Sheet Mask Showdown Vol. 2

With the weather changing and getting cooler it can bring some unwelcome changes to the skin so I thought it was about time for the second installment in my sheet mask series and this time around all but one mask are from Ulta. I got a 20% off the entire store, including prestige brands, and decided to use it towards sheet masks so I could test out the best hydrating and moisturizing masks Ulta has to offer. I ended up picking out seven and then I also included the sheet mask from my last Nylon Box even though it is completely different to everything else so it's hard to compare to the others. A refresher in case you haven't read part one and don't want to right now; I have super dry skin (not dehydrated) and was looking for anything that said nourishing, moisturizing, or hydrating in the title or description since those are usually the best ones for my skin type. I didn't look at the ingredients before I purchased any of them but I did look them up afterwards and list the key ingredients this time around just to try to give you a little more information on each mask. Last time I did every other day and this time I did every other day to every two days depending on if I had time and how my skin was feeling. The rating is on a scale of 1-5 stars and in order to get a one star rating it had to not work at all and have a negative reaction, like skin irritation or dry out my skin (zeros are not allowed since you can't actually rate something zero stars in an online review on most retail websites). I don't think it's fair to give something a five star rating based off of a single use but to get a high rating it would obviously have to be pretty spectacular. I am pretty harsh in judging since I do have such dry and somewhat sensitive skin so do bear that in mind. That is more than enough blabbering so let's see how they all faired!


The clear winner today was the Patchology mask. It's the only one that I can say I would 100% recommend and the main one I would suggest for those with dry skin. I had such great results with only five minutes wear so I can't imagine what it could do for the skin when left on longer. For the most part this was a pretty disappointing group but at least one really good one came from the bunch. Don't hold me to it but I am thinking I would like to do one of these sheet masks post each quarter/season so if I'm able to do that I'd like to do my next one in January or February. If you've tried any of these please let me know how they worked out for you and what your skin type is! It's important to remember what didn't work for me might be great for you, the Karuna mask that I hated has great reviews at Ulta and Sephora, so it's all subject to skin type and preference. I hope you enjoyed today's post and if you have any sheet mask recommendations please do let me know! As always thank you for visiting and have a lovely day!