Fall Beauty Haul Part 1

Hello! Sorry it's been a minute, if I'm being completely honest I've been very drained lately and a little unmotivated. Fall/winter blues anyone? But, I am back today with part one of a very large Fall Beauty Haul. Nothing a little new makeup can't fix! Unless you live under a rock and/or don't shop at Sephora, if that's the case I don't know if we can be friends, then you probably know that the Sephora VIB/Rouge sale ended last week and I did quite a bit of damage...like I went $200 over the initial budget I set for myself. Literal gut punch there but I also decided I wouldn't buy any more new clothes this winter since I am pretty happy with my wardrobe right now and I have been loosing a bit of weight since I started cycling and seeing a personal trainer and I don't want to invest in new clothing if it's not going to fit me next winter because I do tend to wear the same thing for quite a few seasons. Anyways, back to the makeup... today's part one is all makeup you can get a Sephora with the exception of one item that is from Ulta. The first half of items are things I bought because I needed, new limited release or had a discount at the time and then the second half is my VIB sale goodies. Even though the sale is over at Sephora I do believe they are having 3x points on Black Friday which is still pretty good because you can use those points to pick up small travel/sample size bits in the Rewards Bazaar to get some things that you want to try or put them towards items for stocking stuffers. There's a lot of great products to talk about today so let's get to it!


Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator $42

I mentioned in my Marc Jacobs Mystery Bag post that I was thinking of getting this and I did end up doing so when there was a 20% off sale site wide (though I've linked to Sephora for convenience). Before we get onto the actual product let's talk about the packaging for a sec. because I have some thoughts here. It's odd to me that such a luxe beauty brand would sell a product in essentially in a deodorant stick because it seems a bit low brow considering how expensive it is. For the price of the product I would expect nicer packaging - especially compared to most of the other packaging in the Marc Jacobs Beauty line. Just a very small point of contention for me that I thought was worth noting. Okay, now that that's out of the way... I really quite like the actual product. It's a beautiful glistening highlight that doesn't really have much color to it and gives more of a wet-effect dew rather than a glittery highlight. My beloved Milk Makeup Highlighter is down to its last few uses so I needed a replacement and opted for this since I started to notice that the Milk one leaves a slight shadowy cast on my fair skin if I don't really work at blending it out since it's actually a touch too dark for me. From what I can tell there's no undertone or cast to this highlighter and I think just about any skin tone would be able to use it. To me it is a little over priced for how cheap the packaging looks but the product inside is really great and it's become a fast favorite of mine that I've been using a ton since I got it. I would strongly recommend it if it's been on your radar and you've been wanting to try it out.


Fenty Beauty Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner in Later, Crater $20 

Sadly this is sold out online at Sephora but Fenty Beauty still has it in stock on their website so that's where I've linked to. I saw a couple of YouTube video from people who received the Galaxy Collection before it dropped and the only thing that really interested me was the eyeliner in this particular shade because I've never seen another eyeliner this color. I'm going to be honest here, I haven't actually worn this out of the house since I bought it (I've played with it a few times though). The color doesn't show up well on my bare skin so in order to make it work for me I have to do a pretty dark smokey eye so that I can have a darker base to put it over. It has gold glitter with a slight green shift in it and to activate the glitter you have to gently rub or brush over the liner to bring out the shimmer. I would like it much better if it didn't have that slight green shift to it or if the shade of glitter in it went better with the color of the liquid, like rose gold, because then I think it would be easier for me to wrap my head around how I'd like to wear it. The first time I tried it out I didn't love how it looked but the last time was way better so I'm slowly getting there. Glitter is a complete pain to use and remove and the first time I tried it out I was still picking glitter off my face two days later. It is a pretty cool and unique liner though so I am happy to have it in my collection and hopefully I can figure out a way to make it work better for me. There's also two other shades if nude liner weirds you out, Nepturnt which is a green-black metallic with smoky emerald glitter and Alien Bae which is a blue-black metallic with smoky navy glitter. If you're interested I would check your local Sephora to see if they still have any in stock so you can swatch it first or you can grab it at Fenty Beauty if you just wanna go for it.


Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer in Ash Brown $33

When I bought the Fenty liner I also picked up this eyebrow pencil because my old one was nearly out. I went for this one from Burberry because I've heard a few influencers mention that it's really good and I wanted to get back to using a wedge shaped pencil because it's a lot faster for me to fill in my brows with this type of pencil compared to a skinny pencil and I missed that. I have pretty decent natural brows and I don't need to fake hairs in any sparse areas plus, I tend to go for a more natural brow so this shape of pencil is excellent for that. I was a little unsure of what color to get but settled on Ash Brown since the majority of my hair is pretty dark but doesn't have a lot of warmth in it and figured this would be the best shade match for me and I chose correctly because the color match is excellent. The formula is also great, not too creamy but not super stiff so that you have to press hard or keep going over the same spot to get it to show up. I freaking love this pencil because it's such a good color match for me, has a great formula and takes half as much time to do my brows compared to when I was using ABH Brow Wiz. It is expensive but it's Burberry so what do you expect? I experiment with new products all the time and am hardly ever a repeat offender so I probably will try something else out once I finish this but it is a great brow pencil and I would recommend it if you're in the market for a new one.


Eyeko Me And My Shadow in Bronze $25

This is the one thing I got from Ulta (picked it up when I was selecting all the sheet masks for the last post and got 20% off). I have a slight obsession with cream shadow sticks so I like to try out different brands from time to time - if you want to see all the ones I currently own you can see them in this Instagram post. I'm kinda mad at Ulta because they don't have all the finishes under one listing so when I bought this I thought they didn't cary the mattes and I settled for this shimmery shade just so I could try it out. Come to find out a few days after I received my order that they do cary the mattes but just have them under a separate listing on the website for some reason. I went ahead and kept this since it's an 'online only' product and I didn't want to make another online order to get the color that I originally wanted but I'm kinda bummed since I don't wear bronze shades all that often. The formula is super creamy and easy to blend but it's also really easy to over blend this shade out to nothing so you have to be careful with that. I have tried it out once so far on my eyes and it was easy to work with but I have crazy oily eyelids since my eyes are so hooded and it did crease on me but so does literally every single cream eyeshadow I have so I don't hold that against it. I would still like to try a matte shadow stick but won't be doing so with Eyeko since I'm still on a mission to test out as many brands as possible. If you're into cream shadow sticks though it's not a bad one and worth checking out if they cary a particular shade that you're after. 


Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Bramble $14

I also bough this when I purchased the Tarte Aquacealer so that my total would be high enough to add a Beauty Offer that I wanted to get to add to a Christmas gift. You all know how much I love Bite Beauty because I've raved quite a few times about their products and this is no exception. I love the pencil format because it's super easy to use without getting it all over the place. Online it says it's a matte formula but I would say it's more of a satin unless you blot. I've worn this a few times since I purchased it and both times I've worn it more as a stain just smudged on my lips for a touch of color and that gives it a matte finish. Sadly the shade Bramble is sold out online but last time I checked there was still nine colors in stock online and my local Sephora still had every color in stock when I went in store a few weeks ago to swatch and figure out what shade I wanted to get. I think this product is being discontinued since it is on sale, originally $24, and they're not bringing back colors once they sell out because they're just being removing from the site. I love Bite products so I would definietly recommend trying one of these out before they're gone for good!


Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint in Shell $56

And this is where my Sephora VIB/Rouge sale products kick in. At the time of purchase my status at Sephora was VIB so I received 20% off from everything here and down (I bought so many things during the sale that I'm now Rouge). If you've been reading my blog for a while and have a crazy good memory you might remember me mentioning this in my Spring Haul and that I ended up returning it then because I wasn't quite sure about it and I really wanted to try the Koh Gen Do foundations instead. I decided to try this out again because winter is coming and so is the even drier skin and this is supposed to be a really good foundation for dry skin. I'm so glad I decided to give it a second shot because I absolutely love the way this makes my skin look. It's got really good coverage and covered up my rosacea really well but isn't so crazy full coverage that it looks like a mask. It's described as a medium-full coverage, so more than medium but not quite full, is good for sensitive, normal and dry skin types and has a natural radiant finish with SPF 15. My skin looks so good when I use this and I can't believe I'm saying this but I could see myself repurchasing this in the future. If you like the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream then you would almost certainly like this. It is a bit pricer than the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream, which is $38, but there's a better shade selection so if you're too fair for It Cosmetics like me then it is worth at least getting a sample of in store. For shade reference the shade Fair in It Cosmetics CC+ Cream is about a shade too dark and a pinch too yellow for me and in the Hourglass Illusion foundation I wear Shell which is the second lightest shade and has a cool-neutral undertone and is an excellent color match for me. If you can't tell after all that, I would highly recommend this!


Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Concealer in Porcelain $34

This is a new concealer from YSL and the second of three I ended up purchasing over the past month. I really wanted to try this one because I heard quite a few people on YouTube say it has great coverage but isn't drying or cakey like Shape Tape can sometimes be on drier skin types. I went for the lightest shade because unfortunately the shade range is pitiful and only comes in six shades currently but I really hope they expand because this is a great concealer. I could do with a shade lighter for more of a brightening effect or with a more pink undertone, I prefer cool/pink toned concealers since I do have very purple/blue dark circles, but Porcelain is just light enough for me to use and has more of a neutral undertone. If you're any more fair than me I don't think you'd be able to use this unless you mixed it with a super light concealer but I'm hoping that if this product gains in popularity that they'll come out with more shades. If you like the coverage of Shape Tape but want something that's more liquidy or has more of a serum consistency then you will love this if you can find a shade that works for you. I would recommend it and would consider repurchasing if the shade range was expanded.

NOTE/UPDATE: I took my photos for this post before I had tested out the other two concealers I had purchased, Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer and Tart Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer, which is why they're in the group photo but are not included separately since I returned/exchanged both of them. The Becca concealer wasn't a good color match for me in the lightest shade, too yellow/neutral, and the Tart one had too little coverage for what I need and the smell was just too much for me, smells like paint thinner. The original version of this post included the Tarte Aquacealer with a positive review after very few applications but I'm updating it to reflect my change in heart.


Fenty Beauty Precision Makeup Sponge $16

Had to get a new makeup sponge because my others were on their last few uses and I decided to go with the Fenty sponge because I'd heard it was good and possibly even better than the beautyblender. I've only used this a few times but so far I really like it. The flat edge comes in handy when doing concealer and I really like the overall shape of this sponge a lot. It also has a great texture is and is super bouncy so it's really easy to use. One of the main things that I like about it is that it's not dyed a bright color. I've gone through at least four different beautyblenders, in four different colors, and the only one that I liked was the nude because it doesn't bleed dye when you wash it. I just find that so annoying and I wondered if it would tint foundation because of how much dye comes out when you wash them. Plus, they're a ridiculous $20 and this one is $16. If you need a new makeup sponge save four bucks and try this one instead of getting another beautyblender. 


Sephora Collection Solid Brush Cleaner $14

One of the less fun purchases was a practical one. For the past few months I'd just been washing my brushes and sponges with regular bar soap because I ran out of my old brush cleaner and when I tried to replace it I hated the one I purchased and ended up returning it. I decided to try this one out because I much prefer solid brush cleansers and thought it was nifty that this one came with a mini scrubber mat. Thus far I've only used it to clean my makeup sponges because cleaning all my brushes is a task and a half that I'm not quite ready to tackle but this works so well at cleaning my sponges that I'm sure it will be great for brushes as well. My only qualms with it are that I wish it was unscented or was available in an unscented version because I'm not too keen on the smell (a lot of reviews online say they love the smell though so maybe I'm just weird) and I wish it came in a bigger size. 1.1 oz sounded like a pretty decent size when I was looking at it online but now that I've got it in front of me I think it's a bit expensive for the size, about 2.5 inches in diameter, and for being a Sephora Collection product - to me it seems like it should be more like $10-12. Still, good brush cleaner and since I got it for 20% off the price wasn't bad and I probably would consider repurchasing just because it's easy to use. 


First Aid Beauty Tales Of FAB Skin $52

I am almost out of both or my moisturizers again and even though I told myself I would just stick with what I know works for me I decide I wanted to try First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream because I had a look at the ingredients and it has some things in it that I think my skin would really like. I've previously used, and am currently using, some of the other products in this set and the value was just too good for me to pass up. For just a little less than the price of the Ultra Repair Cream (value $30) and the Facial Radiance Pads ($30) you get a Mini Face Cleanser (value $10), a full size Ultra Repair Lip Therapy (value $12) and a full size Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer (value $28) so it's kinda like you're getting all that for free. The value in this set is truly amazing and I've tried every product except for the moisturizer so far and I like all of those so based on that I'd say it's 100% worth the price tag. I'm going to talk more about most of these products in an upcoming skincare post so I don't want to go on too much here about everything here but First Aid Beauty is an excellent skincare brand for those with sensitive skin and I would highly recommend checking them out if you're in the market for some new products. If $52 is too much for you or if you don't want to dive into the brand whole hog they have some other smaller kits that have great values as well.


Sephora Collection Color Switch By Vera Mona Brush Cleaner $18

This was necessary. I'd had this in my wishlist for ages because several people that I follow on YouTube use it and it sounded pretty awesome to me since I hate cleaning eyeshadow brushes in particular. To use it, all you have to do is swish your brush around on the material to knock off any powder that was left behind when you want to use the same brush for multiple shades. It also works with bigger face brushes and can be used to clean off blush, bronzer, contour, highlight, etc. It does need to be cleaned every so often to keep the buildup at ease but can be used for up to six months (though let's be real here I'll probably keep using it until it falls apart). Kind of a weird item but I would say it's definitely worth it if you use a lot of different eyeshadows and hate constantly cleaning brushes plus it would also be great for any makeup artist to have in their kit. 


Natasha Denona Star Palette $169

Yes, you are reading that price correctly, this palette costs a whopping $169 (hence why I purchased it during the sale). Natasha Denona is notorious for having pretty gosh darn expensive eyeshadow palettes but I broke down the cost per gram and you actually get a way better deal with this palette then you would think. Compared to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette you're paying way less at $42 but you also only get a total of about 7.94 grams of product making the cost per gram about $5.29. The ND Star palette has 40.68 grams so it is actually cheaper per gram coming in at $4.15 per gram (btw I chose the ABH Modern Renaissance for comparison since it's such a popular palette). So yes, it is very pricey but you get a ton of product so to me that means it is cost effective. Prices aside, let's talk about the actual shadows. Natasha Denona shadows get raved about by influencers and makeup artists and I would say rightfully so. I haven't used every shade, in fact I've only used four so far on my eyes, but my goodness the mattes are an absolute dream to work with. I've never had a matte eyeshadow blend so effortlessly and last so long on my hooded eyes. There's three different shimmery finishes; metallic, duo-chrome, and crystal and they are all absolutely stunning as well. I have two favorite shades so far that I've touched and played with and they are Orion, which is the duo-chrome in the middle of the left set of shadows, and Rhea which is the peachy bottom far right shade. I cannot wait to play with this palette more because I am absolutely loving it and think it was worth every penny. If $169 is too rich for you blood, which I totally get because it actually made me a little nauseous spending so much money on one single makeup product, then there's always the five-pan palettes which come in 12 different color stories for the permanent line and there's currently two limited edition five-pan palettes available and all of those go for $48. A step up from that would be the Eyeshadow Palette 10 which, as you can probably guess, has 10 shadows and goes for $95 (currently out of stock at Sephora but in stock at Beautylish). The last step between that and the Star Palette are the two 15 pan shadow palettes; Sunset which has all the warm shades you could ever want and Lila which has some very bold purples and pinks. There's two palettes above the Star Palette and they are the 28 pan palettes in Green-Brown and Purple-Blue but that many shadows will set you back a staggering $239 each. Sorry for the information overload but I didn't want to leave you hanging!


That is all I've got for you today - I didn't do swatches because I didn't have time and wanted to get this up ASAP but you can easily find swatches online with a quick Google search if you so desire. I also didn't included a few items because I bought some things for Christmas gifts and obviously don't want to spoil those and picked out a few liquid lipsticks for my series but don't want to ruin the surprise for that either. I think I've gotten everything in the mail for part two but I want to get my skincare post and maybe a Nylon Box up in between just to give you a breather on the hauls but I am going to try and pick up the pace with posting since I have content ideas flowing now and have been doing some shooting. What did you buy in the VIB/Rouge sale? Let me know in the comments below because I love to hear what other people are buying and are excited about. Thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!


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