May Allure Beauty Box

So sorry it's been a while! Wish I had a good excuse but honestly I've just been dealing with some extreme tiredness and motivation issues. Today I'm finally bringing you my May Allure Beauty Box unboxing. I got a new card number last month and updated it everywhere except for with Allure. Of course they didn't remind me that I needed to update it until the very end of the month and I panicked thinking I was going to miss out on May's box. I quickly updated and emailed customer service to make sure I would still get the May box and I finally did so here we are. There was really only one thing in the box that I was looking forward to in the May box and to be honest I'm not super impressed but still wanted to share them with you incase you're curious. Let's get crackin'!


This was the item that made me freak out and make sure I got the May beauty box. I'm a bit of a makeup brush hoarder. I love getting new brushes because then I can go a little longer between washing my other ones (and in turn spend longer cleaning them later since I've accumulated so many). I especially love eye blending brushes because it's probably the number one brush I feel like you can never have too many of. Luxie is a popular brand for beauty boxes to give out, this is my third Luxie brush from a sub service; I have the 516 and 522 face brushes. I've seen a few beauty blogers/YouTubers drag Luxie for not being very good quality but I really like the few brushes I have from them and think they're pretty decent. The only bad thing, and this is Allure's fault not Luxie's, is the bristles on this brush were a little misshapen from the way they crammed it into the box and they did not go completely back to shape when I washed it but I'm hopeful that after several washes it will be as good as new. I can't wait to test this brush out and see if it makes my blending skills any better. If you want this brush, or any other Luxie brushes you can enter ALLURE25 at checkout for 25% off all products!


We finally got another eyeshadow for the palette! Unfortunately, it's not very pigmented. I did three or four heavy finger swatches on my wrist to try and get the pigment to show up but it's just too light of a color to really show up on me and/or is seriously lacking in pigmentation. Plus, I don't think this is a very universally flattering or desirable shade. If I'm being completely hones here I doubt I'll ever put this on my eyes. I have yet to use any of the other shadows from the palette because I don't think the shades are the most wearable and I have much better quality shadows in my collection. I would like to hope that next time they'll send out a more wearable shade (a neutral brown or something of that ilk). If they stay with the same color story they've got going on so far it'll probably be another shade of grey or purple. I did pop out the dark matte grey from the palette and put this in but like I said, I don't plan on using it any time soon since I'm not the most keen on lavender for my eyes. If you're feeling daring or curious about this brand you can get 30% off including free shipping by using code ALLURE30 at checkout.


This product scares me. The booklet that came in this month's box says I shouldn't be. "Clay" and "foaming" are typically two words I stay away from when it comes to cleansers since I have very dry skin. Despite that Allure tells me that this is not drying but will in fact make my skin incredibly soft. It does have jojoba oil to help moisturize so perhaps it's not as drying at the word "clay" might suggest when it comes to skincare (if you don't know, clay based skincare products are typically used for skin clearing and/or for oily skin). I might try it when I get a breakout but until then I'll be sticking with my Clarins cleanser since I am loving that for now. This product is not only available at the brand's website but also at CVS so it is more on the affordable and accessible side which is nice. If you purchase from the brand you can use the code SKALLURE20 at checkout up through July 31 for 20% off.


The idea of this is nice. It's a fragrance that you can put on your pulse points and it's supposed to help you relax and destress. If you're into essential oils you're going to love this. I however, am not. For those who do not know this about me I cannot stand most floral fragrances, jasmine is the exception, and this has lavender oil in it making it a no for me. I did smell this and it's not horribly offensive but it's just not my thing (it also has frankincense and eucalyptus oils in it). After photographing if for this post I immediately put it in my donate pile. It was formerly called Deep Sleep Stress Less and while I could definitely use some help sleeping the smell of this would not be relaxing to me at all and would probably keep me up since I don't like it. It's a lovely concept but I am just not the person for this particular product. If this does sounds like something you're interested in and you would like to try this, or anything else from This Works, you can use the code ALLURE20 for 20% off purchases of $40 or more valid until June 30. 


Another strange product (at least in my opinion). This one also went straight to the donate pile. I do have incredibly dry skin but rubbing body oil in just does not sound appealing to me plus I don't love the scent of this either. I literally just bought The Body Shop's new body butter in Almond Milk and Honey and am loving that so this will probably be given away to someone come Christmas time in a white elephant gift. They have a few other scents of body oils that, if they had sampled those, I'd probably try out but this is not the one for me. I do love shower oils for shaving but not for moisturizing the body. There was a coupon code for this as well for 25% off but by the time I got mine the coupon had already expired - had a very short time period I guess. They do have 15% off when you sign up for emails so if this does sound like your jam you can still try it out for a little bit of a discount.


Because I like to end on a more happy note, this is the only other product that I'm slightly looking forward to trying. That being said, I'm basically a vampire and avoid the sun at all costs and because I stay inside so much I don't feel the need to wear an SPF daily (like there are some days I literally do not leave my house or see the sun). If I know I'm going to be out running errands for a while, and I remember to do so, I'll use an SPF just in case since I am giving Casper a run for his money. Plus, Drunk Elephant is a brand with lot of hype around it at the moment so I'm always curious to try products from brands that get super hyped on social media. I have a few other face SPFs that I should probably use first (if they're not expired) but I have a good feeling about this one. It's supposed to be hydrating as well as non-greasy and lightweight, a rarity in sunscreen, so this might be a great option for wearing under makeup. Because I'm so ridiculously pale I usually prefer something with a higher SPF, around 50 or more, but since I'm not outside much this should suffice for my needs. If you want to try out this sunscreen or something else from Drunk Elephant you can use the code HELLOSPRING20 for 20% off (excluding gift cards). 


All in all this was not my favorite month for the Allure Beauty Box but of course that just comes down to preference. I prefer more makeup over any other kind of product and this box only had one makeup item for this month. From what they've previewed for this summer I'm looking forward to some of the future items and can't wait for those. If you were curious this month's box has a value of about $59 which is pretty darn good for a $15 subscription box. The two items I'll for sure use do cover the cost so to me it was still worth it even though this is probably my least favorite Allure Beauty Box I've received since subscribing. Since I got this one so late you won't have to wait long to see June's box. I'm going to try really hard to get back into the swing of posting weekly but I feel like the summer heat is just hard core dragging me down and sucking the life out of me. I've been wanting to do a sunglasses collection post for a while so hopefully that will be coming up very soon but until then thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!