April Allure Beauty Box

And now time for the Allure Beauty Box! This has become a very fast favorite of mine because the value is usually pretty excellent compared to what your paying ($15/month). This month is definitely my least favorite box that I've received so far in large part due to the fact that we only got five items instead of six which is how many I got in my February and April boxes. There was a coupon for 25% off a selfie case from Case-Mate (find it here and use code ALLURE25 for the discount). It actually looks pretty nice but I don't think I need it nor do I want to shell out the $50+ it would cost. The other reason I'm not loving it is because I received a different version of an item that went out but more on that later. I blabbered on a lot in my last post so today, let's just get straight to it!


I like to start on a positive note so I will tell you that I like the body butter from Ahava, I've tried Hibiscus & Fig but I think I would also really like Pineapple & Peach. Those are super creamy and fairly moisturizing, this body lotion is neither of those things - at least not on my dry skin. I tested out a patch on my left arm and there's absolutely no difference between where I applied the moisturizer and where I did not. The other major issue I have with this is the scent. It's super floraly and I cannot stand floral scented things, I prefer sweet/fruit scents for body products. The sample is 1.3 oz which you can buy from Ahava for $10 but the value of it is only $4.44 value for the travel size based on the price for the 8.5 oz bottle so it would be a major ripoff to buy the sample size (#imjustsayin). If you like floral scents and don't have dry skin like I do then you might really love this but it's just not the product for me. 


Now this is a product I can get behind. As I mentioned in my last post I have large pores on my nose so this deep cleansing, pore minimizing product might be exactly what I need. I currently use the Dr. Brandt  Microdermabrasion about once a week to every 10 days because it is gentle enough on my sensitive skin but still effective at getting rid of dead skin. I am a little scared to try the PoreDermabrasion because it has salicylic acid in it which I have had horrible experiences with in the past but I might still try this out at some point just on my nose. I've been using the Micordermabrasion since November of last year and it definitely makes my skin smooth and soft but hasn't minimized my pores at all so this will hopefully work for that. The value of this little sample is only $7.25 but you don't need much of this product at a time so it should last a while.


The people at Allure must be super concerned with crows feet because this is the second anti-wrinkle/wrinkle smoothing eye cream we've received in three months. The brand as you can guess is based in Rome and I was there in September so it's actually kinda cool to get a product from a place I just visited. As I said back in February's Allure post, I quite like the eye cream I'm currently using and have a ton of it so I won't be opening this little guy any time soon but I will be hanging on to this one for myself. The super small size of this sample makes it incredibly travel/makeup bag friendly. The full size of this product is .5 oz and retails for $66 making this sample of .17 oz around a $22.44 value. That's quite the value on such a small sample! The reviews of this product, though they are few, are all five star reviews on the company's website so I'm hoping this will be a hit.


This is the item that I received a different version of than what was sent out. Everyone was supposed to get the 02 pencil which is in nude/matte and gold/shine. I received this in a double ended matte version in nude (matte from pencil 02) and toffee (matte from pencil 03). I never use a matte brow bone highlight and wanted to use the gold side so I'm pretty miffed with this mess up. I live chatted with someone from customer service and they were incredibly unhelpful so now I've emailed customer service to see if they can explain why I got a dual ended matte pencil instead of the matte/shimmer version. The main reason it's so disappointing is that this is the product that was mixed up is because it's one of the full size products from this month and cost $20 adding a lot of the value to this month's box. All Allure has said back to me in response is that they are aware of the difference and have informed the publisher.


The final and second full size item this month comes from Laritzy, a cruelty free cosmetics company. The color is a deep rose/berry shade. Not the most spring-esque shade imo, would of rather had a lighter or brighter shade, but still a pretty color that I can get some use out of. I have a handful of deeper lipsticks that this might match plus you could just run this all over the lips and leave it matte (to drying for me personally) or add a lip balm over top for a berry stained effect. The formulation is a lot dryer than what I'm used to, my favorite lip liners are the Sephora Collection Rouge Gel formula which are really creamy and can be worn alone as a lipstick without being drying. The dryness of this pencil does make me think it will be long lasting on the lips though which is a must for darker colors. This retails for $18 but it seems like Laritzy is out of all but two colors currently so they must be pretty popular.


Depending on how you want to price the Ahava body lotion, the value of the April Allure Beauty Box comes to about $72 or $78. That's a pretty darn good value for a $15 subscription box if you ask me. Even if I remove the added value of the two products I won't be using the value is $47.65 which is still pretty awesome. Two products are a complete miss for me but it's still significantly better than how Play! faired in April. Pretty bummed they aren't actually doing anything about the BrowGal product situation. In the future they need to pay better attention to if they're sending out different variants of the same product. They let us know we wouldn't all get the same Londontown nail color in March and if I had known we weren't all supposed to be getting the same BrowGal product I wouldn't be nearly as disappointed. Got my fingers crossed that next month will be better. As always, thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!