Warp + Weft Review & Comparison (Updated)

Hello! Today I thought I would do something a little different and talk about a new pair of jeans that I recently purchased. I don't remember how exactly I came across the brand, think it might of been this Refinery29 article, but they tout themselves as being a size inclusive brand and carry women's sizes 00-24 as well as 00-14 in petite's and men's sizes 28-40 with one inseam option of 32 inches. I have yet to find a pair of jeans that fit me well and hoped Warp + Weft could be a winner. I can't even shop for denim in stores because so few places actually make my size let alone carry it in store. Why on earth do companies make certain sizes online only? Whenever I'm buying jeans online I always have a hard time choosing a size because my waist and hips are completely different sizes since I have something like a 15 inch difference between the two. I ended up going with the same size as my Levi's since they're both skinny jeans and figured that would be my best bet. For argument's sake I thought I would compare the two since Levi is a very, if not the most, popular brand of denim and could give us a good point of reference. Let's get to it!


The jeans I purchased from Warp + Weft are the Plus JFK Skinny in the Azure wash. I got my Levi's from my local Marshall's last year and they are the 310 Shaping Super Skinny Plus in a faded black that they no longer sell. Depending on the brand I would say I'm currently an 18 or 20 but I went with the 20 just to be safe because nothing sucks more than buying a pair of jeans online and not being able to get them on. The inseam for Warp + Weft is 29 inches and the Levi's are 30 inches so they're both a really good length for me (I'm about 5'7" for reference). Both pairs are labeled as mid-rise and that is definitely true for the Levi's but I would say Warp + Weft are more like a high rise on me and hit about an inch above my belly button. Fit wise around the waist the Levi's are snug but not uncomfortable so I wouldn't say they're too small. The Warp + Weft jeans are way more comfortable in the waist because they have a pretty good amount of stretch to them. As far as fit around the waist goes I much prefer the Warp + Weft jeans since they're a higher rise and have a bit more stretch.


Overall shape wise I like the way the Levi's are contoured more to a curvy body (read: big hips). The Levi's are also a lot slimmer through the leg and seem to fit my legs a lot better and, it was at this point when I'm thinking about all the different areas of fit, I'm wondering if maybe I should of gone down a size at Warp + Weft. When you're in between sizes it can be really difficult to determine which size is best unless you order both sizes (something I do from time to time and wish I'd done with these jeans). When I have them on, from the front, the fit looks perfect in the Warp + Weft jeans. They're pretty flattering on my legs which surprised me because I was worried that all the fading and whiskering would make my thighs look more round but they actually look really good on. In the JFK style Warp + Weft do them in five different colors in plus size and regular but the options differ depending on regular or plus size. Levi's currently have the 310 Plus in four different colors (this style is plus size only but they have other similar styles in regular sizes that come in a much wider variety of washes). 


Okay, here's the main area that makes me really question the sizing and fit of the Warp + Weft jeans; they're incredibly loose on my legs around the knees. Some jeans get really baggy around the knees after several wears but these are super loose from the get go. It just confuses me a bit because they fit so well in the hips, thighs and bum but then they're super loose around the knees and could be a little skinnier in the calves for my taste. I don't know if this is the case for the regular sizes and of course it will depend on your body shape. The Levi's jeans live up to their name, they are super skinny through the leg and I prefer this fit around the legs but like the way the Warp + Weft jeans fit above the knees. Basically I need the two to have a baby.


Now let's take a look at the back. The back of the Warp + Weft jeans are pretty normal but have a lot of fading on the booty. I was terrified of how this would look on me since I have such wide hips but it's actually very flattering. I've had these Levi's for somewhere between eight months to a year and I wore them quite a lot last winter so I'm not sure if the subtle fading on the derrière is from wear or if it was like that when I bought them. Warp + Weft definitely look better on the posterior because the fabric on the Levi's is quite a lot thicker and flattens out any shape you already have. I definitely prefer the way the Warp + Weft jeans look and fit on my bum so they're definitely winning there. 


Last thing to look at are the details. The Warp + Weft jeans in the color Azure are very simple except for the hems have been let down which is why I chose this specific color (not all the washes are like this). I love this little detail and they'll fray a little more with washings and get better with time. Levi's have their classic back pocket label and stitching as well as the patch on the waistline. These details are nice but they're not something that would make me go out of my way to choose a pair of Levi's whereas the hems on the Warp + Weft made me go out of my way to choose this specific color. 

Before I get into my final thoughts there are a few points of contention for me that I wanted to bring up and the first is the price. Warp + Weft jeans are either $89 or $98 and to me the poor fit does not warrant that price tag. I did use a 15% off discount code that knocked my pair down to $75.65 which is not out of the realm of reason for me but anything over $80 is pushing it. My next point is about the photography and is going to be really nit picky, so take it with a grain of salt, but it bothers me that the photos are not true to color. I can't believe I'm saying this because I love editing the colors in photos but for retail it makes more sense to me to have the images be true-to-color so that the buyer knows what they're going to see in person. Warp + Weft's images are warmed up a lot and you can especially tell on the black leggings and jeans because they have a very strong red tint to the shadows. My last beef is that they consider themselves to be a size inclusive company yet they only carry three styles in plus size compared to five styles of pants, two styles of shorts and one style of shortalls in regular women's sizing. That just does not seem very inclusive to me because I have three options yet someone half my size has eight. If they didn't market themselves as a size inclusive brand so heavily then I wouldn't be having a fit over it but I don't think it's fair to consider yourself a size inclusive company when you're not offering the same options for all sizes. Them saying "inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do" really ruffles my feathers because of how limiting the options are for plus size. They are a young company so I'm hoping that over time they'll introduce more variety for plus size because I would love to try out the CDG Cigarette jeans but I can't because I'm a few sizes to big. Like I said, that's just me picking things apart but I felt they were worth mentioning.

So now, overall thoughts. I really like the way the Warp + Weft jeans feel and the length. Material wise the specific pair I bought are 93% cotton, 6% XFit stretch and 1% elastane so they've got a really good amount of give in them. The fit however is not perfect on me. They're nice at the waist but are too loose in the legs to be considered skinny jeans in my opinion. The fiber mix that they're made out of doesn't hang well when they're not fitted through the leg and tend to gather at the knees and bunch up so I have to keep pulling them down. The extra slack around the knees is kind of making my eye twitch so I'm thinking about adding darts behind the knees to take them in. I'm just going to baste stitch them first to see if it's even feasible in the first place but I would like to try and tailor them a little (I end up having to do this with a lot of my clothing). I could leave them alone and it would be fine but I'd rather have a closer fit to my legs since they are meant to be skinny jeans so I'll be trying that out at some point. I know it might not seem like it after all that babble but I do like the JFK jeans and would recommend them but would suggest ordering multiple sizes and sending back the ones that don't work since they do have free shipping and free returns.

I'm still really interested in the company since the jeans are so comfortable so I'm thinking I'm going to try the BCN Leggings next and order two sizes to see which one works better for me. The jeans in the size 20 sit flat against my body at the waist but they're so stretchy that I might be able to get into an 18 and have them fit better through the leg. If that goes over well then I would consider getting the JFK Skinny in another color since, upon first impression, these are probably my favorite jeans out of the six pairs that I own since the seem really well made and are probably my most flattering jeans (even with the fit issues). That is all I've got for you today but if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!


Update On Jan. 23, 2018:

This post has been getting a lot of love lately so I thought I would throw in an update since I've had the jeans for longer. My first recommendation for those wishing to purchase, order a size down in the JFK jeans (especially if you're plus size). The size 20 were way too big so I only ended up wearing them occasionally. For how little wear they got they did not last well either. The stitching on one of the back pockets ended up coming undone after only about a month and I was pretty disappointed about it so I posted about it on my Instagram Stories. The brand didn't actually see the what I had said about them and they messaged me a heart emoji seemingly not knowing that I was mentioning their brand in a somewhat negative way. I messaged them back and told them that I was actually a bit disappointed with the quality of the jeans and resent them the photo to show them that my pretty new jeans were already falling apart so they gave me an email address to message and that they would set me up with a new pair for free. Pretty great customer service if you ask me and they were very responsive on Instagram DM. While I was emailing back and forth with someone I asked them about sizing because the previous size I had ordered was too big and they told me that they recommend sizing down on their stretch jeans (would of been nice to put that somewhere on the website) so I asked for a size 18 and so they very kindly sent me a replacement pair in that size. The size 18 fits so much better but I would still say the cut isn't quite perfect because there's still a little extra fabric around the knees and they're definitely not mid rise like it says online, they're the most high rise jeans I own but I love a higher rise jean so I have zero problem with that. I hadn't been on the brands website for a few months and I just now looked again since I'm updating this post and I'm super happy to see that they've added quite a few more styles to the plus size section including the CDG jeans! There goes my money. I used to be a Gap denim girl since it was one of the few brands I could find that fit me relatively well but the sizing is all over the place and the quality at Gap has gone down so much in the past few years it's pitiful. My Levi's jeans fit me a little better now that I've lost about 10 pounds but I still wish they were a higher rise and didn't give me camel toe which btw the Warp + Weft jeans do not (just keeping it real). I have one other pair/brand of jeans that I got from Mod Cloth that fit me fairly well but overall my Warp + Weft jeans probably have the best/most comfortable fit and get the most wear so I will be purchasing some more, especially now that I see that they are being way more inclusive, and I would recommend them particularly for plus size gals that have a hard time finding jeans that fit them properly. My new pair don't have any wear issues like my last pair so I'm guessing that was an isolated issues because I seriously wear these jeans to death and they are still looking pretty darn good. Also, for reference since I didn't previously mention this; my body type is a "pear" shape and I carry quite a bit of my weight in my hips and thighs and my natural waist and the fullest part of my hips are about a two size difference so finding jeans that fits me both places is damn near impossible and these fit me quite well in both areas since they are so stretchy. 


Update on January 20, 2019

Why yes, another update but I’ll be very brief this time, just wanted to add in that I have a new affiliate link with Warp + Weft which will give you $20 off your first purchase for which I will then receive $20 off my next purchase. I am also hoping to do a new updated review this year since I now own the JFK Skinny in five different washes and have some thoughts (mostly positive!) that I want to share.