August Nylon Box

It's time for another Nylon Box and I'm very happy to report the shipping went out much sooner! In all honesty I'm just ridiculously impatient and the delay was probably just because it's a new venture and that is why the timing wasn't ideal but I think it'll be fine from now on since this one came so soon (I've had it for about a week at the time of this post). I'm going to do most of my rambling at the end and there's a lot to get through so let's get right into it!


IBY Beauty Dual Brow Highlighter $12

Now this is what I'm talking about! This is what a brow highlighter is supposed to look like (for an epic fail see my April Allure Beauty Box post). The matte end is pink toned and is said to help define and lift the brow while the shimmer side will add brightness. The matte end has a pretty strong pink/salmon undertone, and I can get away with it if I want to, but I do wish it was more neutral or a tad lighter so that it worked better on my porcelain veneer (#palepeopleproblems). I wouldn't use the matte end on my brow bone without a full eye look because of how strong the pink undertone is compared to my complexion but I can definitely get some use out of it if I want to. The shimmery side though...this speaks to me. It's a shimmery pink and I love it because it matches my favorite highlighting face powder. I'm not actually big on a super glitzy brow bone highlight because I don't like to emphasize my arch any further but I am a fan of a super highlighted inner corner so I think I'll end up popping it in there more. Not my most favorite product ever but it useable so it's not a dud either. 


Verb Ghost Oil $7

Verb is a brand I've always wanted to try ever since I first came across it but I never got around to actually purchasing anything. I was very pleased to see something from them this month and I'm so glad it's a hair oil because my hair has been extra dry lately and I've been loving me some hair oil. I tried this out on my super dirty hair just so I could kind of try it out before I wrote anything about it and it made my hair really shinny, tamed some fly aways and it smells pleasant, not too strong. I haven't tested it out on clean hair yet but so far I like it!


Nylon x Patch Ya Later Wild Thing Patch $12

This is a limited edition collab patch that's only available via the Nylon Box so you can't actually go out and buy this one. If you're into iron-on patches Patch Ya Later has some pretty cool ones on their website in a similar price range (I'm partial to the floral ones and the lemon one). I do think this is a little redundant since there was a stick-on patch from the July Box but they did it to go along with their denim magazine issue so I get it. Much like the patch from the last box I initially wasn't sure what to do with this because it's so not me but then I thought of the perfect place to put it - the same place I put the stick on patch. I'm going to glue it on to my Tarte magnetic palette that I stuck the lips patch to (I'll just have to get some superglue to adhere this one). The lips are pretty cool against the print but this one is even more suitable since it says "Wild Thing" and it's a leopard print palette. I'm really into the embroidery trend, I have two pairs of embroidered jeans, but patches are a little tacky for my taste so I would never put them on my jeans or denim jacket which already has studs on it anyways. Again, not my favorite, and I would actually consider this one a bit of a throw away item for some, but I've figured out a way to do something with it that works for me. 


Botanic Farm Mineral Pop Sparkling Bubble Pack $14

Now onto a little K-Beauty skincare. Fun Fact: the first time I tried to use this I didn't do so properly because the english instructions on the box it comes in are not very detailed and I ended up applying it more like a cleanser; massaged into my skin and rinsed it off immediately. In the handy Nylon handout that comes in the box that I should of read first it says to apply post-cleanse, but pre-tone, and let it sit and bubble up for five minutes and then rinse it away. I've used one other bubble mask before that my bff got me but I only applied that one to my nose because I was too afraid of having a reaction since my skin is fairly sensitive and it has clay which I'm terrified of since I have dry skin. Take two with Botanic Farm and I decided to try it out in the shower since I like to take ridiculously long showers and it bubbled up and kinda tickled but it did not burn or irritate my skin at all. My face felt clean but not stripped which is exactly what I want. It doesn't say on the brand's website whether or not this is a daily use product like a cleanser or if it's more like a 1-3 times a week mask situation so who knows. I like to double cleanse on the days I wear makeup so I'm just going to use it every now and then when I do that. New face products that don't irritate or dry out my skin are always welcome so I'm happy to have this. 


Amika Un.Done Texture Spray $10

I'm am not the best client for this product because 1) I have pretty short hair and 2) I don't actually style my hair hardly every so hair styling products are always a bit lost on me. I did try it once but I already had my favorite dry shampoo in my hair and that also adds a lot of texture so I didn't really notice a discernible difference with this one. I'm going to end up giving this one away because I probably wouldn't ever use it but I give them points for choosing an Amika styling product instead of the dry shampoo that every other beauty box under the sun has sampled which I still have sitting barely used in my bathroom.


Gooten x Nylon Denim Issue Sticker Set $8

Now time for the other redundant product. I really hope we don't get a sticker sheet every month because that just seems so unnecessary to me. This is a custom sticker set to go with the theme of the denim magazine issue, and that's where some of the illustrations came from, but we do not need stickers each month. For the price I'd rather see another product and then if Nylon is really attached to the sticker concept do it every quarter or something like that so we don't get worn out on it (and this is all coming from someone who was addicted to stickers as a child). That being said, I do like some of these and will be adding them to my laptop once I finally plaster the thing in all the stickers I've been accumulating but for me it was 100% not necessary to get a sticker sheet two months in a row. 


Sigma Beauty Shimmer Cream in Brilliant $16

The sun was really low and I could not get a good photo showing off the color very well but there are swatches down below that do this better justice! This is a very balmy rose gold cream and can be worn anywhere on the face. I like the idea since I'm a huge fan of cream products but this color does not work on the face for me very well. I am way too fair for it to be a highlight because the undertone casts a heavy copper shadow on my cheekbones. They say you can also use it for contour but it's not the right tone on me plus it's way too glittery for that in my opinion. I tried using it on my eyelids but it creased up like crazy though, to be fair, just about any eye product creases on me because I have hooded eyes. I still might try to use it on my eyes and just not worry about the creasing since it's easy to blend back out with a finger or not take it up to my crease because it did look very pretty on the eyes. This is just a meh product for me but I'm sure those that aren't Casper white will really like the color and I think it's great that a subscription service included a highlight product that will work on darker skin tones since most seem to cater more to light-medium skin tones.


Manic Panic Glitter Jewels in Electric Fuschia Shock $8.99

I decided to include this product in here as well since I got it a few days after my July box went up. Nylon was super fast about sending out the missing product and they included a cute little hand written card which I thought was really sweet. Initially I wasn't sure I would get any use out of this because I'm a boring 27 year old, and this just screams "festival look" to me, but then I started watching Simply Nailogical on YouTube recently and got the idea that I could use this on my nails (if you've never seen any of Cristine's videos do yourself a favor and go watch some because she is the funniest person ever - I don't know how it took me so long to find her channel). Anyways, back to the glitter; I think using it in some nail art is about the only way I could see myself using this but coming to that realization made me feel so much better about Nylon sending it to me when I thought I was going to hate it. In case you are interested in this product Manic Panic makes it in a bunch of different colors and some of them glow under black light (this color does).


In shade: IBY Beauty Dual Brow Highlighter on the left and Sigma Beauty Shimmer Cream in Brilliant on the right (click to enlarge).

In direct sunlight and a little underexposed so you can see the shimmer better: IBY Beauty Dual Brow Highlighter on the left and Sigma Beauty Shimmer Cream in Brilliant on the right (click to enlarge).


So there you have it folks! Compared to the first box I would say this is a massive improvement. Nylon sent out review request emails two weeks after people received their first box and they really took to heart what everyone had to say about it. I was certainly not the only person that thought the July Box was way too youth oriented and Nylon addressed it on the back of the mini info mag which is fantastic because to me it shows that they really care about what their customer base has to say and they clearly listened to us. This is definitely a subscription box to keep your eye on because it seems like it's only going to get better and better with the rate of improvement they've had in such a short period of time. 

I have a few little updates that I thought I would share with you today as well. Sadly, the Beautycon Box is no more. On August 18th they sent out emails saying they're, "shifting away from the box program into an exciting new endeavor and this Summer Box will be our last season of the Beautycon Box." I updated my Summer Beautycon Box post to reflect this sad truth but thought I would mention it here too incase you had been thinking about signing up but hadn't bit the bullet yet. I think they still have some summer boxes left because you can still sign up on their website so I'm guessing they're letting people do that until they run out of stock. I was pretty bummed when I got the email because it was one of my favorite subscription boxes since it was mostly full sized products. Since that one was cancelled I hopped right on over to My Subscription Addiction like the heathen that I am to scope out a new potential quarterly box and came up with bupkis. Since I couldn't find a new quarterly that interested me I signed up for yet another monthly subscription third one. I'm going to leave you in suspense as to which one it is but I will say I'm pretty excited about it. Lastly, in case you were wondering why there hasn't been an Allure Beauty Box on my blog in a while it's because they got shiesty with me and thought they could skip my July box altogether. I did receive the August box but for some reason they skipped over the July one even though I emailed them multiple times asking when it would be shipped out. I contacted their customer service again to see if they could still send me the July box since there were a few products in that one that I really wanted to try and they obliged. I'm waiting  to get the July one so I can lump the two together in a post but hopefully that will be coming within the next week. Lots of rambling today but if you made it this far I hope you enjoyed today's post and thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!