Top 10 Nail Lacquers

Today I am back with another top favorites and, as you can tell by the title, it's my 10 favorite nail lacquers. I may only have six fingers but that has not stopped me from accumulating a plethora of nail polishes. I love to paint my nails and I do so often...probably about 2-3 times a week. I've got about 50 different colors and these are my 10 favorites - some of which I've purchased multiple times so that shows how much I really love those colors. A few of these are limited edition but I will try to link what I can if you see a color you like as well. Also, because my right hand gets a lot of wear and tear I like to keep my nails really short so they don't break and chip as much which means I have really short stubby nails. I opted not to do my own nail swatches since my nails are so short but I did link to external images I found online that show the colors pretty accurately. I've listed these starting with my most favorite so let's get to it!


My top 10 is a bit of a limited color palette but I know what I like and I stick to it. I'm a lot more picky these days about what colors I like to wear than I was a few years ago; used to be really into brighter and more pastel shades. I almost did a top 15 but decided to reign it in and only do 10 since the next five weren't necessarily ones that I would say I love, just likes, and these top 10 are all shades that I really do love (but maybe bot all the formulas). I hope you enjoyed today's post and found some new lacquers to possibly add to your own collection. What is your favorite nail polish color? Leave me a comment below and as always thank you for visiting and have a lovely day!