ThirdLove Review

I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube lately that have been something to the effect of, "I bought the first five things (insert social media platform here) showed me." Well, this is not one of those types of post but I was seeing a ton of sponsored advertisements for a company called ThirdLove which is a bras and underwear company and it piqued my interest. Over the past two-ish years I've really grown to hate all my underwire bras. The bands were tight, the straps would fall down no matter how tight I made them and I always seemed to be getting stabbed by the underwire either in my sternum or in the underarm area. I chucked out the vast majority of my underwire bras in the winter and bought a few wire-free bras from Victoria's Secret but those were not fitting quite right because I bought a 40D (I was previously wearing a 38D) when I should of bought a 40C to keep the cup volume the same but still have the larger band that I needed. I ended up hating all of those too since they didn't fit properly, bad cup gape, so when I noticed I was seeing an awful lot of adds for ThirdLove I figured, what the heck? I took their fit finder quiz twice thinking of my two best fitting bras each time and surprise, surprise was told I would either be a 38D or 40C and with that, I started shopping. 


When the fit finder quiz results told me I would be a size 38D the bra it recommended for me was the Classic Contour Perfect Plunge Bra. I went for nude because I'm boring and I like to wear white and thinner fabrics in the summer and I'm not a fan of being able to see my bra through my shirt. I put the bra on and while I did find that it was quite comfortable and kinda fit, the way it looked was a whole other story...


First off, the fabric/materials. The fabric feels so unbelievably cheap that I cannot possibly fathom how they came up with a $68 price tag for this bra (you'll see a theme here in a bit). Then there's the issue of the bra not being smooth. I kid you not it looked like I was hiding things in my bra when I tried this on because of how lumpy it is. I think it might have something to do with the material (memory foam) and the construction of the bra since it has removable padding. The transition from the removable padding area to the rest of the bra is just not seamless like it should be. To me a bra should either be padded or not and the fact that this one is trying to do both is just working so hard against it. I hate the material and the way it behaves, it just looks like a hot lumpy mess, so I immediately knew this one would be going back. 



The 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra was the one that was recommended to me when I took the quiz and the results told me 40C based off of fit issues I was having with my old bras (I still bought a 38D though because I'm stubborn like that). Again, I went for another nude-esque color hoping it would be one that I would be able to wear with pretty much anything but there was one glaring issue with this bra as well...


Again, the material. This one is also made out of a really thin memory foam that unfortunately just does not hold its shape well and is not smoothing either. This just feels so incredibly cheap and poorly made that I cannot believe they actually charge $68 for this bra as well. Unlike the previous one, which was at least comfortable when on, the underwire in this one was stabbing me so hard in the underarms that I was wondering what I had done to it to have it treat me that way. The underwire in this one was just so painful and the cups were uneven because of the nature of the material so this was strike number two.



Third up I actually went for a lounge bra because this most closely resembles the type of bra I wear the majority of the time now (I know, I'm a grandma). Broken record here but had to go with the light pink so I could wear it under lighter colors if I wanted to. They only make this bra up to a size XL which is unfortunate because I feel like that's a little snug for someone with a 38 or 40 band size (or someone with bodacious tatas). After the lumpy messes I tried on prior to this one I figured this one at least had to be okay, right?


Wrong. This bra did not fit properly either. For me there's a few big issues with this one. The removable cups/padding are way too small, like they don't cover all of my boob, and therefore do nothing for the shape and make it look a little uneven across the chest. The second problem for me was that when I moved too much or bent over the band would roll up because it's so flimsy. The material on this one is too thin to stay in place on a body that isn't perfectly smooth. There needs to be a thicker/more structured material around the band to help keep it in place. This bra, to me, is most definitely not worth the $48 price tag so back this one goes and strike number three for ThirdLove.


So where does that leave me and my bra hunt? I've already tracked down a few more comfy bras from Marshall's but until Victoria's Secret brings back the Body By Victoria Push Up Bra I'll be holding on to my last one until it falls apart (to me this is the most comfortable underwire push up bra VS has ever made but I also like the Dream Angels Push Up).

I hope this review was helpful, if not at least a little entertaining and possibly insightful in case you have seen ads and were also curious. At the time of publication I've already returned these and ThirdLove has had them back for a little over two weeks and I still have not received my refund but their return policy does state that it can take 15-30 days to issue a refund after the product has been returned so I'm just sitting here impatiently waiting for my $150+ refund (insert eye roll emoji here). The reason I jumped the gun and bought three to try out instead of just starting with one is because they're so highly rated on ThirdLove's website which leads me to believe that they must audit reviews because there's no way these bras were so atrocious for me yet so amazing for everyone else (these three have a four star rating or higher). Plus, you also get a discount if you buy multiple bras and the more you buy, the bigger the discount so of course my bargain hunting butt wanted to get the bigger discount...big mistake. When I purchased these bras I wasn't planning on doing a review for the blog but I just seemed to have had such a drastically different experience than the other reviews online so I had to put my opinion and experience out there. 

I also wanted to throw in a little update on the blog here incase you were wondering where I've been. To put it simply, writers block. I've got plenty of ideas and content already photographed but I struggle with the writing side sometimes and have just been in a rut or funk of not wanting to write lately. I'm finally feeling more inspired now that the weather is much nicer plus I have a lot more time during the day to shoot since the days are longer so hopefully I'll be able to go back to posting more regularly. My next post is going to finally be a haul for this year (I said I'd cut back not get rid of them entirely) so if you want to see all the beauty bits I've been purchasing so far in 2018 then be sure to check back for that one soon cause it's gonna be a fun one. I'm also looking at a possible redesign for the blog because I am just not feeling this look anymore (I use Squarespace templates because I have zero web design skills) so hopefully there will be a new look soon. That is far too much rambling for one day so I'm going to shut up now and if you made it this far thank you for visiting and reading it all!