Makeup Palette Collection Fall 2017

Agghhh so sorry this is a day late but better late than never! I thought today I would do a makeup graveyard since I went on a bit of an eyeshadow palette bender this summer and found myself overwhelmed by eye and face palettes and thought it was time for a bit of a clear out. I definitely like to try new makeup but am by no means a hoarder or precious about the things I've purchased. Yes, it sucks throwing away barely used products but I don't like keeping things around when I know I won't use it. I am constantly clearing out my makeup drawers, especially the lip products, because I don't like having stuff taking up space when it doesn't bring me joy. Since I needed to sift through all my eyeshadow palettes I though I would share what I'm keeping and what I'm tossing so that maybe I can help someone out there take the leap on a great product or potentially avoid something that wasn't so great for me. I've linked any of the palettes that are still in production but I do have a few limited edition ones that you can no longer get your hands on. Also, let's remember that makeup is a personal preference so just because I don't like something that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad product, it just didn't work for me or I didn't use it enough to warrant keeping it. There's also a few updates on the eye palettes that have been on my blog before so if you want to see how those faired then keep on reading!


Z Palette Large Palette in Sky Blue w/ Miscellaneous Shadows

As you may know by now I like to go in linear order of purchase date and this Z Palette is technically the oldest palette I own, the shadows are old and middle aged though. I bought this last summer when I went through a major depoting phase that thankfully I've outgrown now. I got a Z Palette because I didn't know of any other magnetic palettes at the time but holy smokes these things are so not worth the money, the large size that I bought cost $20! I'm not going to go over each shadows because there's a lot and quite a few are from limited edition palettes but I'll let you know towards the end of this post which ones I kept because I purged about 2/3 of these. I tend to forget about my magnetic palettes a lot and don't use them very much anymore so I only wanted to keep the shadows I might possibly use. I wanted to get rid of this palette since I don't support the company anymore so I ripped out the magnet and Frankenstein'd two palettes together so I could have a much smaller magnetic one instead of having to buy a new small magnetic palette (if you want to know why the company sucks you can watch my favorite video that explains everything here). The smaller Frankenbaby palette is so much less intimidating so hopefully now I'll get around to using the shadows I saved more often. 


Ciaté London x Olivia Palermo Smokey Suedes Eye Palette

Part of me is deeply sorry that I'm showing you this gorgeous palette, and you can't buy it because it was limited edition last summer, but omg this is one of my top three favorite palettes ever. I love this palette so much that it was the only eyeshadows I brought with me when I went to Italy last year (and of course I didn't actually do my eye makeup that often but that's beside the point). The formula of Ciaté's shadows blend really well and are super buildable which is what I look for in an eyeshadow. Easily one of the best matte formulas in my opinion because of how well they blend but I feel like that's a very personal preference so I would highly suggest touching and playing with any of their other palettes if you get the chance. They have three other palettes that are in this same nine pan format; Pretty, Fun, and Fearless ($35 each) and a 15 pan collab palette called Pretty, Fun & Fearless ($42) with Chloe Morello that has some similar shades to this one. If you really like the looks of this and want a similar vibe I would suggest the Smashbox Smoky Cover Shot Eye Palette, it doesn't have anything like the rose gold or champagne shimmer shades but it has some purples and a green that remind me a lot of this Ciaté palette.


Tarte Poppy Picnic Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette

This palette is a product of my horrible habit that I like to call opportunistic shopping, if I see something on sale and I'm mildly interested I buy it. I have a problem with sale shopping and thinking I have to have something because it's at such a great bargain but then never use it because I didn't really want it in the first place. I got this on sale at Tarte thinking it might be good to have a neutral matte palette but I like cool toned mattes, like taupes and mauves, so this is just too warm for me. The pink-looking shade was so disappointing because it appears orange on the eye which is just not my jam. When I photographed this palette for this post I don't think I had ever even used the blush, I've used it once since and it's a little peach for my taste but paired with the right eyeshadow and lipstick I think I'll be able to get some use out of it (it's Glisten from Tarte's permanent blush line). This palette fell victim to my DIY prowess since it was so rarely used and is the partner in my Franken-palette project. 


I bought this magnetic palette at the same time as the Poppy Picnic one above because I was still in my depoting phase and had a ton of travel size cheek products and wanted to declutter. After I spent all that time painstakingly prying the pans out of their unwilling packaging I hardly ever used any of these. I used to use the top middle pan, highlight from a 2015 Stila holiday palette, a lot until I realized it's just a skosh too dark for me. The other two square pans, from the same Stila palette, I literally never used once I depoted. There's five bronzers in there and I am literally so pale that cosmetics companies don't make foundation shades light enough for me so I am the last person that needs that many bronzer options. I ended up keeping one because it was the only one I ever used once I depoted them all. I also got rid of four of the blush shades because I'm quite particular with my blushes and didn't see the point in keeping all of these when I basically just use two blushes out of my whole makeup collection. I do highly recommend the Tarte magnetic palettes though because they're way more sturdy than a Z Palette, cheaper, and feel substantial like they're actually worth the money ($17). There's several different designs out and two different sizes so if you are in the market for one I would check them out.


This is a beautiful palette but it's another one of my regretful purchases. I bough this around the time that Kat Von D's Alchemist palette came out because I felt like Kat totally ripped off this palette and I wanted to support the OG. Plus, Anastasia gives you more bang for your buck since you get six shades for $40 instead of Kat's four for $32. I ended up not using this much because it turns out I'm not bold enough to wear such funky highlight shades, I think I only ever put Pink Heart and Star on my cheeks. Also, they're jus way too glittery for my taste - I like more of a wet-effect highlight versus glittery/shimmery which is what this is. I'm not getting rid of it though because I like to use it on the inner corners of my eyes for a colorful highlight and can use it on my eyelids but I definitely wish I hadn't purchased it. I don't know how glittery the Alchemist palette is but I might have actually ended up liking that one better if I'd of just gone and swatched the two palettes first before jumping the gun to defend the originator. 


If you have been with me from the absolute very beginning they you will remember this from my first real blog post where I unveiled my Beautylish 2017 Lucky Bag. I did not use this palette for a solid six months because I am basic and not very adventurous and these colors scared me. Over the past few months though I've been trying to play with color more and have been breaking this out a bit more. I'm so glad I finally started playing with it because this formula is amazing and I can't believe I skipped out on using it for nearly six months. Viseart gets a lot of flack for their price point because they're expensive but the packaging is pretty bare bones minimum, all their 12 pan palettes go for $80, but the quality is 100% worth it because these are some of the most blendable mattes I've ever used. If you ever need an all matte palette I cannot recommend Viseart enough. They have five different color schemes of mattes ranging from cool to bright to warm so there's something for everyone if you're willing to invest in quality. 


This is a palette that is free when you sign up for the Allure Beauty Box this year, I signed up in February so that is when I got mine (it comes with a matte grey instead of the lilac shade though which was in the May box). This is one of the palettes that I am parting with because I just never use it. None of these colors speak to me and I have other formulas that I like a lot more. At $35 there are so many better options out there on the market and I would not recommend these for you eyeshadow needs. In the bin it goes and on our way we go.


By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Light & Tan Vibes

I decided to buy this palette in March of this year after hearing one of my favorite YouTubers rave about how great it is multiple times on her channel. I do like it a lot but the two bottom shades are a little dark for their intended use on my porcelain veneer. It blends really easily and I definitely get my use out of it but I'm not sure it was worth the $82. Some people that have reviewed it online take issue with the fact that it's hard to get a brush into a single shade because of the way the pans are shaped but I always mix all the bronze shades on the right together and I just use smaller brushes for the shades on the left, in fact this blush shade is one of my favorites in my collection, so I have not had a problem with the layout. I also think it's a great travel option since it has all your cheek products in one palette and they can be used on the eyes for a soft bronzed smokey eye. Unfortunately this specific color option is out of stock because it was limited edition but there are three other color ways and they're all equally as stunning so I would recommend the Sun Designer palettes if it's in your budget and you think you'll use it enough to justify the high price tag.


Cargo Around The World 

This was another subscription box fail and I got this in my first Beautycon Box in May. Originally I thought it was fine because it's a perfectly ordinary neutral palette but it's just too boring and the formula leaves something to be desired. There's also only one or two true mattes and the rest are all satins so I found it not the most east to work with because of the finishes. I had to bin this one as well because in the months that I had it I used it once and was incredibly underwhelmed since it's just so blah. I like Cargo Cosmetics blushes a lot but this palette was a supreme miss for me.


Now on to the good stuff. I first mentioned this in my Summer Beauty Haul so I've only had it for about two months but it has become a fast favorite. These are my favorite types of shades to wear and they blend so well so I would absolutely recommend any of the five pan palettes from Dose of Colors. Currently there's just this mauve one and the Baked Browns but they're coming out with two new ones called Sassy Siennas and Blushing Berries launching later this year (looking at you Blushing Berries). Unlike the Doucce and Cargo palettes this one is definitely wort the similar price point of $32 and the pans pop out pretty easily if you want to add them to a magnetic palette.


I also mentioned these in that same Summer Beauty Haul post but here I've paired my two Charlotte Tilbury quads together since I bought them at the same time. I like cranberry shades just as much as mauves and The Vintage Vamp is hands down an absolute favorite of mine and I would put it in my top three with the Ciaté palette from earlier (we'll get to number three in a moment). I know a lot of people are thrown by the fact that most of Charlotte's quads are predominantly shimmer shades, and we're kind of taught these days that shimmers don't go in the crease, but I've used this many times in my crease the way Charoltte does in her tutorial on The Vintage Vamp look and I think it looks amazing. The Sophisitcate palette is the perfect every day matte palette that doesn't overwhelm me with too many options and for that I love it and use it quite regularly as well. These are pricey at $53 each but I love the formulas and color combos that Charlotte has created so to me they've been worth it. I love the formula and shades so much and would highly suggest checking out any of her palettes if you like to splurge on luxury beauty as well, she has eight different quads in her permanent collection that have everything from your bronzey neutrals to bold greens.


I don't hear about this brand hardly ever from influencers but they are missing out because this eyeshadow quad is stunning and perfect for a smoky eye that isn't brown or black. To me the Book of Eyes quads seem to be heavily modeled after Charlotte's because this also has a glitter pan, which a lot of her palettes contain, but Smith & Cult is a little bit cheaper at $44. I live and breathe for the green shade in this quad because I love the way it looks with my eye color and think this will get a lot of action this winter. Also, this packaging is one of my favorites, it's kind of hard to tell with the way I photographed it but it's a chrome mirrored finish with a dent on the bottom left which is a signature in Smith & Cult's packaging. Love the formula here as well and would definitely recommend if any of the color schemes strike your fancy. Smith & Cult have four quads in their permanent line but they also currently have a really frosty blue themed one called Ice Tears that would be amazing with blue, grey or brown eyes.


Melt Cosmetics Love Sick, Dark Matter, & Haze Stacks

And now onto some very recent acquisitions. I picked up all three of these Melt Stacks on Labor Day during the sale because they were reduced from $48 each to $33.60 so 30% off made it a little bit easier for me to get all the shades I had been lusting after. It does seem pretty expensive for only four shadows but the pans are huge so you're getting good bang for your buck in that respect and the quality is awesome (I swatched these on my Instagram which you can see here if you're interested). I ended up giving my amazing hair stylist the Ganja (gold) and Bogart (copper) shades from the Haze stack because I didn't want to hold on to colors that I knew I would never use and they would look really good with her peachy hair, especially Bogart, so I wanted them to go to someone that I knew would like them and get way more use than I ever would out of them. The shimmer shades are unreal, so freaking pigmented and buttery, so if you are interested in dipping your toes into the brand and like the colors in the Haze stack I would start there or you can pick up any of the shades from the other five stacks individually. Would definitely recommend and would make these the last spot in my top three favorites that I currently own.


Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette 

I nearly died when I heard Charlotte Tilbury was coming out with a 12 pan palette because I'm low-key obsessed with her and her makeup line if you haven't already noticed. I just got this in the mail a few days before this post is going up so I haven't used all the shades, only half, but they worked really well and from what I can tell  by looking at the ingredients the formula is quite similar to her quads and the payoff is pretty consistent to them. I love the way she organized this for different looks like she did with her quads but you could of course cross looks if you wanted to do something different. I wasn't really feelin' the "Desk Eye" look since I'm not a fan of orange tones but it actually looked pretty good with my skin tone so I might end up getting more use out of those shades than I initially thought I would. And don't even get me started on the packaging. Hands down my favorite packaging on an eyeshadow palette ever. The long skinny format reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked palettes but this packaging is more sleek and sophisticated. Let's not forget Charlotte's quads go for $54 for 5.2 grams which makes them $10.38 per gram and this palette is $75 for 8.4 grams which comes out to $8.93 per gram so you're getting a better deal with this palette. I haven't used all the shades yet but from what I can tell so far the quality is still really good so I would recommend this beautiful palette whether you're a fan of Charlotte Tilbury products or are looking to try something from her line. I bought mine during her 24 hour pre-sale event so it's out of stock currently but it'll be back soon so just keep an eye out if you are interested and you can sign up on her website or at Beautylish to be notified when it comes back in stock. 


Where Are They Now? - Magnetic Palettes Update

Okay, so here's my DIY magnetic palette and where my big Tarte one is now. I'll start with what happened to my Poppy Picnic palette. As I mentioned, I never used that palette but I wanted a smaller magnetic palette to house the singles that I did want to keep so I popped out the piece that held the pans in and cut out and super glued in the Z palette magnet to make my own mini magnetic palette. I've thought about getting a small Make Up For Ever magnetic palette or the smaller Tarte On The Prowl magnetic palette but this works for now but if I get anymore single eyeshadows I'll have to upgrade because I'm not getting rid of any of these since they made the cut. Now, to the shadows. The top left duo chrome is Urban Decay Lounge, the dark green/teal below it is Urban Decay Loaded, the six circular pans that are the same size are from depoting the Urban Decay Wende's Contraband palette, small pink pan is Urban Decay Firebeall which I got from ipsy, the other small circular pan is Make Up For Ever I544 which I got via Sephora Play!, square purple pan is Matt Moskovitz from The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Timony palette which I also got from ipsy, larger square pan is a champagne gold from a 2015 holiday palette by Stila, small rectangular pan on the top right is Naked 2 from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and then that nude shade is from the Poppy Picnic which I kept since it's good for setting eyeshadow primer.

Now, Over in the big Tarte magnetic palette you can see it's looking pretty bare but I will not be depoting any of my other cheek products to fill it back up since none of them are minis and I am so over depoting things. I got rid of quite a lot from this palette including the IBY blush that I really liked from my Spring Beautycon Box because I swatched it next to Glisten from the Tarte Poppy Picnic palette and they looked very similar so I kept the Tarte blush since I messed up the IBY pan when I depoted it. I also kept the two Cargo blushes in Los Cabos and Big Easy since I love Cargo's blush formula. I kept a Too Faced Sun Bunny mini bronzer because I really like this color on me but Too Faced is another brand that I no longer support so I've been weeding out their products from my makeup collection and this is the last one (you watch a few videos on Too Faced questionable ethics by clicking here). 

I've been very longed winded so I think it's time to wrap this up. In short, my top three eyeshadow brands/formulas are Ciaté, Charlotte Tilbury, and Melt Cosmetics so those are the brands I would suggest if you're wanting to treat yo self. I hope you enjoyed today's post and if you have any questions on any of the products mentioned please do not hesitate to ask. Question of the day, what is your favorite palette and why? I hope to hear from you and thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!