Pictorial: Enhancing Hazel Eyes

It's time for another pictorial! A friend sent me a photos of a gorgeous girl with beautiful hazel eyes that had the softest purple and green smokey eye situation going on that really enhanced her eye color and asked me to recreate it on the blog so here we are. I took some liberties since the photo was a little pixelated and because I'm a lot more pale color tends to look a lot different, aka brighter, on me but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. The palette I used is an old one that was limited edition so I've linked some similar alternatives but really all you need is a dark green eyeshadow and/or eyeliner and some mauve or purple eyeshadows. I tried to do application photos this time so you can see how and where I'm applying everything but some of the images are a touch out of focus because I shot with a very low depth of field but I  think you can still get the idea. Because I did in process/application photos there's over 60 images (and that's after cutting it down) so let's jump right in!

To try and cut down on excessive scrolling, especially for those of you on phones, I've formatted a little differently this time. If you're on a cell phone or tablet click the image to enlarge and then there should be a tiny little dot on the lower right hand side of your screen - tap to toggle the caption. If you're on a computer just mouse over the image for the caption.


The tools (from top to bottom):

I would always recommend working with whatever tools you have because you do not need a hundred brushes to create a beautiful makeup look. These are some of the tools I own and that I used for this look but you can totally recreate this with brushes you already own.


The Makeup:

I am 100% for using what you already have so if you do want to recreate this or do something similar and you already have single shadows that would work or have similar tones from a different palette(s), use those! I'm using an old palette because I firmly believe in not letting your old products collect dust (plus this is legit one of my all time favorite eyeshadow palettes). Check out swatches here to compare colors from your collection but you can use whatever tones of purples and greens you like!

Eyeshadow Palette Options:


No Makeup/Bare Face + Skincare

My normal, red splotchy skin (I have rosacea). I've also noticed more lately that I'm starting to get some dark spots on the left side of my face from sun damage, get's more sun when I'm driving, from not wearing sunscreen so I'm trying to be better about wearing sunscreen every day.


Eyes Pt. 1




Cheeks + Setting Powder




Eyes Pt. 2


Lips/Final Look


And that is it for today! If you want to see my first attempt at practicing this look with the Viseart Dark Mattes palette, click here (the colors are brighter with that palette). If I knew who the girl in my inspo image was I would share it and tag her but since idk who she is I'm not uploading it to protect her privacy so that is why in case you were wondering why I did an inspired look without sharing the inspiration. 

I think these colors are especially flattering on hazel eyes but they'd also work for brown eyes. If you have blue eyes I would suggest doing the two tone look with warm shades, like burnt orange and maybe a warm pink, to flatter blue eyes more. Brown eyes can pretty much get away with any colors since they're the most neutral but I am particularly fond of cobalt blue on brown eyes so I would do cobalt blue on the upper lash line and maybe some shade of yellow or mustard on the lower lash line. Wanted to throw out some suggestions for other eye colors so nobody feels left out!

I wish I could dedicate myself to a strict posting schedule but I don't want to make empty promises on here anymore so make sure you're following me on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter to stay up to date when a new blog post comes out. I wan't to try and start posting more consistently but I've been a little down lately and that's been affecting my motivation to want to work so that's why I've been so sporadic with the posting lately. I'm working on it, I shot a liquid lipstick yesterday to try and pick that back up, so just hang in there with me.

In case you didn't get enough I thought I would include YouTube video from Sonjdra Deluxe that was posted yesterday and gives me similar vibes but cranks up the drama. Thank you so much if you made it all the way to the end and I will hopefully be back with some more new content sooner rather than later!


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