3 Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

Happy Halloween! This year I created three Halloween looks, mostly just to post to Instagram, and they came out so well that I thought I’d share them on the blog as well in case anyone out there is looking for a last minute Halloween costume and needs some inspiration. I’m showing them in order of when I created them but the second one was my favorite and most complex so I took a lot more photos of that one but the other two are a lot easier and more simple if you’re looking for something really last minute. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the specific products I used because then we’d be here all day but I’m sharing what I would consider to be the key elements of each look. Here we go!


Rosie The Riveter


Rosie the Riveter is one of the simplest and easiest last minute Halloween costumes you can do; I went as Rosie to a Halloween party three years ago (makeup and hair have much improved since then thankfully). The makeup is super simple - just a winged eyeliner and bold red lip. If you’re not very good at doing winged eyeliner you can use tape to help you get the lines straight and lined up and I would also suggest doing it before your face makeup in case you mess up and need to restart so that way you aren’t disrupting your base. After much trial and error, took me an hour just to get my wings even, I got my shape on first with Eyeko liquid liner pen and then went over it with Inglot gel liner to intensify the wing (this stuff is super black and budge proof and thus is not very beginner friendly). I added false eyelashes but the ones I ended up using, I think, were a little to subtle for how bold the liner is so I would go for a more dramatic lash if you’re doing a really thick liner and like falsies. For the red lip I used Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored because it’s a perfect neutral red. The rest of the makeup you can do however you like and what you are most comfortable with but I would recommend a healthy flush of blush to keep the face from looking drained once you add the red lip. Aside from the makeup you just need a red polka dot or red bandana scarf/headband and an all denim outfit and you’re good to go!


Fairy // Unicorn // Mermaid

Depending on what you wear and how you accessorize I think this could work for a fairy, unicorn or mermaid - in fact a lot of the products I used are from the Tarte Mermaid collection. This one looks a lot more complicated than it is and gets prettier the more you add to it. Makeup wise the thing that makes this one is the blush as a contour, iridescent everything, colorful brows and funky lashes. I tried using a lash primer to lighten my brows but it dried clear so that didn’t really work but I ended up mostly using the gel liner from Dose of Colors in the shade Hit The Road (the same as what I used on the wing). The iridescent eyeshadow all over my lid is a Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade Into The Blue but you could also use an iridescent shadow and/or glitter. I used I think seven different palettes to get the eyeshadow look I was going for, aside from the Stila liquid shadow and a single shadow, but if you’re going for the same kind of tones that I used you just need a good selection of pinks and mauves. The super cool lashes are from the Tarte Mermaid collection and are discontinued but you could use any pair of funky lashes or even colorful mascara to add some fun dimension to the look. The face jewels and glitter that’s on my body are also from the same Tarte collection and are on clearance on Tarte’s website but you could also easily get supplies from your local craft store if you’re doing this look last minute. I used two very bright pink blushes as contour and blush and also brought that onto the tip of my nose to give me some color there but if you like to contour your nose that would look really cool done with the blush as well. I used a bright fuchsia lip liner in the center of my lips and then topped it with gloss but you could also do a lipstick or liquid lipstick if you want something more long wearing, I went for comfort. I accessorized with a flower crown that came in a Tarte package a while back (free/random gift with purchase?) which gave it more of a fairy vibe but you could easily pair this with a unicorn or mermaid costume (if you’re doing a mermaid there’s a really easy way to create fish scale texture that I think would really elevate the look). I edited my eye color in photoshop but this would look amazing if you happen to have a pair of color contacts (but don’t go getting cheap crapy ones that can damage your eyes). This came out even better than I had planed and I’m quite chuffed with how it turned out!

P.S.: This could also double as a festival makeup look if you’re planning ahead!



How many years in a row can I get away with wearing the same costume? This is my third time cracking out this mask (see 2016 & 2017 versions) which is actually from my travels to Venice, Italy! Every time I’ve worn this mask out I get asked about where it’s from so it’s always cool to tell people where I got it which gives it an extra special place in my heart. This look is dependent on an accessory but you can pretty easily DIY your own, six years ago I made one to match a dress and used sequins and a faux peacock feather to match a specific dress I wanted to wear, or you can probably find one at a costume shop or online - I would just color coordinate the makeup to whatever color of mask you get. For this year I went extra smokey and sparkly on the eyes with the new-ish Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Friendcation Palette using the black glitzy shade “Game Over.” I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do on the lips so I photographed with a nude and super vampy option. I went full Dose of Colors Desi x Katy and used the Liquid Velvet Lipstick in the shade A Mauve Story for the nude lip, not the most mauve lipstick on me but it looks a little more mauve irl than it does in these photos, and used the Liquid Matte Lipstick in the shade Saváge from their first collab with Dose for a super vampy option. Without the mask I like the nude but with the mask on I think the super dark lip looks pretty cool and mysterious. I threw on some lashes for added drama but for the rest of the makeup you can do whatever you like since, depending on the mask, it’s not very visible. For the outfit you could wear pretty much anything; with mine I would wear an all black outfit and let the sparkly mask be the star of the show.

So that is all three looks! There’s definitely some wonky lash application in there but for the most part I’m very happy with how all three turned out. If you have any questions about a product I didn’t mention or any questions on technique do not hesitate to ask, I can and will talk makeup all day if you let me. If you have a favorite out of these three I would love to know which one it is and I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

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