September Subscription Boxes: Allure, Sisley, & Nylon

Why, hello again! I'm sure you've figured out from the title that today I'll be giving you the rundown on my September Allure, Sisley, and Nylon monthly subscription boxes. Now that I'm getting three monthly subscriptions, soon to be just two but we'll get to that in a bit, I thought I would lump them all in one post together since it gets a bit redundant to make three out of my eight post per month on subscription boxes. Plus, I received all three of these within about a week of each other and didn't want to do three post in a row on beauty boxes since that gets a bit boring for me as well. I didn't photograph each item individually this time since there's a lot of stuff to get through and that would be a lot of scrolling on your part so I hope you enjoy today's format. I also didn't do swatches this time around but there's only three items that were swatchable, one of which I'm giving away and the other I'll show you in a different post, so it didn't seem fair to swatch just the one other item. I've got a lot of thoughts today so let's just get straight to it!


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Seduce $29I was a little scared when I heard there were four different options for this blush going out because I'm very particular when it comes to my blush shades and normally go for something quite pink and bright. The shades that they sent out are Captivating which is a bright warm peach, Dazzled which is a soft dusty rose, Blushing Bride which is a rosy petal pink, and Seduce which is the one I received and is described as a rosy nude. I am happy with the one I received, the other one that I would of been okay with would of been Dazzled, but I'm really glad I did not receive Captivating since I'm not a peachy blush kind of girl. The rule of thumb is that you should use blushes that mimic the color you naturally flush, I have rosacea so I flush very bright pinky-red, and would typically go for something more like the shade Natural Beauty which is a rosy red or Dollface which is a light pink. Because of that Seduce is not a color that I would of normally chosen but it is nice to have something that isn't as bold for the days that I go all out with the eye makeup. Through October 10 you can get 20% off at Tarte by using the code TARTEXALLURE.

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast $15If you've been here for a really long time you might recognize this because I received it in my March Sephora Play! box from earlier this year. I didn't like it then and I don't care for it now for the same reason, I just don't have enough hair to care a lot about hair products in general. This is an Allure Best of Beauty winner so I see why they put it in there but I just don't care for styling hair products. It does have really good reviews online though so if you're in the market for this type of styling product then it might be worth checking out.

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream $60On Sephora's website they say this moisturizer is a solution for dryness so I'm hoping it will work for me. It has a blend of three oils (marula, baobab, and passion fruit) as well as glycerin and hyaluronic acid so it sounds promising. I just bought a new moisturizer not that long ago and I don't like bopping in and out of samples when I have a full size jar of moisturizer open so it will probably be a while before I get around to trying this but I am very interested to see how well it works with my very dry skin. The value of the sample is $18 so it adds pretty good value to the box as well. You can use the code HELLOFALL20 through November 1 to get 20% off your purchase. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye $37I finally finished my Clinique eye cream just this past week so now I can start digging into all my samples that I've been stock piling. This one smells like lavender and contains nine oils as well as squalane and shea butter so it should be super moisturizing. It also helps with puffiness and dark circles so it sounds like a pretty good one. The sample size is 3 ml and adds a value of $7.40 to the box.

Beautyblender Micro Mini Bubble $18This is a product I currently own and hardly ever use. When I first got it I used it a lot to blend in under eye concealer because it was the first beautyblender that I had but now I have several different full size makeup sponges and they all fit up under my eyes just fine so I don't really see the need for the mini but I'll keep mine just in case I decide I want to use it again. The micro minis are sold in a two pack so the one has a $9 value. If you want to try out the mini or stock up on some full size beautyblenders you can use the code BORNTOBLEND at beautyblender for 15% off through December 1. 


Express Flower Gel Mask $140: This is a hydrating and toning mask that's supposed to help even out the complexion and wake up tired looking skin in just minutes - you only have to leave it on for three minutes. It has white lily to help hydrate and soften the skin, iris extract to soften and tone, and sesame extract to hydrate and rejuvenate tired skin. With the colder months rapidly approaching I'm sure I'll get around to this in no time. The value of the sample is $23.33 and it is .35 oz.

So Intense Mascara $67: I will always welcome mascara samples and I really like the looks of the wand on this one so it should be a good one for me to try out. I have pretty short eyelashes so giant volumizing wands just get mascara all over the place on me so I prefer smaller applicators and this one is like a comb for your lashes. It's supposed to add length and, with continued use, strengthen lashes. This sample is .05 oz and has a value of $12.41.

Eye Contour Mask $145: This eye mask helps with puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles in only 10 minutes. The key ingredients are linden blossom (softening, soothing, and protecting), arnica (tones and soothes), rose (freshens and softens), ginkgo biloba (tones and protects), plant glycerin (hydrates), vitamin E acetate (anti-oxidant), chlorella (revitalizes), malachite (reinforces the skin's defenses against free radicals), and provitamin B5 (softens and maintains the skin's moisture). We all know I'm not traveling anywhere anytime soon but this sounds like an excellent in flight treatment. The sample is .11 oz and adds a value of $14.50 to the box.

Gentle Facial Buffing Cream $95: The key ingredients in this gentle exfoliating cream are matricaria which softens and soothes, kaolin which has an absorbing effect and it contains exfoliating microparticles to gently buff skin cells away. You apply this cream to dry skin and then allow it to dry. Once that's done you gently massage the product in circular motions until it pills up and falls off and then rinse afterwards. I've used a product like this before and really liked it so I'm fairly certain I'll get on well with this one too. The sample size is .14 oz and has a value of $7.39. 

Soir d'Orient Eau de Parfum $135-278: After smelling the perfume from last month I can definitely tell this is from the same line because they both have an oriental vibe. The top note is saffron accord, middle note of Turkish rose and ends with a base note of Somalian incense. It doesn't smell bad to me but it's just not in my fragrance family so this will be going to someone else. I averaged the price per ounce for the three sizes and came up with a value of $4.55 for this .04 fl oz sample.


Ogee Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths $20: These wipes are 94% organic and contain jojoba oil, aloe vera juice, and oat extract to help moisturize so, unlike traditional face cloths, I'm hoping these won't be drying or stripping. They also contain AHAs to help exfoliate so if you are using these, or any other AHA for that matter, be sure to use an SPF during the day since AHAs can make your skin more photosensitive. I'm not the biggest face wipe person but they are convenient and I know I'll get my use out of them so I'm not mad about it.

L'ange Réplenish Detangling Conditioning Spray $19: I pretty much never get knots in my hair since it's so short but I'm always down for a leave-in conditioner. This has a lot of great ingredients that would take forever to list and explain what they all do so just take my word for it when I say upon first use this seems like a pretty good one so I'm really happy that it's one of the many full size products offered this month. 

Punky Pins Pair of Roses Enamel Pin Duo Set £9.00 ($12.15): Not gonna lie here, when I first opened the box and saw the pins I was like "wtf not again" because we got a Hello Kitty pin in the first box and it just seems super boring for me as a 27 year old. The suggested use in the info mag is for collar pins which I actually like and already own a pair so now I'm on board. If you don't wear collared shirts or collar pins just aren't your thing you could also give one to your BFF as a little token of friendship. To me it's something a little different that sets the Nylon Box apart in a sea of subscription boxes.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Nosferatu $20: First off, the shade name is spelled a little differently on Sephora's website, Nahz Fur Atoo, but I'm 99.9% sure it's the same one so I've linked to Sephora since I can't find it on Kat's website. I'm not the biggest liquid lipstick person but I'm trying to warm up to them because *spoiler* I'm actually going to be starting a series on liquid lipsticks starting next month so this just gives me another one to test out. It's not the type of red that I typically go for, it's described as a "blood crimson" and is a little bit warmer than what I usually prefer, but it's not bad or out of my comfort zone at all. I'm looking forward to testing this out since it's a great fall shade. I like that this one is about a half size sample, .10 oz compared to the full size .22 oz, since people seem to either love or hate red lipstick. It has a value of $9.09 which is the lowest in the box excluding the stickers so it's not heartbreaking if you don't like the color.

Sigma Beauty E25 Blending Brush $16: This is a firm blender brush so it's good for buffing out sharp edges. The one in the Nylon Box is travel size and looks a lot like the E25 from the Color Pop 3 Piece Brush Kit (just without the "Sigma Girl" stamp). Because it's travel size the handle is about 1-1.5 inches shorter than your average brush but it's not too short as to make it awkward to hold. I love getting new makeup brushes but, again, I think it's a bit repetitive to have something from Sigma two months in a row so I hope we don't receive another Sigma product in the next few months. Nylon has a discount code for 25% off through November 1 with the code NYLON25 so if you're in need of some new brushes be sure to get it before the code expires since that's a pretty good discount in my book!

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Tabitha $10: This polish color is a fine metallic deep hunter green. If you saw my Top 10 Nail Lacquers a while back you might remember a color very close to this in my collection that I listed as a favorite, Ginger + Liz's shade Blowin' Money Fast. Because I already have a color that is so close to this I'll be giving it away to a friend but I definitely like the color and think it's a great one for fall/winter.

Nylon x Valfré Sticker Set (exclusive to this Nylon Box): I want to say the sticker sheets are getting old, which they are, but they're also cute stickers so I can't be too upset about it. It would be nice if instead of doing a sheet of small stickers each month they did just one larger one to mix it up though.


Okay, so now what did I think of each box? Not a bad Allure Beauty Box, it has a value of $78.40 which is pretty darn good for a $15 subscription box. The spoilers were posted for the rest of the year though and omg it was just so underwhelming. I've mentioned multiple times that I was thinking about canceling this one soon anyways and after seeing the spoilers for the rest of the year it just solidified for me that the Allure Beauty Box just isn't for me anymore. I haven't really been loving it for a while now and the Nylon Box has become a new favorite for me since it launched and I just don't need, nor want, both of them. It is a well curated subscription box but to me there's nothing really special about it.

The "Most Talked About" box from Sisley has a value of $62.18 which is pretty incredible for a $10 box. Signing up for this subscription box has been an "I immediately regret this decision" for me because I very recently finally found a quarterly box that I really really want, Nina Garcia for Quarterly, but it's an expensive one and I feel like I should wait until my Sisley boxes run out (even though I've already paid for it all since you pay up front). I'm not a patient person so I'll be surprised if I make it to January, which is when my last Sisley box will arrive, but I'm going to try and wait as long as I can and try to hold out. The Sisley Beauty Box regularly has a great value but you have to be okay with small samples and that is just not my thing so I'm kicking myself for thinking I would adapt and be happy with it. Lesson learned.

The Nylon Box is easily my favorite out of the three this month and has a value of somewhere around $85 depending on how much you think the smaller version of the Sigma brush is worth. This is also my favorite Nylon Box so far since I think I'll get the most use out of these items compared to the previous two. As long as the Nylon Box can keep its cool, quirky edge and they don't start getting super monotonous by repeating brands and using the same types of products over and over again I think it's one I see myself keeping for the long haul. It is a $20 box, which is up there for a monthly subscription, but to me it's the most worth it since you regularly get multiple full size samples and is the one I would recommend out of the seven subscription services I've tried.

Okay, if you made it through all that you are a champ and I thank you very much since that was a lot of info. If you have any questions about these subscription boxes or the items mentioned please do not hesitate to ask. Again, thank you so much for visiting and I hope you have a lovely day!


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