Shoes of the Summer

Hello again! Today I thought I would share with you the shoes I've been going for this summer as well as give you an update on my Ankle Boot Collection. I have severe over pronation, aka I have incredibly flat feet, so sandals are very difficult for me to wear since a lot of the popular styles are very flat, narrow and don't offer any support. Because my feet are so flat I either need something with a ton of arch support or know that I'll only be able to wear flatter shoes for shorter periods of time (this applies with all types of shoes for me). I'm also having to part ways with a lot of my ankle boots that were pretty new to me over the past year because my feet suck and I apparently don't know my shoe size anymore. Bit devastated about having to get rid of such new boots but pretty darn happy that I've finally broken in my sandals. As per usual I've listed these in order of purchase so let's get to it!


Ankle Boot Update


So there you have it! Normally I also wear sneakers a lot in the summer but I've barely touched any since I've finally got all my Birks broken in. As I mentioned earlier; I like the Yara style from Birkenstock but if/when I do buy another pair it will hopefully be the Daloa because that is my number one most desired style right now. As for the boots...ugh. Let's just say I'm being much smarter about sizing from here out. I've listed two of these on my Depop account but haven't had any luck with that so now I'm going to try selling through Vestiaire Collective which is a pre-loved online shopping site. All of these boots are still in excellent condition so hopefully I can sell them there and get a little more money than I would selling to a consignment shop which is what I usually do. If you're interested in any of these shoes feel free to use the contact form and we can chat about it. I didn't provide any links today for the shoes I mentioned since there's so many different places online to shop for shoes but if you're looking for Birkenstocks in particular I've found that they're usually a bit cheaper at Amazon. I hope you enjoyed today's footwear babble and thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!


Update Aug. 26, 2017: I have since deleted my Depop account. Yes, it was short lived but I had very, very little interest on the app and it just didn't seem like something that was going to work out for me so I'm just going to stick with Vestiare and if that doesn't work I can always sell to my local consignment shop.