Fall Beauty Haul Part 2

It's finally here! So sorry for the delay on part two as it's now nearly winter but I still wanted to share these items with you since most of it I really love, you can check out Part 1 to get up to speed first if you'd like. Everything here I did get at some sort of discount or another, with the exception of one item, but since those sales/promotions are no longer going on I'm not going to share my purchase prices since it's moot but I will definitely tell you about any current sales at some of these places at the time of publication in case you spot something you want to pick up or add to your (holiday) wishlist. I've got a lil blog update at the end and it's pretty long so I'm going to keep it short and sweet up here and let's just jump right into it!


Melt Cosmetics Melt Stack Pro Palette $15

I got early access to some of Melt's new products and Black Friday sale since I'm on the email list and I the item I most wanted to get from that was the Pro Palette. Prior to the sale I had two and a half stacks of eyeshadows and I purchased another and two singles so I could fill it up (more on those in a minute). Storing Melt stack can be a bit awkward, especially with the shallow drawers I'm working with, and they're just a bit inconvenient to use since you have to separate them to see all the colors, so the Pro Palette is super nifty for being able to see all my Melt shadows at once. Both sides of the palette have a strong magnet and spots for four shadows and there's a foam insert to place between the layers so nothing knocks around and is well padded for protection. Melt shadows are huge and in turn so is the palette but I still find it way more convenient and easy to access than the individual stacks so I'm quite pleased with this.


Melt Cosmetics She's In Parties Stack $48

Melt made essentially my dream stack with this one because these are 100% my tones right here. That being said, I'm a bit torn on this one. Melt's shimmer shades are so pigmented it's insane so I love the two metallics but the mattes are so dry that it's a bit hard for me to work with (especially on my oily eyelids). It took me three attempts to finally get something presentable with this because I was having such a difficult time blending the mattes (I have this problem with all of Melt's mattes though). In order to finally get it to work I had to set my eyeshadow primer heavily with face powder so that the shadows would blend on top. I did get it to work okay but in the future I would probably just pair the two shimmer shades with my Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves palette which blends a lot more easily and is pretty similar in tone.


Melt Cosmetics Single Eyeshadows in Harsh Stone White & Assimilate $17 each

Okay, now these two I feel a little bad sharing because I haven't actually used both of them yet but I didn't want to leave them out. Both shades are from the Gun Metal stack but I didn't want to get the whole stack since I wouldn't have room in my Pro Palette for two of the shades so I went with the two I would most likely use. One of the first few times I tried using the She's In Parties stack I was also trying to use Assimilate in the crease but it didn't make the final cut in the photos above and Harsh Stone White hasn't even touched my eyes yet but it's a super glitzy champagne color that I think would make a great inner corner highlight. That is it for all of my new Melt products and they do not have any sales gong on currently.

Swatches from Melt's website:


Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Amber $25

This I got from Sephora when I decided I didn't love the Tarte Aquacealer from part one of the haul and wanted to return that so I got this instead. I have dry skin and prefer working with cream textures and didn't have a cream contour product and figured I would try the Fenty Match Stix since they've been getting pretty positive reviews online. The shade Amber is the perfect contour shade for fair skin. It blends super easily and looks quite natural while still adding definition to the cheeks. I love this and would totally recommend if you're in the market for this type of a product. 

Sephora has 25 Days of Surprising Delights, advent calendar style deluxe sample with purchase of $25 or more going on and they also have some great items in the sale currently.


Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer in Fair Neutral $29

Since I returned the Tarte concealer I thought I would try this new release from Urban Decay because I got a coupon that worked on prestige brands at Ulta (Sephora isn't carrying this for some reason). It's supposed to be a super high coverage, long wear concealer that I think is meant to rival Tarte's Shape Tape. Both ranges have the same amount of shades but where Urban Decay fails big time is that there are not any cool undertone shades. I use Shape Tape in the shade Light which is meant for "light skin w/ pink undertones" and the closest I could find from Urban Decay that wasn't too dark is this shade, Fair Neutral, which is lighter and neutral (so no pink undertone). This shade works fine for me, it's super brightening under the eyes, but I prefer my pink undertone concealers since they help color correct my dark circles. Since I do like the coverage of this though I've been using it in conjunction with my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla which has a slight pink cast to it. If you're skin tone is neutral to warm and you fit within one of UD's 14 shades then it would be worth checking out but I would advise my cool undertone friends to stay away. That packaging though...

Ulta currently has a Holiday Beauty Blitz sale going on which is a lot like the 21 Days of Beauty but this one is five new deals every five days in store and online.


Floss Gloss Faded $8

From here on out it's all nail polishes that I picked up from Live Love Polish on two separate occasions and for once I have tried all of them! I didn't do my own nail swatches because I'm a member of the nub club so I'm including Live Love Polish's swatch photos. Unfortunately this shade is no longer being stocked at Live Love Polish and it's out of stock at Floss Gloss but I still wanted to include it since it's a really cool shade. I would describe it as if a dark grey and a teal had a baby and thus Faded was born. Greys and teals are my favorite shades of nail polishes to wear so I'm super into this. This is my second Floss Gloss nail polish and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Since it's a more affordable polish, at least from Live Love Polish, I thought it might be streaky or take a bunch of coats but I'm very happy to say that it is opaque in two coats. Really cool color and high quality polish that I'll be getting a lot of use out of.

Photo via Live Love Polish

Photo via Live Love Polish


Live Love Polish Monroe $13

This is the only other creme polish I've purchase lately and it's a gorgeous true red. I had a few reds from Butter London but they were super streaky and pretty much impossible to build up to full opacity (Live Love Polish + Simply Nailogical have taught me a lot about the quality of nail polishes). This one is also out of stock but you can sign up to be notified of a restock if you're looking for something like this. Aside from greys and teals, reds are my other main nail shades and I needed a good basic red so I went for this one. It's another great quality polish that's opaque in two coats and I would definitely recommend if you're wanting a great red creme. 

Photo via Live Love Polish

Photo via Live Love Polish


SuperChic Lacquer Realm of Erotica $14

Next up are my three favorites which all come from SuperChic Lacquer. Realm of Erotica was the first one I purchased and it was love at first sight. I have a newfound love/obsession for holo polishes thank to watching too much Simply Nailogical so I blame it all on Cristine. This shade is a cool red/strawberry pink linear holo and it comes to life when you add a top coat, top coat is a must for sparkly and holo nail polishes imo. I cannot recommend this color enough if it's your cup or tea. If you love the look of this but want more of a cherry red check out the shade Cherub.

Photo via Live Love Polish

Photo via Live Love Polish


SuperChic Lacquer Rosebuddy $14

Next up is the shade Rosebuddy which is described as a "light pink linear holographic polish with a gold flash" aka rose gold holo. I picked out this color because my nails were super duper short so I wanted a lighter color that wouldn't draw attention to how nubby they were but that was also still really cool. I like this one for the days when I'm not wanting anything too flashy or dark but also not boring.  If you like this but want something a little more pink check out the shade Flutter

Photo via Live Love Polish

Photo via Live Love Polish


SuperChic Lacquer Deadpool $14

Last up for SuperChic is the shade Deadpool, couldn't resist a teal! In person I like this even better than how it appears in the photos online which is saying something because it looks pretty darn majestic. To me the photos look a little more blue then how it appears in person, to me it looks like a navy holo online but is definitely a teal holo in person. SuperChic is definitely one of my new favorite polish brands and they have an even bigger selection on their website which you should check out if you're now mesmerized like me.

Photo via Live Love Polish

Photo via Live Love Polish


F.U.N Lacquer How Deep Is Your Holo (H) $16

The last two polishes today come from F.U.N Lacquer and this was the first one I purchased and it just so happens to be from a collab with Simply Nailogical. The "H" in the name of the color is important because this version has added holo pigments compared the original version. One thing to note, this is in a clear base which I did not realize until the first time I went to use it. There is enough stuff in there to probably get it opaque in three coats but the recommended technique to get it opaque is to use the sponge method or to layer over a similarly toned base color. Though it is pretty pricey it's definitely a unique color and I'm really glad I got it because I love it.

Photo via Live Love Polish

Photo via Live Love Polish


F.U.N Lacquer Paragon $16

Last up is the shade Paragon which is described as "a dark green jelly polish with gold shimmer and holographic flakes." The holographic flakes are really hard to see because of the green jelly, hence why the previous one is in clear jelly, but it's still really pretty. My first thought when I put it on was SLYTHERIN! (I'm reading Goblet of Fire atm) but because of the time of year everyone that saw me in it said my nails looked festive. I love the color but I do wish the holo was more prominent. F.U.N Lacquer makes a holo flake topcoat that I am dying to get and I think that would look amazing over this one. The holo isn't super prominet but it's still a cool polish that I'd recommend.

UPDATED 12/24/17: Live Love Polish currently has a free gift with purchase, the limited edition Cake Pop nail polish, on all orders.

Photo via Live Love Polish

Photo via Live Love Polish


So that is it for today's newness! I am going to try to do less hauls, and thus less online shopping, in the New Year because my makeup/beauty collection has grown out of control this year from my complete and utter lack of self control. As much as I like shopping I do not consider myself a hoarder or even really a collector and I don't like being overwhelmed by products. I haven't been able to re-wear some of the lipsticks I've purchased this year because I'm always testing out new stuff. I do have at least three more liquid lipstick battles planned, the next post will be one in fact, but I'm hoping I can ease up on the new purchases (not the first time we've heard that one from me).

After January I won't be receiving anymore monthly subscription boxes since that is when my Sisley subscription runs out and ICYMI the Nylon Shop has closed down subsequently ending the Nylon Box - the last one is for the month of December. Tbh I didn't love the November box so that's why I never shared it and if I don't like the December one then I probably won't be sharing it either so be sure to check My Subscription Addiction if that is something you're interested in checking out. I haven't been sharing my Sisley boxes since those are so boring to me and I never end up using any of it (have a lot of the items in a present for someone). I just signed up for the Nina Garcia Quarterly box but I'm not sure when I'll get my first one of that - I was going to wait until January to sign up but I have zero patience. I think I'm done with monthly subscription boxes because it's just too much stuff that I never use and I'm over it. And let's be honest here, until I start getting duplicate products I'll probably keep purchasing the Marc Jacobs Mystery Bags because I've had some really good finds out of those and they seem to be more worth is for me. 

So what does that mean for the future of my blog? The majority of my post this year were on hauls and monthly subscription boxes and since I'm hoping to seriously cut back there I'm thinking I'd like to do some pictorials using my now massive makeup collection. Lately I've really been into taking makeup "look" photos and have been sharing a few on Instagram so I'd like to expand that to my blog and go more in depth as to what I have on my face and how I like to apply things (I've already started adding photos of me wearing featured products in the last post and in today's). I definitely consider my makeup style to be more "wearable" compared to a lot of what's out there on the internet, at least in my opinion, so I hope that's something that my fabulous readers are interested in and will continue to support me as my blog evolves. I think that is enough rambling for one day so I'm gonna shut up now and thank you all so much for visiting and I hope you're having a lovely day!


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