No Makeup Beauty Haul

Agh yes, another haul. After the Summer Beauty Haul where I mostly bought makeup I found there were some other beauty items that needed replenishing and so here we are. I haven't been using any of these for that long, only about a week, so keep that in mind since some products take longer to show full results. Like the extreme couponer in training that I am I used discount codes to purchase everything because why pay full price when you can get it cheaper. Let's get started, shall we?


French Girl Organics Lumière Body Oil $36

The whole reason I went to Bella Vérité was because I saw an image of a jasmine scented body oil by French Girl Organics on Instagram and thought, "I need it." I immediately followed Bella Vérité and saw on their IG story that they had a 15% off discount just for Instagram followers and got to the shopping because we all know by now that I'm a sucker for a coupon code. I got a little overly excited at the word "jasmine" and didn't notice that it was jasmine and neroli scented and let me tell you the neroli is present. I would much prefer it if it was just jasmine because neroli isn't my favorite scent but I can tolerate it just fine. The brand boast three different body oils; a bronze shimmer, pearlescent shimmer and this non-shimmery one (they all have the same fragrance though). It absorbs quickly, doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and is hydrating enough for what I need while still being fast absorbing. I wouldn't repurchase it because the fragrance isn't for me but it is a nice product and I would recommend it if you are a fan of jasmine and neroli.


Keeko Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder $15

I figured I would mosey around the website a little and see if there was anything else I wanted to try since I had a discount code and came across this. I had been wanting to try a charcoal teeth whitening powder for a while but was a little hesitant about how abrasive it would be on teeth enamel. I asked my dental hygienist about it at my last appointment and she had never heard of using charcoal to whiten teeth and couldn't give me an answer about the effects on teeth enamel or if it would cause any sensitivity. I have fairly yellow teeth thanks to years of drinking pop, tea, and coffee and desperately want whiter teeth but I also have sensitive teeth and a lot of traditional teeth whitening products increase sensitivity which is a no-go for me. I've tried whitening mouth washes (kinda worked but not that well), whitening toothpaste (don't do a damn thing imo), and a hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel (works but made my teeth very sensitive). As far as I can tell this hasn't significantly increased sensitivity but I feel like I'm being hyper aware and thought it might of the other day but it could just be me being paranoid. I decided to buy a super soft baby toothbrush, it's Winnie the Pooh in case you were wondering, just to make sure I'm being as gentle as I can be on my teeth. At the time that I'm writing this I've only used it twice but I've already seen a pretty dramatic difference so I would definitely recommend it but maybe do some research before purchasing. One other thing to note, if you're not careful you can create an absolute mess while using this if you spill any powder or don't spit it out very close to the drain in the sink.


Agent Nateur holi(stick) N°3 Déodorant $21

The last thing I picked up from Bella Vérité was this ridiculously expensive tube of deodorant or if you're a boujie deodorant; déodorant. As sensitive as my facial skin is my underarms are like ten times more sensitive. I've had an extremely hard time finding a deodorant that doesn't irritate my skin but actually does some degree of odor control so I decided to try this one out to see if it was even remotely worth the price point. I hate to admit it but this is the best natural deodorant I've tried to date. I am battling some sort of skin irritation at the moment so I haven't been using this loads while I'm trying to get the redness down but every single time I've used this I have not had any underlying body odor smell. It's very common with natural deodorants to not completely cover up the stank but out of the five I tried this summer, the struggle is real, this one has performed the best thus far. Agent Nateur makes three different scents; holi(stick) which is honey, lavender and eucalyptus scented, holi(rose) smells like sandalwood and rose, and holi(man) has notes of vetiver, rose, sandalwood, citrus and cedarwood. If you have sensitive skin like I do or just want a treat yo' self deodorant then I would definitely suggest Agent Nateur. I really want to try the holi(man) next but it's just so expensive for such a mundane product so we'll see if after using it all up if it's really worth it.


It's A 10 Silk Express Miracle Silk Shampoo $23.67

Next I did a little shopping at Ulta since I received yet another 20% off everything coupon and went straight to haircare. I don't know if it's the weather or my old shampoo but my hair had been feeling very dry compared to normal so I wanted to get some new shampoo and conditioner to see if that would help (spoiler, it has). I went for the brand It's A 10 because I've used two of their leave-in conditioners before and they're some of the best that I've tried. It is an expensive brand but from my limited experience you definitely get what you pay for. Ever since I started using this my hair has been so much more soft and silky, like the name would suggest. Out of all the different formulas offered I went for this one since it's sulfate free and I have color treated hair. Most sulfate free shampoos don't lather up very well but this one does so surprisingly well which helps it disperse better. I had been using a sulfate free shampoo for dry hair from the company Not Your Mother's and it just wan't doing the job. I had to use so much more product because it didn't spread well plus it wasn't hydrating or nourishing enough. Since this one requires so much less product it'll last me longer so for me I'd say it's definitely worth it. So far I am loving this shampoo and would highly recommend!


It's A 10 Miracle Daily Conditioner $20.58

I couldn't just get a new shampoo and not get a new conditioner now could I? My old conditioner wasn't fantastic but it wasn't horrible. I pretty much only bought it because it smells good which is a terrible reason to base your hair product purchasing on. Plus, it was pretty expensive (but then again, this stuff ain't cheap). I went for the classic Miracle Daily Conditioner because I was overwhelmed with options and the Silk Express one was half as much product for about the same price as this one. Again, so far I am really digging this. My hair hasn't been this soft in a while so I think it's safe to say the new haircare products are working. I don't normally buy liter bottles because my hair is short and I get bored and like to change it up but I will be keeping an eye out for any liter sales with this brand or for any discounts from them during the next Gorgeous Hair Event which I believe is in October. It's definitely a 10 from me!


Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Rich Cream $48

My next haunt was skincare. I didn't find a good moisturizer to use in the evening when I was trying out a bunch of stuff for my Summer Beauty Haul and basically gave up the search. Once I got the discount from Ulta I decided this would be the next one for me to try because I like almost all the other skincare products I've tried from Clarins. This one is for very dry skin so I figured it would be a good option for me since my skin is pretty darn dry. It's definitely only for those with extremely dry skin because it left my face feeling very slippy and almost greasy plus, I think it's breaking me out. Compared to the other two Clarins moisturizers I've tried this one is a bit different since it has a whipped texture - I definitely like the Multi-Active line better because they still hydrate well but don't leave my skin feeling grody like this one does. I'm sure after all that you can tell I'm not 100% sold on it. My skin definitely doesn't feel dry when I use this but it also doesn't feel quite as good as it did when I was using Clinique Moisture Surge Intense (not Extended Thirst Relief - I hate that one). I'm definitely going to be returning this and probably just get my tried and true since I know it won't let me down because I am pretty frustrated with testing out so many moisturizers and not having any of them work out for me. I decided to include this since I haven't returned it yet but I would recommend the aforementioned Clinique moisturizer over this Clarins one if you have dry skin. 


Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil $58

I decided to try out a face oil since they're supposed to be really good for the skin and I thought it would help with the application of a stick foundation that I'm struggling with since I've heard oils are good at helping smooth on stick foundation. First off, the smell of this is assaulting. It has extracts of rosewood, patchouli and blue orchid as well as hazelnut oil. Those scents for me do not work well together and that makes it really hard for me to want to put it on my face. The two times I used this it also broke me out which is not ideal. It's for dehydrated skin and I don't have dehydrated skin, just dry skin. The difference is dehydrated skin needs water which is why a lot of products for "dry" skin have hyaluronic acid which helps suck the water molecules that are in the air into the skin but because my skin isn't dehydrated none of those products ever work for me. Dry skin is lacking oil so you'd think a facial oil would be the solution but the formulation of this one is just not working for me which I think is because it's for dehydrated and not dry skin. I thought I would still include this though so I could share why it isn't working for me and potentially save you from making the same mistake depending on your skin type. Definitely returning this and thinking about trying a different facial oil but from Sephora since they have much better options. That way I can get a sample(s) and test it out and then buy during the next VIB sale which is in November. 


Nip + Fab Soften Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads $12.99

I had these in my wishlist for a while and decided to get them to try out and see how good they are at removing eye makeup since I'm nearly out of my eye makeup remover. The first time I used them they left a bit of redness around my eyes and made them a little bit itchy. The second time I used them I washed the area immediately with water but they still felt a tiny bit itchy. Now I've used them three times and the third time they didn't bother me at all and I rinsed and washed my face right after again. The reason I prevailed is because they actually work pretty darn well at removing all my eye makeup and I normally have a very difficult time removing mascara. You could use them all of your face, and I have, but I found that with a full face of makeup I had to use four pads because they're pretty darn small so I wouldn't recommend them in place of a face wipe if that's your thing. They are really good though for just removing makeup from certain areas of the face, be it the eyes or the lips, so I will continue using them as long as I don't have another skin reaction.


Shiseido Facial Cotton $10

Once you go Shiseido Facial Cotton you never go back. I was running low and figured it was a good time to replenish since I had a discount. This is the third or fourth pack I've bought because I am completely obsessed. These are so much softer and thicker than any other cotton square or round I've tried. They don't have the grooves or texture that a lot of drugstore cotton pads have and because of that they feel a lot more gentle on the face. Because they're thicker they hold more liquid from products like toner and makeup remover so I use a lot less squares compared to the thin cheap ones I had been using before. Not a very exciting one but it's definitely a holy grail for me and I can't imagine going back. Fair warning, if you try these you'll be hooked. 


Not an overwhelming amount of products today for once but I still wanted to show you all the non-makeup bits I've been purchasing since I tend to be very makeup focused and thought it would be fun to share what I buy when I'm not buying makeup. If you've tried any of these products I would love to hear how they worked out for you! Going to keep the ending short and sweet today since I droned on so much Sunday but I hope you enjoyed today's post and as always thank you for visiting and have a lovely day.