different colors which are all on sale at various price points on Rebecca Minkoff's website; Mushroom with gold hardware ($117), Antique White with silver hardware ($78), Almond with gold hardware ($98), and Poppy Red with silver hardware ($117). I really like this bag and would highly recommend it if any of the colors interest you. 


Marc By Marc Jacobs New Too Hot Too Handle Drawstring Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are my favorite style of handbags and when I saw this online at TJ Maxx I was giddy with joy. I have another bucket bag that is in a very similar color but is slightly larger and it has been on it's last stitch for ages. It's been pretty battered for a few years now so I've had my eyes peeled for a replacement since it was one of my favorite bags and this is the perfect upgrade. The old one is faux leather and was pretty worn out plus it had some color transfer on the back from blue jeans so it looked a proper mess. This one is a little bit smaller but I can still fit my keys, wallet, iPhone 7+, sunglasses and a lipstick in it just fine so it's not too small for my needs. Sadly this style is a few seasons old and is out of stock everywhere online but the bucket bag style is quite popular right now so there are tons of options on the market. I got mine in early September for $120 and the original Marc Jacobs price tag on it says it went for $248 when the style was brand new. Since my old one was such a favorite of mine I did not mind spending a little more on this since I'm sure it's one I'll have for a while but I would highly suggest shops like ASOS, H&M, Zara, Topshop and Forever 21 if you want a budget friendly bucket bag.


Street Level Stitched Circular Crossbody Bag

Fun fact: when I first started working on this blog post this bag was out of stock but now it's back and is available in another color! I got this one from Anthropologie with a discount in mid-September that knocked it down to $46.40 from $58. To me it seems very Chloé inspired with the whipstitching and gold circular accent that's in a lot of Chloé designs and I'm obsessed. It comes with a matching cross body strap, not pictured, or you can carry it by the gold handle. This bag is faux leather and is on the smaller side but I can fit my daily necessities in it including my giant iPhone so it's not too little. One of the bags I had to get rid of was a circular bag that my phone didn't fit in so this is a nice little upgrade from that. I haven't used this yet but I think it's a fun little bag and if you want something more neutral they now also carry it in tan.


ibBan Inko Embroidered Bucket Bag

Another bucket bag! I told you I have a type. I also picked this up from Anthropologie at the same time as the previous bag and got it for $70.40, regularly $88, which is amazing for a real leather bag that is so heavily embellished. This one is quite a bit larger than the previous three and can hold a lot more items. My first thought when I bought this was that the beading would probably come undone pretty quickly and my assumption was correct. I've only worn it once and one of the chevron rows at the top is starting to come undone but I expected it so I'm not super upset about it. The fabric underneath is pretty so it won't look weird once the beads fall off but just warning you incase you're now eyeing it up that the beading is very delicate. The only other thing to be weary of is the strap is pretty thin for how large the bag is so I'm a little worried that if I fill it up too much it would break and it's not attached with hooks so I'd have to get it repaired or try and fix it myself if that does happen (knock on wood). Still, a stunning bag that I would recommend if the aforementioned design flaws don't worry you too much and there's also a black option now if red isn't your thing.


Teleport BOLT Bootie

Nylon Shop gave me a 15% off discount after I gave them some feedback on the first Nylon Box and I finally put it to use about a week and a half ago. I had been eyeing these boots up for a while because they've been featured on Nylon's Instagram so many times and decided to take the plunge now that I was armed with a small discount. The pointed toe is so flattering and they don't pinch my toes because they run big - something I was very happy to see since the biggest size they make is a 10 but they fit more like a 10.5 or 11 which is more my size these days. I went for black so they'd be more wearable for me but they also come in Taupe, Dusty Rose (more of a baby pink to me), and Powder Blue. The heel is about three inches and I normally won't go above two or two and a half but the fact that these fit me so much better than a lot of my previous heeled boots means they're way more comfortable and are super easy to walk in. I cannot wait to wear these because they are just the bee's knees. These will set you back $129 no matter where you purchase them but I bought mine via Nylon Shop so that is where all the previous links will take you. The brand, Teleport, sells them in black, pink, blue and taupe or you can also find them at Zooji in black, pink, blue and taupe (size availability varies quite a lot from store to store so be sure to check multiple links if you're interested).


Bonnie Clyde Broadway Sunglasses in Lovesick Red

These gorgeous sunnies were the other item I decided to buy from the Nylon Shop even though we all know the last thing I need is another pair of sunglasses. I just couldn't help myself! They remind me a lot of the Gentle Monster Sign of Two and Deborah sunglasses which I have been obsessing over but those are a bit out of my price range at $320 and $249 respectively. These Bonnie Clyde sunnies are $64 which is much more within the realm of reason for me so I caved and bought them even though I wasn't exactly in the marked for new sunglasses (probably shouldn't have been looking at them...oops). I do really like these and the quality is great but I wish they came with a better case - they just came with a very thin microfiber cloth bag so I had to dig up an old glasses case so they can be properly protected and stored. The other side of the lens has a blurple mirror film on it and if you close one eye it's like having rear-view mirrors in your sunglasses so that is a bit trippy and kind of weird but it doesn't bother me. If you're diggin' this style I would recommend, they come in a few different colors as well, just keep in mind that they don't come with a protective case.



Okay, so that is everything! I'm sure I forgot an important detail somewhere so if you have any questions on any of the items mentioned please do not hesitate to ask. I also wanted to give you a little life update since there's some things going on behind the scenes that will effect my posting schedule; first, I started personal training this week which is great for my health but I'm still in the strugs stage and have been pretty knackered afterwards so it's already started effecting my post schedule (hence why this is going up on a Thursday). I'm still going to try and do two post a week but instead of Sunday and Wednesday it'll be Sunday and either Wednesday or Thursday depending on when I'm able to shoot plus the post might go up later in the day. Second, I've decided it's time to become a proper grown up and finally get a job so I'll be looking for a part time position to get me started which is also going to effect my free time so if/when I do find a job I might have to go back down to one post a week or every five days and not have a set schedule. I hope you'll bear with me through this transition in my personal life and know that I will still be putting out content, I'm just not sure how frequently I'll be able to do so. To help keep you updated on my posting schedule I'll be using the announcement bar at the top of my blog to give you updates on when a new post is coming and what time it will go live so be sure to keep an eye out on that. Thank you all so much for visiting and I hope you have a lovely day!