Massive Beauty Haul

It's finally that time again! I've repeated this so many times so this will be the last but I decided to tone down the hauls this year because I did a lot last year and then when I was reflecting on the blog at the end of the year I noticed I shared a lot of products but didn't really give you much information or what I thought about each item. I decided this year it would be less of a 'look at all the stuff I bought' and more 'here's a brand or product I'm currently loving' and showing you how I use certain products on my face. Today though, for old times' sake, I thought I would share with you pretty much every beauty item I've purchased so far in 2018. I'm sure I've left out a few products on accident and I actually just got a job so I know I'll be blowing my first paycheck on some new makeup but for now this is where my current newness stands and there's a crap tone of it. I had to group products either by product type or by brand (when applicable) to cut down on the volume of images because there's that much to get through. I also got very long winded since I really do love to talk about makeup I've been trying so before we dive in make sure you've got a snack and a beverage because it's a really long one. Okay, let's get started!

From L-R: CND Stickey Base Coat, Live Love Polish Agate, Essie Gel Couture Top Coat, Live Love Polish Vision, Live Love Polish Sparks Will Fly, and Live Love Polish Chimera

From L-R: CND Stickey Base Coat, Live Love Polish Agate, Essie Gel Couture Top Coat, Live Love Polish Vision, Live Love Polish Sparks Will Fly, and Live Love Polish Chimera

Nail Polish:

  • CND Stickey Base Coat $8.50 - I have a really hard time getting my nail polish to last so I've tried quite a few different base coats and out of the ones I've tried, this is my favorite. It almost has a grippy or flexible feel that I, at least in my head, think holds on to the polish better. The only con is the color, you can't use a sheer polish over it because the teal tinge will show through. This is the third bottle I've purchased of this product and I would recommend it.

  • Essie Gel Couture Top Coat $11.50 - I've also tried quite a few top coats, including Seche Vite, and this is the best by far that I've tried. Before I found this I would only get about two days out of my manicure before it would start to chip and I am OCD and can't stand chipping and therefore was doing my nails about 3-4 times a week. This stuff gives me at least four days which might not sound like much to some but that's twice as long as I was getting before so it's good enough for me. I'm also quite rough with my hands so if you have a desk job or don't have to work with your hands much you could easily get a week out of it (if not longer). This is my second bottle and I will continue to repurchase.

  • Live Love Polish Agate Nail Polish $13 (out of stock atm) - Live Love Polish had a promotion here not too long ago of BOGO on their own brand of polish and there were a few that I had been wanting to try so I went for it. As I'm typing this I'm actually painting my nails with this shade right now. The quality and the opacity of the polish is good, only needs two coats, but it's a bit bright for my taste - I like more grey-blues. Still pretty though. This is my second creme polish from Live Love Polish and they seem to have a pretty good formula.

  • Live Love Polish Super Shift Flakie in Vision $16 - These last three I haven't actually used yet since I've only had them for a few days so I don't have much to say yet. Vision is cool toned iridescent flake that shifts between purples, blues and magenta. These types of polishes have the most impact when worn over black but I always feel a little weird wearing black since it's so intense but I'm gonna have to break it out because this looks so cool in the web photos.

  • Live Love Polish Sparks Will Fly Nail Polish $13 - This one is another iridescent polish (do we see a theme forming) but it's a glitter and not a flake. This is the one out of these four that I wanted for the longest because it looks so cool when built up with the sponge technique for an opaque glitter finish. Over black it actually pulls more orange, green and yellow which I am not a fan of so I'll only ever use this one on it's own or over light bases but I dig it.

  • Live Love Polish Super Shift Flakie in Chimera $16 - Yes, another iridescent, I clearly have a problem. I couldn't decide between Chimera and Vision and there wasn't another polish that I wanted instead so I just went for both. Chimera is more of a green to blue shift with a little bit of aqua and magenta in there. I think Chimera and Vision could be cool layered together so that is at the top of my list for trying out these new nail polishes.

Images courtesy of Live Love Polish


Oribe Hair Care:

  • Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner $52 - I was perusing as one does and discovered that they were carrying a ton of Oribe products atm and went mad. First pictured is the Gold Lust Conditioner which I bought just to go with the shampoo. I was going to wait till I finished my old shampoos and conditioners before cracking into any of these but found once going more blonde that my old stuff was not cutting it. I really like this conditioner and it smells awesome. This formula is meant to soften and smooth which I would say it definitely does because my hair feels so silky soft after using this so I am a fan and now have a very expensive hair habit to support (I did save a bit though from buying all of these at TJ Maxx).

  • Gold Lust Restore & Reapir Shampoo $49 - I bought the Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner to use on days when my hair is feeling a bit dry and needs some TLC and the combo does not disappoint. I've been using dry shampoo a lot lately and it's been drying out my scalp so the Gold Lust range has been great for rehydrating and nourishing my scalp.

  • Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color $46 - This is by far one of the best toning shampoos I've tried because it actually works (I've tried somewhere around five give or take). If you've never used a toning shampoo before there's several different ways you can use it depending on how brassy your hair is. With this one I just use it in shower on wet hair and leave it in while I'm shaving and washing my face and that takes back moderate brassy-ness from between washes. If your hair is super brassy, which mine get's quite brassy easily, you can put toning shampoo on dry hair and let it set for a while before getting in the shower and washing it out (I probably won't do that with this shampoo though since it's so expensive). TJ Maxx currently has this in stock online for $34.99 if you're in the market and don't mind splurging.

  • Conditioner for Beautiful Color $48 - I bought this just to try it out and see if it helps prolong my color and protect my hair. I like it but I don't love it as much as the others because it doesn't give me an immediate gratification like the other products do. It's nice but out of the three this is the one I would not repurchase.

I also wanted to mention here that I also just purchased the Cleansing Crème for Moisture & Control ($46) and the Silverati Conditioner ($48) just about a week ago because TJ Maxx had free shipping with no minimum. The Cleansing Crème was recommended to me by a friend from college that also loves Oribe and since I have been having a very itchy, dry scalp lately I'm hoping this will help. I got the Silverati conditioner because I want to see if it'll help give me more of a silver or whiter tone to my hair once I'm back to being all platinum cause I really want super icy silvery-white hair. TJ Maxx still has the Cleansing Crème for $34.99 as well as about 20 or so other Oribe products so check it out if you've been wanting to try out the brand since it's a slightly cheaper way to do so.



  • The Ritual Of Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel $15 - I bought this back in early March because I ran out of the Rituals shower oil that I had been using and wanted to try a different scent and try the shower foam so I went for this one. It smells good, I would say gender neutral to maybe slightly masculine because of the cedar, and while I do like it it's not my fave. Overall though I do like the shower foams and would recommend them but just have a look at the scents to figure out which one you'll like best. I bought mine at Ulta but I just checked and they don't cary this scent in the shower foam anymore so I've linked directly to Rituals's site but I know it's also on Amazon if you search for it.

  • The Ritual of Ayurveda Foaming Shower Gel $15 - And I bought this one since I wasn't in love with the Happy Buddha because this is the scent of shower oil I had tried and I loved it. It's not overly floral, the almond really helps tone down the rose and adds a little sweetness which makes it much more appealing to me. I'm thinking about buying the shower oil as well and mixing the two because the shower oil is a little more nourishing but it does not last long since it doesn't lather well and the shower foam lathers very well. Would definitely recommend this product and in this scent!



  • Jasmine Oil Blend $24 - I recently ran out of a few of my the Ordinary face oils and decided I wanted to try Pixi instead since the Ordinary products can be pretty hard to get since they're always sold out. I went on a Pixi shopping spree and wanted to try this oil out since I like jasmine and like that it's a blend so it has multiple benefits instead of the singular or limited benefits you get from the Ordinary. I only use one drop of this in my moisturizer AM and PM since I'm using a total of three oils currently (the third is the Ordinary Squalene) and so far I'm really liking it. This is a radiance recovery oil that is good for those with loss of moisture and dullness. It's rich in omega-6 oil and grape seed oil and is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. Haven't been using it long but so far I've been loving it.

  • Rose Oil Blend $24 -I also bought this oil since it's a nourishing oil which is what my dry skin needs. This one is a blend, as the name suggest, and has sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed, and rose geranium oils so it feels very comforting on dry skin and it's supposed to help with skin elasticity and glow. I am also really liking this one (my skin likes most oils though) and I would recommend it, particularly for those with dry skin.

  • Glow Tonic To-Go $18 - I mentioned this in my skincare post as a more affordable alternative to the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads I was using at the time. I decided to make the switch because I think the Facial Radiance Pads are stronger and it was starting to make my skin a little sensitized so I had to cut back to only using them about 2-3 times a week. I haven't been using the Glow Tonic To-Go for long but so far it's still keeping my skin clear but isn't burning like the Facial Radiance Pads were and I'm digging it.

  • Lower Lash Mascara $11 - If you like to wear mascara on your lower lashes but have problems with smudging or clumping then this would be a good one for you to try. The brush is really thin so it doesn't overload the lashes with mascara and it separates the lashes nicely giving a wispy look. I've been using MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara as my lower lash mascara for the past three months and while I do like it, I prefer this Pixi one because it's easier to apply since the brush is so small. Both are good though and they're the same price per ounce so you can't go wrong with either (just depends on if you like a more thicker/clumpy or wispy lower lash look).

  • Glow-y Gossamer Duo in Subtle Sunrise $18 - This is totally a 'YouTube made me buy it' scenario because when this was released it blew up on YouTube with the beauty gurus. It is a really beautiful highlighter but it's too dark for me so I ended up giving it to my best friend who is a little bit darker than me and has a golden undertone. I looked at the other shade, Delicate Dew, in person (after I bought this one of course) and neither one of the duos seem pale girl friendly imo so if your foundation or concealer shades typically have names like fair, porcelain, alabaster, vanilla, ivory, etc. then I would stay away but it would be excellent for medium skin tones.

  • Glow-y Powder in London Lustre $16 - Since the duo was a bust I decided to try this collaboration powder with blogger Aspyn Ovard and see if it would work better for my skin tone does! This is a strong new favorite in my ever growing highlight collection. It's a pretty icy highlight and I would really only recommend this one for fair to medium skin tones since the base color is so light (if you're a medium to deep skin tone or have a strong gold or olive undertone check out the shade Santorini Sunset which has more of a golden undertone). I love this so much that I'm now lusting over the blush shade, Rome Rose, which is a pink rose with a golden reflect (gives me NARS Orgasm vibes).

Top to bottom: London Lustre, Santorini Sunset, Rome Rose    Image courtesy of Pixi Beauty

Top to bottom: London Lustre, Santorini Sunset, Rome Rose

Image courtesy of Pixi Beauty


Base Products:

  • Murad Age Reform Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 / PA+++ $65 - And longest name ever goes to... Anyways, I bought this because I needed an SPF and this was one of the "Weekly Wow" deals at Sephora a while back. I've used it before and I really like it. This is a chemical SPF so it doesn't have the white cast that a physical SPF will leave behind and doesn't feel as heavy on the skin, I cannot stand the feeling of physical SPFs on my face because they feel so heavy and make my skin itchy. It definitely blurs the skin as well so it functions as a SPF and primer which is great. Much recommend if, like me, you're not a fan of physical SPFs.

  • Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion in 1N2 Ecru $42 - I fully was not planing on purchasing another foundation (I bought this one after the Fiona Stiles) but I noticed on Sephora that my shade was no longer carried and that Ulta, Sephora and Estée Lauder all had limited shade availability. This foundation has been on my Sephora wishlist for ages so I searched and found my shade at Estée Lauder and purchased because I have a feeling that this foundation is either being a) repackaged because there's a lot of complaints about the packaging, b) reformulated or c) discontinued all together. I purchased the shade 1N2 Ecru because that's what Sephora Color IQ and Temptalia's Foundation Matrix matched me to but it's actually about a shade too dark so I have to mix something with it to lighten (I'll get to that product in a minute). It's definitely a lighter coverage and is quite luminous in finish so I'd say it's best suited for drier skin types. If you're interested in trying this out get in there fast because the shades are dwindling.

  • Fiona Stiles Luminous Finish Foundation Concentrate in 01 Alabaster $30 - I've been following Fiona Stiles on Instagram for a while but I somehow just discovered that she has her own online curated store, Reed Clarke, where she sells some of her favorite beauty products as well as a few select items from her own makeup line that was formerly carried at Ulta. I decided I wanted to try the Luminous Finish Foundation Concentrate because I like luminous finish foundations and Tati Westrbook, aka Glam Life Guru, has raved about Fiona Stiles foundations on her YouTube channel. I went for the lightest shade because I am so pale but this is still about a half shade to a shade too dark for me so I also have to lighten this one. I can't give you a very through review on this one since I haven't had if for long but I do plan on doing a blog post some time in the future on my current foundations (but that might be a while). There are extremely limited quantities of the shades so it is another tricky one to get a hold of (do we see a theme here?).

  • Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup in 0 (price varies by shade) - You know you really want a product when you're willing to pay $30 in shipping and delivery fees. I bought this because Karima McKimme, one of my absolute favorite people on YouTube, recommended it and said it's being discontinued so I hopped online and went to searching because if we haven't figured this out by now, I have a penchant for discontinued and/or hard to get products. I knew I wanted to get shade 0 so I could use it to lighten foundations that are too dark for me because I already had two, Fiona Stiles and Elcie, that were too dark and now I've also got the Estée Lauder that is too dark. This is a pigment in oils formula so you have to shake it before use and it's definitely on the sheer side. The oils in it are excellent for me because I have dry skin so this helps add a little moisture to my skin as well as lighten my foundations. Because it is a sheer formulation I do have to add quite a few drops to my foundation but I don't mind since I'm only using it to lighten. I've linked to where I bought it, Selfridges, but the shipping is astronomical since Selfridges is a UK based company. If you're interested I'd have a nosy around online, Sephora still has some of shade 2 left, but I could not find it anywhere else online that ships to the US and has a lot of shades in stock - I paid a total of $76 for mine but I do not regret it one bit because this has been such a life saver for my darker foundations and I really do love the formula.


Makeup Sponges:

  • Ofra Perfecting Puff Applicator Sponge $11 - Makeup sponges are my favorite way to apply foundation and concealer and at this point I've tested my fair share of them and the Ofra one is one of my top three (the other two being beautyblender and Fenty). I decided to pick up an Ofra sponge since I needed to replenish my makeup sponges and didn't feel like shelling out the big bucks for a beautyblender. This is a nice makeup sponge but it is a lot firmer than most other sponges. I don't normally like a firm makeup sponges but this one actually doesn't absorb as much product as a beautyblender or Fenty sponge which is nice to have so I would recommend it.

  • Fenty Precision Makeup Sponge $16 - This is my holy grail makeup sponge because it is the opposite of the Ofra sponge, it's super soft and squishy. This is by far my favorite to use because of the texture. The only thing I don't like is that it is hard to blend in concealer with this psonge since it doesn't have a point but I let it slide since I do love this one so much and it's still not as expensive as a beautyblender.



  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla $30 - This is my number one, ride or die, holy grail concealer. If I had to choose one, it'd be this one. I love NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer because it gives me coverage but never look dry or cakey and it can be built up depending on what coverage I want. It's not the highest coverage concealer out there so if that's what your after then this isn't for you but it is my number one recommendation because it is such a beautiful concealer.

  • ColourPop No Filter Concealer in Light 12 (formerly Fair Neutral 10) $6 - I bought this literally right before they launched a ton of new shades but after having a look at the new shades I still think this is the correct shade for me (even though it does oxidize quite a bit). I wanted to try the ColourPop concealer because a ton of people I watch on YouTube regularly use it and love it. It's supposed to be lightweight, creamy, creaseproof and matte - I would say it is lightweight and creamy but it's definitely not creaseproof and isn't as matte as Tarte Shape Tape (which isn't a bad thing in my book). I like it okay but if it didn't oxidize and crease I would like it better and I'm not sure if I'd repurchase - need to continue using it more.

  • Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Conceal & Contour in C3 $7 - This was another 'YouTube made me buy it.' For the past 2-3 years I've been strictly wearing high-end makeup but somehow the rumors got circulating on social media that this was a dupe for Shape Tape and I got curious and had see for myself. It's definitely not a dupe though, I don't think they're even really similar at all with the exception of having a large doe foot applicator. I would say it's actually closer to ColourPop's formula and it oxidizes a lot like ColourPop. The Makeup Revolution has a bit less coverage and is more hydrating than Shape Tape so if you use or have tried Shape Tape and it was too drying for you then you might like this one or if you like ColourPop No Filter but want something you can run out to the drugstore and buy then this would be a good one to try. I like it best when using less so that I don't have to work about creasing so it's become my no-makeup makeup concealer.

  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Brightener $9.99 - And for the last 'YouTube made me buy it' concealer we have this drugstore holy grail that everyone loves to rave about. I had actually purchased one of the actual concealer shades before (this is the corrector) prior to the recent shade extension. With the old shade range the lightest shade was too dark for me so I ended up giving it away. I wanted to try one of the new shades but Ulta doesn't carry them yet so I decided to try the corrector instead. During Sephora's sale back in March I was umming and ahhing over a few dark circle correctors but couldn't decide on one because I didn't know if the ones I was looking at would be too dark for me so this was a much cheaper alternative to trying out a corrector. I actually quite like this and think it does help lift the shadows under me eyes a little bit (probably not as much as I need though). For the price this is not bad and I would recommend.

  • Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Conceal in Light $27 - I also repurchased a tube of Shape Tape because my old one was...well, super old. I bought it right when the product launched and had been using the same tube ever since. At first I was not on the Shape Tape train, I was actually very vocal in the YouTube comment sections on review videos about my distaste for the product, but after giving it a break and then going back to it I've had a change of heart. I would suggest starting with less product because this is on the thicker, more pigmented side and does not require a lot of product (YouTubers often use way too much). If you find Shape Tape really drying you might need a more emollient eye cream/skin prep or it just might not be for you, it's certainly not for everyone, but the coverage can't be beat.

From L-R: NARS Radiant Creamy in Vanilla, ColourPop No Filter in Light 12, Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define in C3, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Brightener, Tarte Shape Tape in Light and on the far right just for comparison sake is my other concealer that I frequently wear, YSL All Hours Concealer in 1 Porcelain. 



  • Cover FX Illuminating Setting Powder Mini in Light $10 - I hate the way most loose powders look on my skin, they look so heavy and drying, so I thought I'd try an illuminating setting powder to see if it doesn't look as heavy or dry. Sad to report this still looks quite heavy and drying on my under eye area. It's also very illuminating and has a bit of a shine to it when I rub the powder on my hand. The shade light is supposed to be completely sheer but if I put too much on it actually darkens my under eye concealer. Overall not thrilled but I've kept it so far and have used it a little bit but it's not my favorite powder ever.

  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light $46 - This stuff is super expensive but it's one of my top two powders for dry skin. It's definitely more of a finishing powder rather than a setting powder, I use it on my cheeks before blush, bronzer and highlighter so that powders glide more easily over my base. I went through a mini in Diffused Light which is a pale yellow powder because I wanted the yellow to help brighten my under eye but it didn't do a lot of brightening on my skin tone so I went for Ethereal Light in a full size and think this is a much better shade for my skin tone. I love this powder because it is so finely milled and doesn't look drying on the skin so to me it's definitely worth it (and my mini lasted forever so this will probably last me forever).

  • Kat Von D Lock-It Brightening Powder in Petal $15 (on sale from $25) UPDATED 5/29 - I bought this because Shaaanxo uses it so much in her videos and I wanted to see if it would be the solution to my under eye creasing. I think they must be a) reformulating, b) coming out with new packaging or c) more colors because it was on sale at Sephora for ages and it's also on sale on Kat's website. The first time I used this I loved it but then a few times after that I hated it because on my skin tone I have to be really mindful of how much product I apply since the pink-ish tone in this can really darken my under eyes if I put too much on. Since figuring that out what I like to do is dip a small fluffy brush, like the Real Techniques Setting Brush, into the product and really work it into the bristles. Then, I'll tap off the excess and then pat the brush under my eyes to disperse the appropriate amount of product for me. This keeps my concealer in place all day and crease free so I would recommend if there's a shade that works with your skin tone.



  • Brow Boss Pencil in Dark Brown $5 - As you can see I went on a bit of a ColourPop spree (this is all from two separate orders). In order to guide me through on my first foray with ColourPop I watched JKissa's video, 10 Must Have ColourPop Products, and started with brows. This brow pencil is my new favorite. It's a little more firm than most other pencils I've tried which I actually like because it keeps me from getting too heavy handed and ending up with blocky brows. For the color that my hair is right now this is a really good shade for me.

  • Brow Boss Pencil in Soft Black $5 - I also bought it in soft black because JKissa said she really likes this color for when her hair was silver and I am wanting to go back to silvery blonde so I'll probably want a more cool toned pencil when I do eventually have that hair color. I can also use this shade now though if I want a slightly darker brow but it's not too dark since it is just a soft black. I love these brow pencils and, I can't believe I'm saying this, I think they're better than a lot of the high-end brow pencils I've tried. Big fan, definitely recommend but make sure you looking at Brow Boss and not the other brow pencils (there's only four shades in Brow Boss).

  • Brow Boss Gel in Clear $6 - JKissa also recommended the brow gel and said it's comparable to soap brows (strong holding) so I of course wanted to try this out as well. It is a good brow gel, especially for the price, but it doesn't beat Lancôme Sourcils Brow Styler for me. If you are looking for an affordable clear brow gel though, it's pretty good.

  • Crème Gel Liner in Swerve $5 - I wanted to try their liners because I see a lot of people use them on YouTube so I got black since it's a staple. I don't think the black is that great though because I bought this to use on my upper waterline to tightline and it doesn't stay at all on me (at least so far in the few times I've tried it).

  • Crème Gel Liner in Call Me $5 - Call Me is described as a deep plummy-brown so it's super flattering on hazel eyes. I like this one best smudged along the upper lash line and winged out slightly on my eye shape. Would definitely recommend this one for those with hazel eyes.

  • Crème Gel Liner in HoneyDude $5 - So many people on YouTube use HoneyDude on the lower waterline to brighten so I thought I'd try it since I haven't found a nude eyeliner for the waterline that I really like yet. Unfortunately for me I don't think ColourPop's liners work well in my waterline - I think my eyes must be to watery or something because they just don't stick. If you don't have that problem and need a nude liner then this would be worth checking out since it is so cheap.

  • Super Shock Shadow in Bill $5 - I also wanted to try the Super Shock Shadows and I had to get the shade Bill because it's my dad's name (plus I love mauves on the eyes). The texture takes some getting used to but I really like the Super Shock Shadows and would recommend this color if you're looking for a matte mauve.

  • Super Shock Shadow in Tassel $5 - Tassel is a bright frosty white with a ton of silver glitter in it. I bought this shade for a blinding inner corner highlight and it does the job perfectly.

  • Super Shock Shadow in Frog $5 - Since I bought Bill I wanted to get a shimmer that I could wear with it and Frog works perfectly. It is a silvery purple with multi colored glitter running through it.

  • Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian $8 - This was another recommendation from JKissa and it is the single most blinding highlight I have ever seen (and owned). If you want a ridiculously high shine, metallic highlight; this is it.

  • Super Shock Highlighter in Stole The Show $8 - Had to get another color of Super Shock Highlighter and I actually had a really hard time choosing because there were several that appealed to me but I settled on Stole The Show. It's still a very prominent highlight but isn't as metallic as Flexitarian. This color is quite unique because it has flashes of pink, silver and gold in it and has a warm silver base (very good for fair skin). Love the Super Shock Highlighters and now I want Monster and Over the Moon.



Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan in Tan-tastic! $49 - Ah, what's that? Another YouTube made me buy it? Yup. Soooo many influencers have raved about this bronzer so when it was re-released her recently I had to see what all the fuss was about. It is expensive but the pan is absolutely ginormous. It's .8 oz and for reference my other bronzer, Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Bronzer in Saffron Sun, is .42 oz so it will last me for approximately the rest of my life. It is a really good color, not too warm/orange for light skin but still warm enough to give you a sun-kissed look and it smells like coconut sunscreen. I do like it and I'm glad I got it but if you twisted my arm and made me choose I'd still go for the VB x Estée Lauder bronzer because it's a little bit lighter which is better for my skin tone. 


Misc. Eye Products:

  • Mineral Fusion Eyeliner in Rough $15 - This is another product I bought from Reed Clarke because it's an eyeliner that will give definition without being dark. On Reed Clarke it's described as a taupe but I will have to respectfully disagree with that description because it's not quite cool enough for me to consider it a taupe, more of a neutral medium brown veering on the warm side. I really like this pencil for days when I don't want a dramatic eye but still need a little definition at the lash line and I would recommend it for that purpose.

  • Benefit Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara $24 - I bought this one when it was on sale during Ulta's 21 Day's of Beauty because I do remember liking it and I need all the help curling my eyelashes I can get. The day this post is going live I'm opening this one because I am so sick of my lashes not staying curled so hopefully this helps!

  • Heir Atelier Eye Primer $32 - I took a big leap of faith on this one because I also saw it on Reed Clark and Fiona says she really likes this, especially for hooded eyes and I have hooded eye so I had to see for myself. While it is a good eyeshadow primer I don't think it's worth the few extra bucks over something like a Smashbox eyeshadow primer, MAC eyeshadow primer or even Urban Decay Primer Potion. Instead of trying yet another eyeshadow primer that promises to make your eyeshadow last longer try cleansing your eyelids with micellar water (or cleanser and water) before applying an eyeshadow base. This has been such an awesome trick for me and I don't have issues with my cream eyeshadows or regular eyeshadow creasing on me anymore since I started doing it.

  • bareMinerals 5-in-1 Cream Eyeshadow in Soft Linen $19 (on sale at bareMinerals for $15 but limited shade availability) - Well, it seems like another product I like is being discontinued because Ulta only has one shade left and bareMinerals has this in their 'last chance' section on their website. I bought this before the Heir Atelier to use as a primer and before I discovered the cleaning trick first I thought this wasn't going to work but it works well on me as long as I clean my eyelids first. I use this as my primer when I want to knock back all the pigmentation on my eyelids and the other one when I don't really care if it pokes through. It is a good product and it's at a good price on bareMinerals website so I would recommend grabbing one before they're gone if you think it's the type of product you'd like (cream eyeshadow).

  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate Shimmer Ink $27 - I snagged this one when it was on a Weekly Wow sale at Sephora because I like options. Black eyeliner can look a bit harsh on me so having a brown gel eyeliner is great for when I still want a wing but not a super bold one. I really like this color, it's not a super dark brown and it has a red undertone so I find it particularly flattering on hazel eyes, but there are four other shades as well. It is pricey for how small the pot is, tbh I wouldn't of paid full price for it, but it is a really nice gel eyeliner if you're in the market.

  • Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Thunderstruck $13 (down from $21) - I bought this on a whim because I saw that the Metal Crush eyeshadows were on sale and I'd heard that Thunderstruck also works well as a highlighter and wanted to try it out. These must be being discontinued or reformulated as well because they were on sale on Kat's website (only one shade is left now) and there's only three shades left on Sephora and somehow Thunderstruck is one of them. This is such a cool shade, it's described as a metallic pearl but it has a pink shift to it, and it does work as a face highlight on my skin tone. Would recommend because it is such a cool shade and works on the face and the eyes.

  • Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77 $17 - If you've ever watched a YouTube tutorial on how to apply gel eyeliner then there's a really good chance the person was using this eyeliner. Inglot eyeliners are said to be one of the longest lasting out there and the shade 77 is known for being the blackest black gel eyeliner on the market. I can definitely attest to its long lasting properties and the shade 77 is indeed and incredibly deep, inky black. It's super pigmented and takes very little product so this will probably last me forever.

  • Surrat Relevée Lash Curler $30 - When you search for "best eyelash curler" there's several that repeatedly come up and next to Shu Uemura this is the other one that is said to be "the best" so I decided to try it out during Sephora's most recent VIB/Rouge sale since it's offered there (Shu Uemura is offered on Sephora's Canadian site but not US). What this lash curler does that my other two lash curlers don't is that it actually gently curls the lash instead of putting a hard dent in the lashes plus it's actually curved just right so that it catches my lashes on the outer corners that my other curlers can't reach. My lashes still don't want to stay curled all day unless I use a tubing or waterproof mascara but I do like the curl this gives me much better and would highly recommend it if you're fed up with getting a crimp and not a curl or if you have more round eyes.


Eyeshadow Palette:

Tarte Be A Mermaid & Make Waves $42 - I totally was not intending to buy this, I was returning something to Ulta and I saw this eyeshadow palette and it did things to me. The packaging is stunning and I am a sucker for metallic and duochrome shades so I picked up the palette and next thing I knew I was buying it (used a 20% off coupon though to help get that price down). I have never used Tarte eyeshadows before and I quite like the formula, it works well for me and how I like to apply eyeshadow. This palette is on the warmer side for me so when I shot a look for Instagram using this palette I incorporated my Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves palette for more mattes/cooler tones since this palette only has three mattes and they lean quite warm on my skin tone and I think this would also mix well with my Viseart Dark Mattes or any other matte eyeshadow palette for that matter. Gorgeous palette and I would highly recommend picking it up if you're interested in these kinds of shades since it is limited edition. 

Image courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

Image courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics



  • David Downtown x Eyeko Collection $37.50 (down from $75) - This is the second time I've purchased this collection and it contains three products; Limited Edition Mascara (far left, also available for individual purchase), Limited Edition Brow Gel (far right), and a Limited Edition Eyeliner (second to left). When I tried the collection before I loved the eyeliner and the makeup bag but the mascara appeared to have fibers in it even though it's only supposed to be a tubbing mascara and doesn't say anywhere online that it has fibers in it. The brow gel...this is the worst brow gel I've ever tried and I love Eyeko so I hate saying that but this brow gel has zero hold and it's supposed to be tinted but there's not enough tint to it. When I swatch it on my skin it stains my skin green but when I put it in my dark brown brows nothing shows up. I'm keen to try the mascara again though and see how that goes because the wand on this mascara is by far my most favorite out of the Eyeko mascaras. At the sale price it's a really good deal for the collection so I wold recommend it even if I think the brow gel is basically garbage.

  • Bespoke Mascara $40 - I somehow wandered over to Eyeko's website one day and they have a quiz online where you can fill it out and out of Eyeko's formulas and mascara wands it'll come up with the best combo for your specific lash needs. I ended up with the wand that I like from the David Downtown mascara and the original tubbing formula so I have high hopes that I'll really like this. Cool concept but I would recommend waiting for a discount because $40 is a bit much but at a discount it's a cool way to try a semi custom mascara.

  • Me and My Shadow in Quartz $10 (down from $25) - I actually got this for free when I bought the Bespoke mascara because Eyeko frequently has free gift with purchase on their website and this was the free gift at the time of my purchase. I love cream eyeshadow sticks so I was super excited to try this shade out (I already own the shade Bronze). I really like this color, it's a light pink shimmer that creates a soft wash of color on the lid, and I will gladly use it. This shade and Bronze are marked down at Ulta so if you are into cream shadow sticks and think this is something you would like now is a good time to buy!


Misc. Lip Products:

  • Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer $18 - I bought this a while ago because, again, so many influencers were talking about it. Everyone was saying how it's such a comfortable gloss and that it smells really good and looks good on everyone so I wanted to see if I would like it since glosses are finally making a comeback. I will have to agree with the influencers on this one because it is super comfortable to wear and smells amazing, it's peach vanilla scented. The color is just kinda meh to me, doesn't really show up on my lips and basically just looks like a clear gloss but it smells so good that I'm not really fussed about it. I do like it and use it fairly regularly so I would recommend it because it's super wearable.

  • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Apple Lime $20 - First off, I had to link to the berry scent (raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, and blueberry) because the apple lime is limited edition and is really hard to track down online (I found it on Amazon in case you want to try to track it down). Semantics aside this is a seriously amazing lip balm/mask. I use it pretty much every night and it stays on over night and makes my lips softer and smoother. I've been using it for a few months now and can definitively say this is my favorite lip balm for super dry, chapped lips and I would highly recommend if you suffer from perpetually chapped lips.

  • Bioderma Atoderm Lèvres $4.90 - If you're a long time reader here then you might recognize this from my skincare post back in November. Around Christmas I lost mine and started using the Bioderma Atoderm Baume Lèvres and I freaking hate that one (it's in a squeezy tube) because it made my lips peel. When the moisturizing stick finally came back in stock at Beautylish I bought two because I never want to be without this again. Laneige is my hero product for evenings/night time and this is the one that I use during the day when I'm not wearing lipstick/gloss. Another one I would highly recommend if you suffer from perpetually chapped lips


Lip Liners:

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil Duo in 066 & 090 $24 ($36 value) - I think we all know by now from my dedicated Bite Beauty blog post that my love for the brand runs deep so during the last Sephora sale I picked up this duo so I could add a few more lip liners to my collection. I think there was a nude liner duo that sold out pretty quickly and there's also a super bold/funky duo with the shades 052 (deep hunter green) and 054 (deep navy) for the daring. From my lipstick collection I have one that would work with 066 (bright coral-pink) and four different kinds of lip products that would match 090 (magenta violet). The Bite Lip Pencils are also great for wearing alone just under a gloss so these would work well with my next and final products which are...

From L-R: Pink Steam, Love Buzz, Want Me?, Cream & Sugar and French Tickler

From L-R: Pink Steam, Love Buzz, Want Me?, Cream & Sugar and French Tickler

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquers:

  • Enamored With a Twist 3-Piece Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Collection $54 ($94 value) - I got the shade Whip It back in my first Marc Jacobs Mystery Bag and fell in love with the formula. I wore that one so much that I knew I'd want to collect more colors and set my sites on this set that contains the shades Pink Steam, Want Me? and French Tickler (from the image above it's the purple on the right, lilac in the middle and coral on the left). Of the three shades I thought Pink Steam, iridescent lavender shimmer, would be my least favorite but it's actually ended up being my most favorite. French Tickler, iridescent peach shimmer, has been my most worn because it doesn't really have much of a base color and is easy to just throw on and go. Want Me?, opaque pink-lavender-beige, is my least favorite because on its own it kinda makes me look like a corpse since it's so light. If I do want to wear that shade I have to dab just a little over another lipstick or lip liner to keep it from being too pale on me. The value of the set is incredible and if you like the shades then it's definitely worth it because this is seriously an awesome lip gloss formula.

  • Love Buzz $28 - I liked that set so much that come Sephora sale time I wanted to add a few more and from looking at swatches online this was my favorite shade so in my basket it went. Love Buzz is described as a rose gold shimmer which is very accurate but it's not a weird opaque rose gold that makes your lips look overly metallic. It's a little icy metallic on its own so to me this shade looks best worn over a nude or peachy-pink lip.

  • Cream & Sugar $28 - I believe this is the newest shade that was added to the line and one just wasn't enough so naturally I had to have it. Cream & Sugar is described as a peachy-pink nude with rose gold shimmer which is pretty accurate but the base color is not opaque (which I like) and it is supper glittery. This is the kind of shade that will look really good over nudes but on its own it's a bit too glittery for me. Still really like it though and I cannot recommend the Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquers enough.

L-R: French Tickler, Love Buzz, Cream & Sugar, Want Me?, Pink Steam, Whip It (not new)

L-R: French Tickler, Love Buzz, Cream & Sugar, Want Me?, Pink Steam, Whip It (not new)

Highlighter Swatches

L-R: ColourPop Flexitarian, ColourPop Stole The Show, Pixi Glow-y Powder in London Lustre and Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo in Subtle Sunrise

L-R: ColourPop Flexitarian, ColourPop Stole The Show, Pixi Glow-y Powder in London Lustre and Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo in Subtle Sunrise


Okay, so that was a lot and if you made it all the way to the end then you seriously deserve a medal because that was product and information overload. I'm going to keep it short and sweet since there was already so much to read but if you have any questions about the products mentioned then please do not hesitate to ask. I definitely will not be doing another post like this until fall or the end of year because it took me so long to get this one together but I hope you at least enjoyed it! Until next time...


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