10 Of My Favorite YouTube Channels

Hello! Today I thought I'd do something a little different and share with you my favorite people to watch on YouTube. I'm keeping this one short and sweet because I've been working on my next pictorial, hence why this is up late, but these are some of my favorite YouTube channels that I follow and would recommend. There's some beauty and fashion of course but there's one towards the end that is distinctly different from everyone else. I would highly recommend checking out their YouTube channels for more videos but I've included two each that are my more recent-ish favorites from each channel to help give you an idea of the creator's content. Let's get to it!


Who: Karima McKimmie

What: Australian beauty YouTuber who does first impressions, tutorials, product reviews

Why You Should Watch: She doesn't overcomplicate her tutorials or do makeup looks that are too fussy. She particularly has great base product recommendations for dry skin and olive undertones. 

Who: Sharon Farrell

What: Irish beauty YouTuber living in Australia who does informational/helpful makeup tutorials and foundation reviews

Why You Should Watch: Sharon is a really good one to watch if you're actually interested in learning how to do makeup better. She also does great foundation reviews for oily skin (though she did say her skin is more normal now that she's pregnant).

Who: Emma Hill

What: UK Fashion blogger & YouTuber

Why You Should Watch: Emma is my favorite fashion person that I watch on YouTube because her style is quite simple and classic and just has an easy and effortless vibe which I love. Emma's vlogs are also my favorite to watch (out of all the people I follow that do vlogs) mostly because she has five chihuahuas, the5ivebs on Instagram, and they're adorable. 

Who: violette_fr

What: French makeup artist and Estée Lauder Global Beauty Director

Why You Should Watch: Violette is your girl to watch if you want high impact makeup looks without looking to overdone. She doesn't wear a lot of base products and mostly focuses on the eyes and lips so her videos are really easy to follow.

Who: Simply Nailogical (aka Cristine)

What: Canadian YouTuber who started off with nail tutorials and now does other videos featuring heavy doses of sarcasm

Why You Should Watch: Cristine is one of the people I watch when I need a good laugh because she is hilarious and can serve sarcasm like no other. Don't expect too many nail tutorials though.

Who: Lizzy Hadfield

What: UK Fashion blogger & YouTuber

Why You Should Watch: Lizzy does a series called Testing Basics which is exactly what it sounds like and is what sucked me into her channel. I stayed, obviously, because she also does great styling videos and I would say her style is quite classic and timeless but with a few trends and special pieces here and there.

Who: Monika Blunder

What: Austrian celebrity makeup artist who also does YouTube tutorials

Why You Should Watch: She does very sophisticated makeup looks that works on a variety of ages. I love watching her tutorials because she does very elegant and effortless makeup that isn't fussy but still has impact. 

Who: Stephanie Nicole

What: Beauty reviews, tutorials and informational skincare videos

Why You Should Watch: With a thick Jersey accent and serious sarcasm, Stephanie is fantastic for learning about skincare (and learning about beauty stuff in general). I have learned so much since I started watching her channel and she is the one that inspired my Liquid Lipstick Battle series (she has her own liquid lipstick series on YouTube). 

Who: Lydia Elise Millen

What: UK Fashion blogger & YouTuber

Why You Should Watch: If you like luxury fashion (and beauty), Lydia's your girl. She also does styling videos and I would say her style is more chic, feminine and super classy. She also does a lot of vlogging where you can keep up with her, her husband Ali and their two Bengal kitties Lumi and Lynx.

Who: DanAndPhilGAMES (aka Daniel Howell and AmazingPhil)

What: UK Gaming channel 

Why You Should Watch: Watch these guys play video games if you want a good laugh. I quit watching their videos for a while and then stumbled upon their gaming channel not too long ago and binged their Sims series in a few days because I could not stop laughing (I was seriously crying from laughing so hard at their banter) and I've been hooked ever since. I also, for some reason, really like their Golf With Friends and Mario Kart videos and have watched them all multiple times now just for the laughs. 


Okay, that is it for today! I could of given you a top 20 because I follow so many YouTube channels but these are just some of my current favorites. I hope you enjoyed that little something different and maybe found some new people to watch on YouTube. I will be back Sunday with my next pictorial on a requested look, see you then!