Summer Beauty Haul

It's that time again! I did a two part Spring Beauty Haul earlier this year and thought I would do a summer haul since I've been quite spendy lately. My inner treat yo' self came out again in full force. Some items were bought during various sales and promotions and some items I did pay full price for - I know, shocker. There was one brand in particular that I had been wanting to try out more products from and decided to bite the bullet and ended up buying quite a few things because I have very little self control. I've listed everything in order of purchase like I usually do so without further ado, let's get to it!

Note: Because of the way I had to upload my photos, since there's so many, the links are not underlined like they normally are so I've italicized anything that is a link in the body text and the items that are still available for purchase are linked in the title.



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If you made it this far, congratulations! That was a lot of makeup and beauty products and I'm officially banning myself from online shopping for the foreseeable future (lol like that worked last time). For the most part everything pictured here is all items I really like and I don't regret purchasing all but maybe two items (the Charlotte Tilbury powder and brow gel I could of done without). I did end up returning quite a bit, 9-10 items in fact, but I think it's important to send back or return items you're not satisfied with if the retailer allows returns after an item has been opened (Charlotte does not hence why I kept those two products). Three of the things I returned were all attempts at finding a new nighttime moisturizer and all three were epic fails. My skin is just too dry for everything I tried out so for now I'm just testing out a bunch of the samples I have to see how long that last me. After that who knows what I'll do...probably go back to my trusty Clinique Moisture Surge Intense if I'm keeping it real here. I hope you enjoyed today's post and if you have any specific questions on any of the products mentioned please feel free to ask. Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day!


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