The Ordinary.

Hello and welcome back! Today I thought I would talk about the few products I've been testing out from the brand The Ordinary. I was going to wait a while in case something didn't work out for me or in case my skin had to go through an adjustment phase but so far I am liking everything I've tried so I figured why wait to talk about it?

A little background on the brand incase you've never heard of it (you can skip this part if you've already know about them). The Ordinary was created under the umbrella company DECIEM which has multiple brands in the beauty industry including Hylamide, NIOD, The Chemistry Brand, The Ordinary, Stemm, Fountain, Hair Is Fabric and WhiteRx. Two of the core brands from DECIEM are NIOD and Hylamide which are the skincare brands that The Oridinary was modeled after. There's a tier system as far as price point goes with the three skincare brands; NIOD is your more luxe brand and is the most expensive, Hylamide is the middle man and is a little more approachable price wise and then you have The Ordinary which is much more affordable. The quality does not change too drastically between the three brands but where you might find one product from NIOD that has multiple beneficial ingredients you would have to buy those ingredients separately and mix them together to try and get a similar-ish end product from The Ordinary. You could purchase just one thing from The Ordinary if you so desire but the idea is that you can pick and choose certain products for your skin concerns to create a custom skincare regime.


I decided to try out a few items from The Ordinary after my last attempt at using a face oil didn't go so well so I figured I could cocktail my own perfect recipe and come up with something that would work a lot better for my skin type. If this is your first time here a little bit about my skin - I have very dry skin that is not that dehydrated so I need to add oil, not water, to my routine. I'm not very acne prone but my skin can get a little congested if I use to many rich products at once so I have to be cognisant of that. It's also moderately sensitive so I can usually tell pretty quickly if something isn't going to work based on any immediate reactions. The Ordinary has a ton of products but I didn't want to introduce too many new products at once so I only bought two face oils and a primer to start with. Let's get to it!


100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

This was the first product I knew I wanted to purchase since I've used Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil in the past and loved what it did for my skin. The "normal" size of the Josie Maran oil is 50 ml and cost $48 and the one from The Ordinary is 30 ml and cost $6.80. They're both 100% Moroccan argan oil and are cold pressed but the Josie Maran one cost over seven times as much. I love argan oil because it hydrates my skin so well and makes it incredibly soft so it is my personal number one recommendation for those with dry skin. I use a different argan oil product in my hair that is scented but this is also great for dry hair though I would not suggest using it on cool toned blonde hair because it will make the hair really brassy. If you're interested in this one you can purchase it at The Ordinary (linked above) or via Beautylish which is where I bought mine.


100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

I decided to also go with the marula oil since it's for dry skin as well but can additionally help with dullness and uneven tone and texture. I had heard a lot of chatter about the Drunk Elephant Marula Luxury Facial Oil online so I had a feeling this would also be a good one for me. The Drunk Elephant oil is $72 for 30 ml and The Ordinary one is $9.90 for 30 ml and they're both 100% cold pressed so you're paying over seven times as much for the pretty bottle from Drunk Elephant. Compared to the argan oil the consistency of this one is thinner and has an ever so slight yellow tinge to it. With both oils I like to add two drops of each to my moisturizer and mix them together and apply that to my face. Oils don't really sink into my skin at all, essences are much more quickly absorbing, so that's why I like to just mix the oils into my moisturizer so I'm not waiting to do a bunch of different steps. If you're super dry like me this is another great option to supplement with for an added hydration boost. You can purchase this directly from The Ordinary if you want to give it a go. It is currently out of stock at Beautylish but should be restocked pretty soon (when I went to purchase mine it was out of stock so I signed up to be notified for the restock and it came back in just a few days). 


High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

If you're a regular here on my blog you've probably noticed by now that I have a bit of a primer obsession. Instead of getting another oil or skincare product I went for this primer because I was intrigued since it's so liquidy and very affordable at only $7.90. It's very silicone/dimethicone based so it does makes my face feel pretty smooth but it's not as pore filling as the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer which is very thick and more like a paste. This creates a nice base for makeup to go over but it's not game changing for me and I wouldn't repurchase since I have such large pores in my t-zone and need something a bit thicker to do the job. If you have mild texture and just want to smooth out the skin a bit this could be a good option though. It reminds me most of the classic Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer but thinner so if you like that then you might like this. You can find it at The Oridniary but it is out of stock at Beautylish though I imagine it will be restocked in the near future. 


Those are the few items I have tried but if you want the quick and dirty on all the products from The Oridnary I like the format of the Treatment Guide on Beautylish the best for a quick overview on everything (or there's the Regimen Guide from The Ordinary). If you want the 411 from someone that has tried a lot of the products, and knows a bit about the science behind it all, I would suggest having a look at this video from Stephanie Nicole (Wayne Goss also talks about the brand a lot on his channel so you could check him out for another opinion). I'm not going to rush out and buy anything else just yet because I don't want to add too many new products at once to my skincare routine but these are the other products I am interested in trying:


"Buffet" is a water based serum that would be a great starting point for just about anyone and the purpose of this particular formula is to target multiple signs of aging at once. It's a multi benefit product so it cost a little more at $14.80 but you're getting eight key ingredients to help combat aging in one bottle. The next one on my list is Squalane which is a lightweight hydrator and is good for acne prone skin so it shouldn't clog the skin up like some of the other heavier oils can. If my skin starts to get too congested this would be a good one for me to switch to and still get some added hydration without the clogged pores. After that I've got the Rose Hip Seed Oil which is a little controversial for me as I hate the smell of roses but I know it's really good for dry skin so it could be a good one for me to add if my skin gets extra dry this winter. I've tried the Mario Badescu Rose Hip Nourishing Oil which didn't do a damn thing for me but it's not 100% rose hip oil like the one from The Ordinary so I'd be interested to see if I have better results with the pure formula. Last up is the Glycolic Acid Toner. I've used the Pixi Glow Tonic before and it's the only toner I've ever used that I felt like actually did something for my skin. The Pixi version is 5% and The Ordinary version is 7% so hopefully it's not too harsh for my skin (I don't think it will be). 

I hope this was helpful is you've already been thinking about trying out the brand or that it introduced you to a much more affordable option if you've been using similar products at a higher price point. The Ordinary isn't for everyone and even skin care genius Caroline Hirons prefers some NIOD and Hylamide products over The Ordinary. Name dropping is annoying, I know, but the people I mentioned are the ones I looked to when I was trying to figure out what products would be best for me to try and they're the people whose opinions I trust the most on the subject. If you have any questions on a particular product please feel free to ask and I will do my absolute best to answer. I hope you enjoyed today's post and thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!