Liquid Lipstick Battle: Match #2


Hello and welcome back to match number two in my liquid lipstick series! If this is your first time here be sure to check out Battle #1 first to to scope out the previous competition. Criteria is still the same - I'm going more for comfort over anything else and I want them to be opaque in one swipe/application. Longevity is great but I'm personally more interested in comfort level. I said in the last battle that I would try and leave them on longer but that didn't happen. I didn't take any of these off because they were uncomfortable but I don't like to eat while wearing lipstick since I'm always worried I'll smear it and end up with it all over my face so I like to take my lipstick off before meals, regardless of formula, to avoid looking like a hot mess. I'm sorry that means I won't be able to better give you an idea of how long wearing most of these lipsticks are but like I've said before, longevity isn't a priority for me. If it is for you, I highly suggest checking out Stephanie Nicole's Liquid Lipstick Review Series on YouTube. She's the one that sparked the idea for me to do my own testing but she does take wear time into consideration when ranking and does a wear test. Okay, now that that's all out of the way let's get to today's competitors!


I was super excited for this particular shade because I love a good dark vampy lip for fall/winter and this did not disappoint. It's the most opaque dark liquid lipstick I've ever tried. A lip liner is an absolute must for a shade this dark so I used Bite Beauty's The Lip Pencil in 048 (being discontinued) which is a pretty good match color wise. The application was a bit tricky for me but it always is for darker shades because any mess-ups on the lip line will really stand out. I ended up having to go in with concealer and a brush first to try and clean up and then with another brush and the lipstick to fix any mistakes I made with the concealer. It was a process getting it on but I loved the end result. The consistency of the formula is on the thicker whipped side but it's not as thick as the Charlotte Tilbury one I tried in the first match. It spreads around easily and doesn't dry too fast so you do have some time to work with it. It feels very comfortable on the lips, isn't drying at all and it didn't crack or crumble for the few hours that I had it on. As far as I can tell from the ingredient list there doesn't seem to be any fragrance in this formula and it doesn't really smell like any particular scent that I can place my finger on. I've worn this one twice so far and the first time I had it on I did eat while wearing it since I had dinner at home and it ended up being an absolute mess by the end of my meal. It completely wore off on the inner half of both my top and bottom lip so I would say that this isn't one to wear if you're going out for a meal. It's not transfer proof because it has synthetic beeswax in it as the second ingredient on the list so there's a high concentration of it in there but that's also what makes it so comfortable to wear. If you're quite fair like me then this color does come off as nearly black in certain light, I lightened my lips a little in Photoshop so you could see the color a bit better, but there are 34 shades in the permanent collection and one other shade, Hot Fire, which is a bright red-orange in the Desi x Katy collection. Overall I really like this formula and would highly recommend it. 


Another fall-esque berry but this one isn't nearly as dark as the previous shade. During a sale at Urban Outfitters I bought the True Love set from Lime Crime which came with the shades Saint (cranberry red), True Love (vibrant pinky red) and Cupid (petal pink). As far as those three shades go Cupid is not my cup of tea so I'm giving that one to someone that I know loves Lime Crime Velvetines and True Love is a very spring/summer shade so I tested Saint since it's the most season appropriate for this time of year. You can kind of tell in the photo below but this shade is not the most opaque and was a little bit streaky. I've definitely tried worse though and I can always add another layer or a matching lip liner underneath to get a more even finish since it's not too bad. The consistency on the Velvetines formula is very thin so it's a lot easier to get a sharp edge and it spreads around very easily on the lips. Since it is thin and easy to get a sharper line I didn't feel the need for a lip liner. There's a faint vanilla scent, online it says it's French vanilla infused, but it's not too strong or over powering. I didn't have this one on during a meal so I don't know how well it wears through eating but since it is thinner and super matte I would guess that it lasts pretty well. Considering how matte it is I thought it would be fairly drying but it contains synthetic beeswax high on the ingredient list as well as a few other emollients so it's very comfortable on the lips. I would say it's about 95% transfer proof, if you press really hard you can get a little lift of color but nothing major and you have to really press to get it to to do so. Lime Crime has a whopping 43 shades on their website and 11 of them are currently on sale for $12-16 (Red Rose, Prairie, Shroom, Pink Velvet, Salem, Buffy, Suedeberry, Fetish, Saddle, Alien and Jinx). From my test on just this one shade, even though it is a little streaky, I would still definitely recommend since it's so comfy on the lips and seems like it would be pretty long wearing. 


Last up today we have Sugarpill. I've heard a lot about this brand on YouTube from a few different influencers and Beautylish carries it so I picked up the shade Trinket when I bought a Charlotte Tilbury palette a while back. On Beautylish's website Trinket is described as a "matte rosy mauve with luminous gold sparkles" and on Ulta and Sugarpill's websites they describe it as a matte mauve with golden sparkles. This is one of those shades that will pull very differently depending on you skin tone so on me I would describe it as a peachy mauve with gold sparkles. The sparkles make this one pretty unique to me since you see a lot of metallics these days but not too many liquid lipsticks with glitter. Formula wise it's opaque in one layer and I did not use a lip liner since I don't tend to do so with lighter colors. The glitter does make it a little bit on the thicker side but it still spreads around evenly so it's not too thick. When you apply it it doesn't look glittery at first so you have to either rub your lips with a finger or smack your lips together to bring out the shimmer. Another cool thing about this one; it's creamsicle scented. Most liquid lipsticks seem to contain either vanilla or some vaguely sweet fragrance but this is a little more unique of a smell and I love it. Again, didn't wear it for more than four hours or so and I didn't eat with it on so I don't know how long lasting it is. It's not completely transfer proof and also contains synthetic beeswax so it's very comfortable on the lips (if the slightly gritty feeling of glitter doesn't bother you). The glitter does make it kind of a pain to take off but that's also what makes this one so special so it's definitely worth the mess when removing. As of July 2019 Sugarpill has come out with 22 shades at Ulta so that’s where I’ve updated the link to.


Now with the six that I've tested out so far the current ranking is as followed: 

  1. Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

  2. Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color

  3. Lime Crime Matte Velvetines

  4. Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick

  5. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

  6. TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes

It was very difficult for me to place these three because I liked them all so the more I wear those they may end up getting shuffled a bit. The ranking is also supposed to be on the formula so I try to be as objective as I can and not take the color into consideration when ranking. Sugarpill got second because it's such a unique formula from anything else I've tried so far and I was very pleasantly surprised by that one. The only reason I gave Lime Crime third instead of fourth is because they have a much large shade selection than Dose of Colors and the formula is slightly easier to work with but in all honesty those top four are neck and neck. If you have tried any of the liquid lipsticks that I've tested so far I would love to hear your thoughts whether you agree or agree to disagree so please do not hesitate to leave me a comment or a recommendation for a future match! That is all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed the second installment in my liquid lipstick series, and thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!

Links have been updated as of July 2019!

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