Top 5 Favorite Lipstick Formulas

In honor of National Lipstick Day, which was this past Saturday; July 29th, I thought I would share with you my top five favorite lipstick formulas. If you are a matte liquid lipstick lover then you might want to look away. I cannot stand matte liquid lipsticks and don't own very many. My lips get super dry very easily and every time I wear a matte liquid lipstick it feels like it is sucking the life out of my lips. I would rather reapply something that is creamy and comfortable versus wearing a long wear liquid lipstick and having my lips feel dry and uncomfortable all day. I love me a good cream lipstick so that is what all of my top fives are (with one sort of exception). Let's get to the lippies!


Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick $26

This is my ride or die lipstick formula which is why I own it in seven shades (six of which are minis). It's so comfortable and creamy but is also very pigmented. I would say the finish is a satin so it's not glossy but not matte which makes it very versatile. You can wear it with its natural finish, blot to make it more matte, or dot on just a little bit and smudge it with your fingers for a stained effect which makes it way more long lasting. There's an insane color range in this formula with 44 shades in the permanent collection which includes your standard nudes, reds, and berries as well as some more unique shades like Kale (blackened hunter green) and Squid Ink (blue-black). There is also a new limited edition summer collection called Nearly Neon which has six very bold and vibrant shades including a fun electric blue. No matter what tones you like there's going to be something for you and I cannot recommend this line enough. 


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash Lipstick $21

This formula is pretty new to me so I only have one shade but I am absolutely loving it. I bought this back in my Spring Beauty Haul and have been wearing it quite a bit this summer because the formula is super comfy and I absolutely love this color, Popsicle. This particular shade is versatile as well and looks like a gorgeous rosy pink when worn as a stain. If a bright pinky-berry isn't your jam fret not, they have 23 other shades which are all super wearable. Again, it's not super long lasting so it is one that you have to keep an eye on if you're eating or drinking but the comfort level is so worth the touch-ups to me. None of the other colors really speak to me like this one does since they are pretty basic shades but if Tarte increased the range I could definitely see myself buying another color in this formula.


Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon $24

This is also fairly new to me, I bought this back in my Spring Beauty Haul as well. The formula is very similar to the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks but more of a satin-matte than just a straight satin. I love the Amuse Bouche range so I was keen to try out another formula from Bite and they did not disappoint. If you're a busy person and are on the go a lot this would be a great range to check out since the crayon shape makes if very easy to apply quickly. Plus, there's a sharpener included which pops out of the end which is excellent if you want a more precise application. There's only 19 shades in this range so it is a bit more limiting but the formula and function are excellent and is worth checking out if you're into a pen/crayon style lipstick.


Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick $30

This is a mini that I got in a Sephora Favorites kit, Give Me Some Lip, which they've since done several iterations on. When I first got the set I kind of brushed over this lipstick because I was really only ever into bright or deep reds back when I purchased the kit and this color, Je T'aime, is more of a dusky rosy-red on me. I set this one aside and never thought much of it...that is until I went platinum white blonde (I'm not blonde anymore but that's a moot point). After that I thought bright lipsticks looked a bit crazy with my pale skin and fair hair so I pulled this out and fell in love with not only the color but the formula as well. It's still smooth and creamy like all the other but there's something about this lipstick that makes it last so much longer. The finish on this is also a satin matte; more matte than the Bite Lip Crayon but not matte enough for me to consider it a straight matte lipstick. Every time I wear this out I'm alway amazed at how much of the color is still there by the time I get home. There's 25 shades in the collection which are all on the more wearable side, nothing too crazy but they do have a limited edition black shade called Blacquer. Whenever I run out of my little baby sample I will more than likely be purchasing a full size version of this color because I love it so much and the formula is top notch.


Sephora Collection Rouge Gel Lip Liner $12

Okay, so hear me out on this one. I know this isn't technically a lipstick but the formula on these are so flippin smooth and creamy that they can easily be worn as a lipstick without being drying like a lip liner. I like these okay as a lip liner but it's not my most favorite formula for liners because they're a little too creamy which makes it really hard to get a sharp line (my favorite lip liner for that purposes is the Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil). As a lipstick though, these are amazing. The finish is also a satin-matte, though they're marketed as matte, and also have a sharpener that pops out of the end making these a good on the go product. They come in 40 different shades which has your standard hues but also includes some weird ones like Oil Slick, which is a navy, and Smoke & Mirrors, which is a grey. I would of never thought to pick these up until a Sephora employee suggested them to me and I'm so glad she did because they're seriously amazing.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks from left to right; Meringue, Sugarcane, Fig, Kimchi, Gazpacho, Beetroot and Liquorice.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks from left to right; Meringue, Sugarcane, Fig, Kimchi, Gazpacho, Beetroot and Liquorice.

And the rest; Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Color Splash Lipstick in Popsicle, Bite Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Sucré, Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème in Je T'aime, and Sephora Collection Rouge Gel Lip Liners in Dark Horse, It's Cherry, Rose Wine and Nothin' But Nude.

And the rest; Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Color Splash Lipstick in Popsicle, Bite Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Sucré, Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème in Je T'aime, and Sephora Collection Rouge Gel Lip Liners in Dark Horse, It's Cherry, Rose Wine and Nothin' But Nude.


I've gotten rid of a lot of my other lipsticks because I love these particular formulas so much and didn't need my others that were in similar shades since I never used them. I'm also trying to weed out a lot of my "free gift with purchase" and subscription box minis that I don't use since I had so many and it was getting out of hand. My lipstick collection is now in a bit of a rebuilding stage and on National Lipstick Day Ulta had mad sales for a bunch of different lip products so you best believe I picked up a few (the ones I keep will be in this Sunday's post so be on the lookout for that). I've also featured a few other lipsticks at the bottom that are in my wishlist currently which includes some cream liquid lipstick formulas that I'm eager to try out (fall VIB sale is gonna be lit). I love lipsticks since I tend to keep my eye makeup on the more simple side, especially in the summer, so popping on a great lipstick can really just pull your whole appearance together. I didn't do lip swatches since this was more about the formulas than the colors but if you want to see what any of the Bite lip products look like on me you can see them in action in both of my sunglasses posts and the Tarte lipstick in my Spring Beauty Haul Part Two. I hope you enjoyed today's post, I certainly enjoyed creating it, and will definitely be doing more Top 5 or Top 10 post on other categories. Thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!


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