February Sephora Play!

Let's talk beauty subscription services. I've previously been subscribed to Birchbox and ipsy but I kept getting products that didn't suit my skin tone or hair type, and I was getting brands that I had zero interest in trying so I canceled (I wasn't subscribed to them simultaneously). Then, I finally got off the wait list for Sephora Play! last May and have been subscribed since with one exception. I sadly missed the September 2016 box because my card that was on file needed updating and I forgot to do so in time. Since I started my blog, I thought I would start sharing what I get each month but I never got around to last month (let's just say it was not my favorite). I may have missed January but I'm not going to miss this month! The theme this time around is The Soft Side with products to help you achieve the natural no-makeup makeup look. Sephora has been mixing it up and not all members are receiving the exact same thing like they used to when it first started so this is for the box number ending in 575. I decided to try on both of the lip products so I do have initial thoughts on those but otherwise it's just my initial reaction to what I got and how I think I'll get on with each item.


Origins GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream

I've used other products from Origins before but I've never used this (though I have received a sample before, I just haven't used it yet). This eye cream contains caffeine, ginseng and magnolia extract that are supposed to help with dark circles, puffiness, and dullness to help wake up your under eye area in the morning. I'll probably end up saving this for a trip of some sort because I am loving my current eye cream since my skin is so dry right now plus I like to hoard samples for travel.  I've heard great things about this from other bloggers and YouTubers and can't wait to try this one out! 


Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer

Don't let the "hydro" in this one fool you, it's sadly not for dry skin which is my skin type (I use their Moisture Surge Intense cream at night). This stuff is meant for oily/combo skin and is mattifying which isn't something I normally go for because of my dry skin. I'm a little reluctant to slather this all over but I'm thinking it could also work layered over a more hydrating moisturizer or serum if the textures don't clash. I'm think I'm going to hold out and wait to try this in the summer when my skin isn't quite so dry.


Sephora Collection LashCraft Length & Volume Mascara

Mascara samples are one of my favorite things to get samples of so I was pretty jazzed to see one this month (though it is absolutely tiny). The brush is two-sided and is supposed to help lengthen and volumize which is a win-win for me since I have pretty bleh lashes. The formula is also supposed to be easy to wash off with just water, no eye makeup remover needed, which is great for sensitive eyes. Sephora brand products are so underrated in my opinion, I've tried several lip products and they're truly amazing, so I'm hoping this will be just as good. I open my mascara samples in the order that I receive them in so they don't dry out before I get around to each one so it'll be a little while before I get on to actually testing this one out.


Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Bound

I was super excited to receive this since I'd been wanting to try it ever since it came out. Then, I did the dumb thing and looked at the other items that were sampled this month and saw that they also did a product from Bite Beauty and, while I am excited to try this, Bite is my absolute favorite lipstick brand so that was kind of a bummer not to get that instead. I thought the color would be more pink on but over my natural lip color it's pretty mauve toned and not my favorite. I might try wearing it over a more pink lip liner and see if I like the color better that way. It has a vanilla scent that I quite enjoy and the texture seemed really nice so I'm still going to try and make it work.


Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in Milkshake

I'm writing this just after I've tried this product on and oh my goodness, this sting so much. I've heard that this is pretty tingly and I can definitely attest to that. At first it burns quite badly and mellows out to a more tolerable level after about 20 minutes and the tingling completely goes away after about 30 minutes. It's also immediately made my top lip a bit more pouty and full. I didn't expect this to have an instant effect, I thought it would take a few uses, but it does actually work; you just have to be willing to get through all the stinging bit first. I think the key here is to start with just a small amount and see how much product you can handle before going all in and putting a heavy layer on.


Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence Perfume

I knew immediately that I probably would not like this. I've smelled the regular Decadence perfume, and while the bottle is beautiful, the fragrance is just not for me and coincidentally neither is this one. I prefer notes of patchouli, jasmine, and vanilla and this one has notes of champagne extract, orange blossom, creamy bergamot, gardenia, hydrangea, honeysuckle, saffron, vanilla, and liquid amber. Way too floral for my taste and bergamot is pretty much an automatic no from me since it's one of my least favorite notes. I already have a sample of Prada Candy and I don't think I'd like the Tom Ford fragrance that was sampled so I'm not too fussed about not liking this one. 


This is probably my favorite box I've received since I've been subscribed. I've seen a lot of people on other sites complain about how small the samples are but I think it's important to remember that with Sephora you're getting all higher-end products unlike most other sub services that include a mix of high end, indie brand, and drugstore. You have to take into consideration the pricer per ounce and figure it out that way if you really want to know how much you're spending versus how much the value is. Because I'm a complete nutter and a little obsessed with getting a good value I figured out based off of the full size products price per ounce (for fairness) and the total value comes out to about $33. Mind you that's when using the price/oz for the largest size of the Clinique moisturizer, Marc Jacobs fragrance and Sephora mascara and you almost always get a bette value with larger sizes, I just wanted to keep it consistent. $10 for roughly $30 worth of products is a great value in my opinion and I can only hope that maybe someone who was disappointed with the size of the items this month sees this and realizes it's actually not a bad value, the items themselves are just rather expensive when you break it down to cost per ounce.

This is just a little thing but I also like that they've started changing up the bag style/design in recent months because I like to keep them. Not gonna lie, I would of been very happy with a different box (looking at you 583) but the color of the Nars lippie probably suits me better than the Bite Multistick. I also really want to know how Sephora decides who gets which box because whenever I look up other boxes from each month I almost always find one that I would of rather received (still not as off as ipsy and Birchbox though plus I much prefer the brands from Play!). Is it random or based off of profile info (if that's the case how on earth do they explain the foundation shades I got last month - seriously, the colors were awful)? If anybody knows please leave a comment down below! Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day!