Pictorial: My Everyday Put Together Makeup

I feel like I'm always saying this but...finally! I have been wanting to do picture tutorials, or pictorials, for a while here on my blog but it just took me a while to getting around and doing it since it is a crap ton of photographs (which in turn means a lot of editing). I didn't get any photos of me actually applying any products with the tools in my hand because I didn't think to do that but I will try and do that next time and see if I can get some of the application on camera. I thought for my first one I would just show you my everyday makeup which is very basic but is pretty easy and would look good with literally any lipstick shade. There are a few steps in here that I skip out on if I'm pinched for time or when I don't feel like doing quite this much, which is still pretty minimal imo, but I thought I would show you the most I would wear for my kind of standard "everyday makeup" look. Here we go!

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The Makeup


Start: Bare Face/No Makeup, Just Skincare


Okay, so this is me sans any makeup. I like to think I have pretty good skin, but it is a bit red since I have rosacea and it just so happened that the day I decided to shoot this I had a little red spot on my cheek (which I toned down in photoshop for the sake of my sanity). I also have a lot of darkness on the inner corner of my eyes and it doesn't matter how much sleep I get, that's just my face. My skin without any makeup when I do have all my skincare on is a bit shinny due to the oils I use in my skincare since I have a pretty dry skin type. 



First up I use two primers because I am high maintenance AF. I like to use an illuminating primer all over so I went with the Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Creme and applied that with my hands. Then I went in with a pore filling primer and used the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer, again with just my hands, on my nose and on my chin where I have larger pores so that is why those areas now look more matte. I sometimes skip primer when I'm in a hurry or I even forget every once in a while so it's totally not a necessary step. I often just use the Tarte primer just to smooth my pores if I'm having a lower maintenance day (lol like I could ever be low maintenance). 



I restrained myself and only used one foundation but I will warn you for future pictorials that I am a huge fan of foundation mixing. For this I used one of my favorites which is the Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint and applied it with my Fenty sponge. Beautiful coverage and finish but would only recommend for dry skin and it is bloody expensive so if you are interested in trying it out get a sample first and see if you like it. Also, the shade range sucks and I am very lucky that they have a shade that matches me.



Not only do I like mixing foundations but I also like layering concealers. I like to go in with my mini beautyblender and more of a higher coverage concealer first to do most of the heavy lifting so I used the YSL All Hours Concealer first to do most of the actual concealing. My second concealer of choice is always the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer because it layers well and does the best at lifting any residual shadows that might be hanging around in that dark pocket under my eyes. 



For 'everyday makeup' I will either bronze or contour just depending on what my mood is and this day I went for contour. I am quite fair so I need a really cool toned contour shade and my go-to atm is the Fenty Match Stix in the shade Amber. I just stripe it on straight from the stick and then used my Luxie 504 Large Angled brush to blend it in. I try to not to stray to far from where I've applied product when blending and always brush up instead of down otherwise you'll start to look muddy. If you're using a cream contour and blend too far down just go back in with your makeup sponge and whatever foundation is leftover to fix the over blending. A lot of beauty bloggers and YouTubers will cut/clean up their contour with a powder but 1) I think it looks really unnatural and 2) if you have any peach fuzz that powder will just latch on and make it look like you have a beard. I'm not a fan of the technique but I also have dry skin and a fuzzy face so I like to use as little powder as possible.



I am a huge fan of a cream and liquid highlighters since I have dry skin and I think they look more skin-like for a more natural/every-day look. I used a new-to-me highlight which is the Lancôme x Olympia Le-Tan Cushion Highlighter and I am utterly obsessed with this product and it was limited edition and is no longer available which really, really sucks. I bought mine on Ebay because I couldn't find it anywhere online that ships to the U.S. but I had to have it so I over payed a bit for it just so I could get it. While definitely overpriced I do love the highlight and the packaging is to die for and can be re-used with a different cushion refill from Lancôme (not sure if any other brands would work with it or not). I just used the applicator that this comes with but you can also use a makeup sponge or brush with cushion products depending on what tools you prefer to work with. Since this is out of stock other cream highlighters that I would recommend/are my favorites are the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick and the Milk Makeup Highlighter.



Like I said, I'm not a huge fan of powder because of my dry skin but there are areas of my face that I don't want to be as shinny and that I do need to set so for that my favorite face powder is the Charlotte Tilbury powder which I like to use with my new hakuho-do + Sephora Pro Otsubu brush. I did use it to set my under eyes, and regularly do, but I will say that I don't think it's very good at setting the under eyes in that it doesn't really prevent any creasing. It's more of a face powder so that is how I would suggest using it so do as I say, not as I do. I haven't found a powder that is good at setting my under eye concealer without aging me 10+ years yet but I am keen to try the Cover FX loose setting powder that a lot of influencers rave about because they all say it's a good one for dry skin so I will probably be trying that out at some point this year. 



Because I don't want to look like a glowy corpse it is time for blush. One of my biggest pet peeves when watching a makeup tutorial on YouTube is when the person says they don't like blush or they're not using blush because they already have rosy skin. I have rosacea but unless you're wearing a really sheer foundation you've probably knocked back a lot of that rosiness and need to bring some life back into your face. Blush just makes you look way more awake and full of life so I am a huge proponent for blush. My blush of choice is the Cargo Water Resistant Blush in Bali which is a pretty bright rose pink with almost a cool tone (blue-ish?) iridescent shift if my eyes are not playing with me. If anyone else has this blush let me know how you would describe it because I think it's a pretty unique shade so of course I photographed it with the lid on. My favorite brush for blush is my nondescript "powder" brush from my 2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag which I'm pretty sure is a natural hair brush but I have no idea what brand it is. Side note, as someone with only six fingers I flipping hate the Cargo packaging because it is so hard for me to get the lid off with my little baby hand since I can't grip it very well. Okay, blush rant over and moving on...



Next up we gotta frame the face so it's brow time. I would call my filled-in brows defined but still natural-ish. Also, remember brows should be sisters, not twins. I'm already starting with a lot of asymmetry at the front of my brow and there's not much I cam do to fix it because the hairs just stick up way more straight at the front of my left brow so I like to just follow my natural brow shape. My current favorite brow products would have to be the Burberry eyebrow pencil in Ash Brown and the Lancôme brow gel in Transparent. I love this brow pencil since it's easy and fast to use and the color is really good for my hair color. I like this brow gel since it has a really strong hold and really sets my brow hairs into place. I also have another brow pencil and two other brow gels that I use interchangeably just depending on how strong of a brow I'm going for. Brows are super personal so do your brows however you like, this is just how I do mine.


Cream Eyeshadow

Despite having really oily hooded eyes I love cream shadow sticks because of how easy they are to use. TheBalm Batter Up in Moon Shot on my skin tone just gives a super glossy lid without a lot of actual color. It does eventually crease on me but I just deal with it since I like the product so much. Since this is such a natural color I just used my fingers to blend it out which makes the application super easy. 


Powder Eyeshadow

Next up I used a powder eyeshadow like an eyeliner. You could just use an eyeliner but I opted for a powder eyeshadow since it is a slightly softer effect and will stick down pretty well on the cream eyeshadow. I mixed the Enhance and Smoke shades together from the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Sophisticate but you could literally use any eyeshadow you want that's a medium to dark shade. I applied this with an Eco Tools angled eyeliner brush because out of my angled eyeliner brushes this one is the fluffiest so it gives me the softest line which is what I was going for. All this does is add a little definition to the lash line but still keeps it looking really fresh and light. A small wing is totally optional and I do this a lot but wasn't willing to risk messing it up for my first pictorial but I like the way a tiny baby wing lifts the outer corner of my eyes. I also added just a smidgen of the Enhance shade on my lower lash line with the Glamour Dolls whale brush just to add the subtlest smokey-ness to my lower lash line. I regularly do my makeup without using any eyeshadow so this is an extra step for when I'm doing the most while also kind of doing the least. 


Eyeliner (Tightline)

This step is totally pointless to show you in photo since you can't tell at all but I didn't want to leave anything out. I like to tightline my upper lash line since you can see it a little once I curl my eyelashes. I have a hard time getting any eyeliner to stay just on the upper tightline but the best I have found are the Marc Jacobs Highliners and I used the shade (Earth)quake which is a dark chocolate-y brown and yes, mine is a mini. I don't always do this since it usually does transfer but I always think my lash line looks better when I do tightline my upper lash line.



As you can see in the previous section's close up photos my lashes are pretty darn straight and not very long so getting a good curl on my eyelashes is a must. I used my Shiseido lash curler which never quite gets the outer corner lashes but I do my best with it. I only curled my lashes in one spot this day because it can be kind of hard to get a second curl in them mid-lash because of how short mine are but I actually prefer the way my lashes look when curled in two spots because it'll give you a more natural looking curl. I currently have this Manna Kadar mascara open and while it is not my most favorite because of the shape of the wand I do like it because it doesn't make my lashes drop. It does add a bit of volume as well as lengthening and the formula does not flake so it is a good mascara formula but the gigantic wand is hard to use on my short, stumpy lashes. 


Lipstick/Final Look!

My go-to lip color is always a red of some sort, especially with such an otherwise simple/basic makeup look because it really helps make me look more put together. I went for a lip product from my favorite brand for lip products and chose the Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in Bramble which is a raspberry red on me. I love this pencil because it is so easy to use and I don't need a lip liner since it's a pencil-like applicator. The finish does have a bit of a shine which I like because it's really comfortable on the lips however it is not a long lasting formulas and does require reapplication but the pencil shape makes that super easy on the go. 

Before you leave I wanted to throw this in incase anyone was wondering how much I edit my photos. I have always edited my images of my face but I try to do so in a very minimal/realistic way. In my other portraits that I've taken for the blog (and for Instagram) I retouch any spots, scaring or sometimes even just a few freckles and then smooth and brighten my under eye area if my dark circles were out to play when I shot the photos. I didn't do any of that this time around except for minimize a red spot on my cheek that was very aggressively red and was hard to cover with makeup (normally I would of taken out some of the scaring on my chin but I left that in for this post to keep it as genuine as possible). I do my makeup in natural light and that can wash me out so I don't see all the tiny little spots that I would normally cover so I just remove them in Photoshop. I don't ever change the way my makeup looks, all I've done before is darken my eyelashes and eyeliner to make it look more like it does irl since shooting in natural light can wash out color a bit. I am all for transparency so I just wanted to put that out there that I do edit my photos but they 100% still look like "me" if you were to see me irl.

One last thing to touch on; I use very expensive makeup and I even used two products in this post that are sold out because they were from limited edition collections. I use expensive, or as I like to call it bougie, products because that is just what I like to use. Putting makeup on for me is a process that I like to take my time on and enjoy and I vastly enjoy the experience more when I'm using higher end products. There are loads of great drugstore products out there so there really is no need to go out and spend a ton of money on makeup if it is not within your budget. Also, a lot of beauty influencers will only use products that are currently available for purchase because they want their viewers to be able to use the same items and they want to get those affiliate links in so they can make some money off of purchases. I totally understand that perspective but I also wholeheartedly believe in using the makeup you currently own. We are inundated with new products constantly but nobody needs to go out and buy every new item that hits the shelves or you'll end up with an outrageous collection full of makeup you never use. I just think it's a bit ridiculous about how much focus is on what's new in the beauty community so I had to throw that bit in there. If you ever want an alternate product recommendation for something that I'm using that is sold out, just ask! I have tried a fair amount of makeup and can probably come up with a close second for you if there's something you are interested in. Okay, phew! Sorry for all the long explanations today but I really just wanted to get all this off my chest in case anyone was wondering about any of that. I hope you all enjoyed my first pictorial, even if it was super basic, so thank you for checking it out. If you have any request for a certain kind of look please feel free to leave them in the comments below (I would like my next one to be a bold red Valentine's Day look if I can get it shot and edited in time). That is it for today and I will see you next time!


Note: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that if you use a link I've provided to purchase something I will receive a small commission but it does not effect your purchase price.