CAPA Internship Abroad Australia Pt. One

When this native Kansan finally got to go to Oz. My dream destination, the place I always wanted to go to growing up, was Australia. I never thought I'd actually get to go but then the opportunity finally came along during the summer of 2014, my last semester of college. I was able to go to Sydney by doing an internship abroad program through my university that fulfilled a degree requirement of mine. I was in Australia for eight weeks so if I was to write about every little thing I did we'd be here for ages. Instead here is part one of the highlights and condensed photo story of what I did during those eight weeks.

Going to Sydney was my first time ever flying. I flew from Kansa City to San Francisco and then to Sydney for a combined total of 18 hours between my two flights. Every flight I've had since then has been a breeze.

I arrived in Sydney at the perfect time to go see Vivid Sydney. Vivid is a 23 day "light art" and music festival all around the Sydney harbour. All the buildings and monuments are illuminated in crazy patterns and color combinations. Being the stereotypical tourist that I am, my favorite thing too look at during the festival was of course the Opera House. I'm sucker for those sails, what can I say? The patterns changed so much that I ended up with an absurd amount of photos of the building but these are my two favorites.

I had to get to the beach pronto before it cooled down too much since I was in Australia during the winter. First beach on the list, Bondi of course! It was far too cold to swim but I did take my shoes off and get my toes in the sand. I had never traveled before this trip so I was still getting a handle on how and what to photograph for travel photography. I'm not going to sit here at my computer and lie to you, my photos from this day kinda suck. I didn't have a photo goal in mind and didn't know how famous Icebergs is and that I probably should have taken a photo there. Since I don't have any majestic beach photos or a stereotypical shot of the pools at Icebergs, here's a cheeky selfie from that day (and also when I had very short hair).

Bondi Beach, May 2014

Next beach on the list, Manly. Unfortunately this day was incredibly cloudy and windy. After walking around the beach there ended up being a walking trail and the group of people I was with decided to take it and see where it led. After a while it turned into a hiking trail up some cliffs so up we went. Once at the top there was a pretty killer view of the beach.

Manly Beach, June 2014 (click to enlarge)

Oh, what's that? Yup, another beach day. This time it was to Coogee beach and Gordon's Bay where the weather finally seemed to want to agree. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon spent wandering around. Still not used to the weight and not committed to carrying around the camera with me everywhere on trips, I decided not to bring my DSLR along with me this day either but I did get some iPhone photos. Present day Heather is shaming past Heather for this major lapse in judgement because there was a rainbow.

Coogee Rainbow

Okay, enough beach panoramas. One of the most touristy but most fun things I did was do the Bridge Climb the last night of Vivid. The bridge was lit up and the view of the whole harbor from the top was stunning. Sadly you can't bring your own camera up with you so here's the cheesy photo I bought instead.

I'm second from the right in the back row

CAPA, the program I was doing my internship through, had some excursion we could participate in on the weekends and evenings. The first big activity with CAPA was a day trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park and the Blue Mountains. Featherdale was pretty cool because you could feed the dingos. They were a little ornery though and one ended up taking the cone I was using to feed him with out of my hand and ran off with it. Unfortunately you can't hold koalas in New South Wales. To say I was devastated by this news would be an understatement. Nonetheless, I was still pretty excited to see the fluffy guys up close.

One of the rock formations at the Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters. We started the trek at the top of the mountains and worked our way down passing some waterfalls along the way. To get back up we took the Katoomba Scenic Railway which is the world's steepest railway at 52 degrees. My image does not do this justice, it was a little terrifying and you really did have to hold on or you would fall forward/downward.


Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day! To read Australia: Part Two click here.

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