Mini Live Love Polish Haul

In true Heather fashion I now have some new favorites after doing a favorites post. Just a few day after I shared my Top 10 Nail Lacquers I was introduced to Live Love Polish thanks to discovering Simply Nailogical, aka Cristine, on YouTube. Cristine uses pretty much all indie brands and they're some of the most beautiful nail polishes I've ever seen so I started clicking on her links and found myself on Live Love Polish's website. They carry quite a few gorgeous holographic and iridescent shades and after poking around I started making my first order. The following polishes were from two orders and I'm now trying to restrain myself from placing another because their selection is just so gosh darn good. I also bought a top and base coat with the first order but I didn't photograph them because they're not pretty to look at so I will  go over those at the end. I didn't do my own nail swatches since I have nubs but Live Love Polish has amazing nail swatches for every color they cary so if you want to see what a color looks like on the nails be sure to click the link(s). Here we go!


Cirque Colors Memento Mori $14

The main reason I hoped on over to Live Love Polish is because I saw Cristine's video titled Best Black Nail Polish of ALL TIME and discovered this opaque in one coat black polish. The last good black nail polish I had was SpaRitual's Street Smart. It was a pretty solid black in one coat but unfortunately Ulta quit carrying the brand and I hadn't had a good black nail polish since I used that one up. I don't actually even like wearing plain black nail polish by itself because if it's a good black, like this one, it kinda makes my tattoos look a little dull because of how rich it is. Black is great for nail art or for laying glitters or iridescent shades over so I bought it knowing I would probably use it that way. I've used this once so far and it really is opaque in one coat. If you love black nail polish you need this in your life.


Cirque Colors Whitney $14

I have two moods when it comes to nail polish; dark and bold or light and neutral. I'm not the biggest fan of nude nail polish because it's hard to get a good one that is opaque in less than three coats and still looks good. Plus, I'm just not the biggest fan of nude polishes. What drew me to this color is that it's like if a cool-toned nude and a grey had a baby. It's grey with a mauve undertone but doesn't read very lavender on the nails and just looks like a cool toned grey so it still functions as a neutral for me. It's a little more unique than my other greys and I am obsessed. Just for safe measure when I used this one I did two coats but it is also very pigmented and is a great quality polish that I would definitely recommend if you're into light greys or lavenders. 


Starrily Northern Lights $15

Now onto my second order. I started following Live Love Polish on Instagram and they post when polishes come back in stock and when I saw that this one had I immediately got on my computer and added it to my cart. I LOVE unicorn skin/iridescent things in general, probably more so than holo. Unicorn skin transforms depending on which color you put underneath; it appears more yellow and green with a bit of orange over black and more pink, purple and blue over lighter colors. I am dying to use this layered up to full opacity all over my nails with no base color but I did a pink holo nail last week and used a magenta polish as a base and it stained the crap out of my nails. When they're naked they still kind of look like they're painted a watermelon pink so now I have to wait for the staining to go down before I can try that out. If you're into your unicorn skin as well I cannot recommend this enough!


illimité Absinthe $16

This color was added to my wishlist after my first order because I didn't want to spend too much my first time around but when I went back a second time I couldn't leave without this one. It's a minty green with and iridescent peachy-pink shift and scattered micro holo glitters (very similar style to Knackered from Butter London which is another favorite of mine). This one is better though because it actually builds to full opacity and doesn't look streaky like Knackered does when you try to build it up without a base color down first. I would say if you have long nails and have a lot of white past the quick then use three coats but if you have short nails and they're not stained you can probably get away with just two coats. This is actually the color I currently have on my nails but I used Butte London's Minted underneath to cover up all the pink staining I currently have going on since it's pretty bad. I am obsessed with this color and will definitely be trying out some of the other iridescent shades from illimité in the future. 


A-England Wuthering Heights $11.50

Last up was a mid-toned mauve-y grey with micro holo (I told you, I have a type). I was drawn to this one since it's in the color family that I love but it also has some holo to keep things interesting. This is another great quality polish that is opaque in two coats, and I definitely want more from the brand, but unfortunately every single color from A-England is out of stock at the moment. I am dying to get my hands on Saint George and/or Prosperine if they come back in stock. If you see any colors from this brand that you want be sure to keep your eyes peeled and join the waitlist so you'll know when they're back in stock.


Those are all the new nail colors I purchased but I also wanted to mention the other two products I picked up. With the first order I made I also purchased the UNT Ready for Takeoff base coats which is a peel off base coat that cost $10 and I also got the UNT Sun Envy Gel Effect Top Coat which cost $12.50. Cristine uses this peel off base coat in almost all of her videos and they always pop off super easily so I knew it wouldn't let me down. I got the peel off base coat because I like to change my nail color a lot, I would say I paint my nails about 3-4 times a week, but I hate using so much nail polish remover and cotton balls. Switching to a peel off base coat means I am using significantly less of both products and it's more gentle on my nails. The stuff is amazing and works really well but I find with my nubs it does chip incredibly fast, like in less than 24 hours. I can't wrap the ends of my nails very well since they haven't grown out enough past the quick to get underneath there so it's just something I've got to deal with until my nails are a little bit longer (plus a peel off base coat isn't supposed to last a long time anyways). I got the gel effect top coat since that is my favorite type of top coat to use and I wanted to see how good this one is because it's the third brand I've tried. Out of the three I've used I will say this one is by far the easiest to work with since it's really thin but it still sets up nice and solid. Overall I had a really good experience shopping at Live Love Polish and would definitely recommend them if you're looking for some high quality unique nail polishes. The prices are a bit high compared to your more common popular brands like Essie and OPI but the quality is honestly so much better and is definitely worth it in my opinion. I would love to hear what colors you're liking if you jump on over to their website so be sure to let me know if you check them out! Thank you so much for visiting and have a lovely day!