Ankle Boot Collection

Today is a great day because today we get to talk about shoes. I love shoes. I have an embarrassing amount of shoes for someone with only two feet. Today, specifically, I'm going to be sharing with you my lovely little collection of ankle boots. Back around the end of July of last year I was starring at my closet and thinking about how much I never wore a lot of my boots and, for the most part, it came down to the fact that a lot of them had a 3+ inch heel. I have some major foot/ankle problems so while three inches is comfortable for some, it's not for me. I got sick of looking at these boots and not being able to wear them so I decided enough is enough and that it was time to sell them on and find some new boots that fit my needs and current style better. I only kept one pair from my existing assortment and have added eight new pairs over the past seven or so months. I know that seems crazy but keep in mind I've sold that many as well (I have a one in one out policy to keep from having an absolutely ridiculous amount). All of these are leather so they were a bit more of an investment than my old boots which were mostly faux leather but I did purchase all of them at some sort of discount to the original list price. Also, I did purchase all of these online. I have big feet and it's almost impossible to find my size in store at the places I like to shop at (plus you can usually get better discounts online). Enough babbling, let's get to the goods!


Jeffrey Campbell Stinson

Starting with a bang! These showstoppers were purchased on April 25, 2014. They were my first big shoe purchase, big to me meaning more than $100, and are to this date the most I've spent on a pair of shoes. I bought them on sale for $140, down from $195, from Urban Outfitters. These have a nice comfortable heel height of 1.25 inches and a round pointed toe. I loved the color of these when I saw them online but once I got them it took me a while to start wearing them. The red is very in your face and I ended up not wearing them for quite some time. Fortunately, I held onto them and am not afraid of the red anymore. The key to styling for a bold shoe like this is to go quite minimal and let the shoes do all the talking. I get compliments almost every time I wear them and know I will keep them forever. Sadly they are not available for purchase anywhere online anymore but Jeffrey Campbell has some shoes on their site that are a similar style but with a square toe called Hanson which are available in black or tan for $190 in select sizes.


H by Hudson Apisi

No we've fast forwarded to when I started to revamp my collection. These beige suede beauties were purchased on July 31, 2016. These have an almond toe and only have a 1.75 inch heel. They replaced a pair of Clarks that were almost the exact same color but with a three inch heel. The best part about these was the price. I stumbled upon these on Amazon for only $27! They sell on Hudson's website for $245. That is an insane discount and it was only for that one day, the next day they were back up to full price. The only reason I can think of why these might have been so reduced is that each shoe has two parallel lines on the top (you can't see them from this angle) but it doesn't really bother me, especially for that price. I got these in a EU size 41 and they fit true to size. Because of my feet/ankle issues I have Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Fit Inserts in them that makes them ever so slightly snug but I just wear thiner socks and they're fine. I also wear metatarsal pads to keep from putting too much pressure on the balls of my feet. They have also been treated with a water resistant suede protector so they don't get ruined if the come in contact with liquids.


Miss KG Spider

These grey suede pointed toe Chelsea boots from Miss KG were purchased on September 4, 2016 from ASOS. I used a discount code on top of the sale price and got these for $82, down from the original price of $155 (they're on sale now at Kurt Geiger for $100). I got them in a EU size 41 and the heel height is two inches making them super comfortable. I love a pull on style boot with no fuss and these are just that. The lack of any hardware means I can wear them with silver or gold jewelry and not feel like I'm clashing too much (I'm usually pretty matchy-matchy with my metals). I also treated these with a suede protector so they don't get ruined if they come in contact with any liquids. I wear them with my metatarsal pads and have also put plantar fasciitis insoles inside (which I do not have but the insoles are great) so they are extra comfy.


M4D3 Alexa

These chocolate nubuck slingbacks were on my Urban Outfitters wishlist forever. I kept holding out for a sale and caved when they were reduced to $120 from their original price of $150 (if I'd of held out I might have been able to get a better deal). The slight resemblance to my Jeffrey Campbell Stinsons, and perhaps the flat studs, hooked me. I love the chocolate brown but they also have them in black though the studs aren't nearly as noticeable. I bought them in my usual size 10 and they seem to fit true to size just from trying them on. I must confess, I haven't worn these yet but they only have a two inch heel so I think they should be pretty comfortable. I bought them on October 2, 2016 and the weather didn't seem quite right for them then but once it warms up you best believe I'll be taking these out!


Timberland Averly

I knew I had to have these the first time I saw them. I bought them December 7, 2016 from ASOS with a coupon code for $128.70, originally $143 on ASOS (now on sale for $100 at ASOS with only a size 8 left, Amazon list them at $175 and only has one pair of a size 6 left). They have a nice rounded toe and chunky treaded rubber heal which makes them pretty darn comfortable. These do have the tallest heal out of all of my shoes at 2.5 inches but because the soles are rubber they're actually a lot more comfortable than most of the others. The cognac brown leather contrast nicely with blue jeans which is my favorite way to wear them. I haven't treated them yet so they are starting to show a bit of wear after only several months. That doesn't really bother me since I like the look of worn in leather but I still want them to last so I will be using a protective spray on them very soon. I have Dr. Scholl's P.R.O. Pain Relief Orthotics for arch in these and also wear my metatarsal pads to keep the pressure low since these do have a higher heel. I bought them in a size 10 and they fit pretty true to size.


Dr. Martens Emmeline

I bought these cherry red Docs on December 8, 2016 from Amazon for $89, they sell on Dr. Martens website for $135, and ASOS (where I first saw them) sells them for $125. Phew, now that that is out of the way... If for some reason I had to sell all my boots and only keep one pair it would be these. It took a while to break them in but ever since they've been super comfy. I do have a pair of SOLE Signature DK Response Footbeds in these to give me the arch support I need to keep my ankles from hurting but that's totally my messed up feet and not the boots. These are made with Dr. Martens special Arcadia leather which is a high shine rub off leather which is why there's a lighter spot on the inside of the left ankle where my ankles have rubbed together. I think the effect is pretty darn cool and gives them a much more unique multifaceted tone. I had a pair of white 8-eye Docs but they just looked terrible with my wardrobe so I sold them. So glad I did because the red is dark enough to be neutral, but still more interesting than black and goes with my wardrobe much better than the stark white did. Absolutely would recommend these!


Vagabond Mandy

I technically purchased these from Urban Outfitters on November 28, 2016 but I had to return them for a size up and actually got them December 13, 2016. I'm a US 10 which is typically a EU 41 but Urban had it as US 10/EU 40 and US 11/EU 41. I thought maybe that meant they ran big and just went with my usual 10 but the 40 was way too small for me. I returned and exchanged them for EU 41 and they fit much better. I got these on sale with a coupon for $72 and they're listed at $130 on Vagabond's website. I absolutely love western booties (if you haven't already noticed) so these were love at first sight and the two inch heel meant they were in my comfort zone. You can kind of see that I have heel liners in these to keep them from rubbing my heels too much (I'm very wound/blister prone on the back of my ankles) but that's all they really need. They do have a pretty pointed toe so I can't wear my metatarsal pads with them but so far they haven't caused me any ball of foot pain and should only get more comfortable with wear. The only place I can find them for sale online is Lori's Shoes in Chicago which has them online in sizes 39 and 40 for $70.


Bronx Black/Gunmetal Leather Ankle Boot

I cannot tell you how much it irks me that these don't have a proper name like the rest of my boots (e.g. Stinson, Alexa, Averly, etc.). Looking past that, these are my second favorite pair of boots. I wrote about these before so I won't go into too much more detail but these are just so much more comfortable than any of my other heeled boots (even the Timbs). They have a short, 1.5 in heel and it's rubber so they're a dream to walk in. I do have another pair of Dr. Scholl's P.R.O. Pain Relief Orthotics for arch in these just to help with my ankle problems and I do prefer to wear my metatarsal pads with them (though they'd probably be fine without). I saw these on ASOS first but ended up getting them from Amazon Germany since ASOS sold out in my size once they went on sale and got them for an even better deal at $89.73 whereas they currently sell for € 139,95 ($148 USD) on Bronx's website. Would definitely recommend these if they suite your style!


Vagabond Amina

Last but not least are quite possibly the most basic of them all, the classic flat black Chelsea boot. I got these because I wanted another pair of flat boots to replace some uncomfortably narrow H by Hudson Plath boots (had mine in black). I would of preferred some boots with that little something extra, I was also looking at these Fabi boots but they're just a little too expensive for me. I had such a hard time finding something that fit my skis so I finally just decided to go with this pair that I got from ASOS for $95 (listed at $160 on Vagabond's website). My dream pair of basic black Chelsea boots were the Kurt Geiger Dalby boots (which are also a bit pricey) but sadly my size was already sold out when they went on sale. In hindsight it's probably better that I got the Vagabond pair since they were cheaper and have a rounded toe which makes them a little more different than my other black boots. I can't find this exact pair online anywhere but Urban Outfitters has the same pair but in brown leather for $160. While I do think they're extremely basic they are very comfy (I don't wear any insoles with these) and I would recommend them!


That was a lot of info about nine pairs of boots so I just wanted to do a little recap. If you're using this post as a recommendation of sorts my top three pairs would be Dr. Martens Emmeline, Miss KG Spider, and the Bronx pair. I do love them all and would highly recommend any of them if a certain pair just does it for you because they're all great. I also wanted to mention that all the photos were taken by me of my own pairs of shoes. I wanted to take my own photos and use my own boots so you could see the wear and tear in the time that I've had them. Taking my own photos has made this go up a bit later than I initially anticipated but I'm very happy with the end result. Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day!