Liquid Lipstick Battle: Match #3


Yaasss, finally more liquid lipsticks! I usually try to get these liquid lipstick matchups posted around the beginning of the month but I had to wait for a few of these to get in since they were all purchased pretty recently, sorry for the delay, but we've got three interesting ones for today that I don't see talked about all that much online. If you're new here you might want to click here to catch up on the previous two matches but basically I am on a quest for the most comfortable liquid lipstick. It doesn't have to be matte but since that is mostly what is on the market it's what I've been trying out so far..tbc on that note. Let's get to today's contenders!


First up today is Melt Cosmetics new Liquid Set Lipstick formula, aka liquid lipstick. I was super excited when I saw that Melt was coming out with liquid lipsticks because I think it's just a badass brand with strong women behind it and I am here for that. Melt's formula is supposed to be long wearing, smudge proof, transfer proof and have a smooth application. The formula is easy enough to apply, quite thin so you have to be careful around the edges, but it actually wore off pretty badly when I ate dinner (which was taco salad and was super messy so I'm not completely blaming the lipstick for that one). The weird thing about how it wore on me was after I was done eating I noticed little specks on my chin and when I looked closer in the mirror I realized that the liquid lipstick had crumbled off onto my chin while I was eating. It was super messy so I've been reluctant to try it again even though I am completely obsessed with this color. This particular shade went on pretty opaque and I paired it with the matching lip liner from Melt, Ecstasy. Whenever I do decide to try this one out again I'm going to have to wear a lip balm either under or over top because it's just way too drying for my preference but it's worth checking out if you're into dryer, long wear formulas.


Next I went boujee and tested out Burberry's Liquid Lip Velvet formula. According to Burberry the formula is a matte cream color with a comforting whipped texture and is supposed to be rich in pigment and have a smooth application. This formula could not be more opposite than the Melt one. It's a super thick whipped formula but I don't think it's the smoothest one out there. You can see better in the arm swatch comparison down below but it has little beads in it and you have to press you lips together firmly to get them to dissipate. It's not uncomfortable on the lips but it's just a bit of a weird texture since it is so thick. Comfort level wise this is actually probably the most comfortable liquid lipstick I've tried to date. It feels more like a liquified lipstick because it's not super matte and transfers easily. Because I went with a more nude shade for this one I'm glad it's not that matte because I'm not in to nude matte lips and the transferring doesn't bother me since I'd rather have something more comfortable than long wearing. It is super pricey but if you're into a more creamy comfortable texture that maybe isn't as long wearing then this formula is for you. 


Last up today we have NARS's Powermatte formula. I decided to try a NARS Powermatte after Melissa Alatorre said in one of her vlogs that these were super comfortable so I had to try one out and see for myself. This one is supposed to be a liquified pigment with a weightless feel that dries down matte and is smudge resistant. Similarly to Burberry, I feel like NARS is also sitting on a throne of lies with the description of the formula because this one is also not super matte, more like matte-ish and is definitely not smudge resistant (transferred easily onto my glass). I'm not mad at it though because it is a super lightweight formula and it's incredibly comfortable to wear. I wore this one twice just to make sure of my thoughts on it but it is a pretty good one. My only qualm with the formula is that it is so liquidy that it can actually drip when you pull the wand out of the tube if you're not careful and the thin texture made it kind of hard for me to apply without a lip liner. It's so thin that there's actually a precaution on Sephora and NARS's website to shake before using I'm guessing because some settling can occur (though to be fair you should do this with most liquid lipsticks anyways). All that being said it is one of the more comfortable formulas I've tried and I would definitely recommend it but suggest using a lip liner if, like me, you have a hard time staying along the edge of the lips without a guide. Side note on the shade; I'm exchanging this color because it's just so not me. London Calling is a mauve-y purple, I tried to go out of my comfort zone on this one, but I don't think I would ever wear this shade again even though it does look pretty good with this eye look. I'm going to exchange it for the shade Under My Thumb which looks to be a deep berry red from the swatches I've seen online and is much more my speed and since it's a formula I really like I want to have it in a color I know I'll get a lot of use out of. 


Adding these three to  the ongoing ranking I would place them as follows:

  1. Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

  2. Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

  3. NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment

  4. Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color

  5. Lime Crime Matte Velvetines

  6. Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick

  7. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

  8. TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes

  9. Melt Cosmetics Liquid Set Lipstick


It pains me to put Melt at the bottom because it's a brand that I really want to love but if I'm being unbiased their formula is the most drying and uncomfortable that I've tried so far plus it's the only one that's crumbled. ROC is probably one of my favorite liquid lipsticks colors so I am going to try it with a balm but the formula was dry and crumbly so I have to place it where I think it belongs. Even though the Burberry one has kind of a weird texture it's still insanely comfortable so I had to give it the top spot. I haven't actually worn Ofra's Santorini again since I tested it but from what I recall the formula is easier to work with than the NARS and they're both super comfortable so I put NARS in third. I recently got a mini of a matte Ofra liquid lipstick, Santorini is a metallic, so I'm going to try that one out at some point and see if that changes Ofra's position. 

I've got three more matches planned before I take a break from the liquid lipsticks. I think the next one I'm going to do will be on my satin liquid lipsticks, so ones that don't claim to be matte. A few of the liquid lipsticks I've tested so far, I would say, are more satin than matte but these are the ones that out of the gate do not claim to have a matte finish. I'm really looking forward to that one since, as you can tell, I really prefer the creamier formulas so that should be a fun one and I have four different options for that match as well. I am going to have to stop after match six though because I haven't re-worn any of the liquid lipsticks that I've previously tested yet since I've been trying out so many new products lately. I will most definitely be doing a liquid lipstick collection at the end though and want to do swatches for all the shades I have and compare them next to each other because I have a few that are similar in color and I have two formulas that I have multiple shades in since I bought sets for those ones and want to show you the other colors I have from those brands. 

If you've tried any of these out, or any of the previous ones I've tested for that matter, I would love to hear your thoughts! Everyone has different preferences so just because I didn't like one, sorry Melt, doesn't mean it's a bad option it just means it wasn't the right one for me but someone else might love it. That is all I have for you today, thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!

Links have been updated as of July 2019 - I think the Burberry is being discontinued because it is no longer carried at Sephora and I’ve been seeing a lot of the Liquid Lip Velvets on TJ Maxx’s website but Burberry still carries some of the shades on their site so I linked there.

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