Product Empties

Did you miss me? Sorry for the unintentional hiatus but I did a stint in retail and realized that it's not for me. I worked at Ulta for almost two months exactly and my body was not having it. As some of you might know I have horrendous ankle/foot problems, like my feet are so flat and messed up that they're considered deformed, and I could not handle standing for more than an hour at a time and decided it was best to just leave sooner rather than later so I peaced out. I missed writing and talking about the things I love (and don't love) and since I was working in cosmetics I spent pretty much all the money I made on makeup so I've got lots of new things to share.

Now to what we're actually here for; I photographed this waayyyy back in April but never got around to posting it then because I got really busy with work but now that I'm back I decided to still share it because...well, I just wanted to. Plus, empties really show how much you liked something by if you actually finish it completely rather than just tossing it or passing it along to a friend which is what I tend to do. Some of these things I love and some of them I do not so I'll also let you know what I would/would not recommend and if I have or would repurchase any of these items. Let's get too it!


Rituals The Ritual Of Ayurveda Shower Oil $11.25 - First up we've got two shower oils and this one from Rituals I would definitely repurchase if it ever comes back in stock at Ulta again. Seriously though, this has been out for absolute ages so if it ever does come back I'm loading up. I'm not a huge fan of rose scented things but the combo of Indian rose and almond oil in this just does something to me. I actually enjoyed taking a shower more when I was using this because I loved it so much (though I do wish it lathered a little better). 9.5/10 would recommend. 

L’Occitane Cleansing And Softening Shower Oil With Almond Oil $25 - I've gone through several of this one so I would definitely recommend but it's super pricey and is definitely a splurge item. Now that I've found the aforementioned shower oil, which I prefer the smell of, I don't think I'll be going back to this one (but I do like that they offer an eco refill so you're not wasting as much plastic). 8/10 would recommend and you would not be disappointed with this one, highly recommend for those with very dry skin. 


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads $30 - I've harped on about this one before but I really do love these. This is a great product to try if you're dealing with texture or dull skin but also deal with sensitivity issues and want to do some resurfacing. I have not since repurchased because I wanted to try out the Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go but I much prefer these and might be going back to them soon since I'm dealing with congestion on my forehead and chin again. 10/10 would recommend. 

Clinique Repairwear Anti-gravity Eye Lift Cream $45 - This is an awesome eye cream for those with dry under eyes and who also want a little firming. I don't really have too much wrinklage going on around my eyes just yet but I still really enjoyed this. I don't think I would repurchase since there's so many others out there on the market that I want to try but it is a lovely eye cream. 8/10 would recommend. 


The Ordinary. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 $6.80 - I've gone through two bottles of this so I have repurchased it but I wouldn't do so again. It's a very affordable way to try out hyaluronic acid to see if it's something that's missing in your skincare routine but the brand is just too sketchy for me these days plus they left Sephora already (that was short lived). I still have something like half a bottle left from the second one I purchased but once that's gone I'm done with The Ordinary. For product efficiency 8/10 would recommend but if you care about the company behind the products you use I would not recommend. 

The Ordinary. 100% Organic Cold-pressed Moroccan Argan Oil $6.80 - Shortly after I photographed all this stuff I also finished the Marula Oil as well so I thought I'd mention that here with this one but I did give the Squalene to my personal trainer since I gave her a sample of it and she really liked it. All three of those oils work well but because I had to purchase so many separate oils to get the results I wanted I don't think it's worth it since they add up quickly and I would rather buy something that's already formulated with several oils that work together so I definitely won't be repurchasing. 9/10 recommendation for individual product efficiency but again, keep in mind brand ethics. 

The Ordinary. “Buffet” $14.80 - This was actually form my second time repurchasing and I don't even know why I did so in the first place because I didn't like it the first time I used but everyone else loves it so I thought surely I was missing something and decided to try it again. Update: I still don't like it. This does nothing special for me and is one of my least favorite product that I tried from The Ordinary and it was also the most expensive. 5/10 for product efficiency and wouldn't really recommend. 

Pro tip: if you have any products in a squeeze tube cut them open so you can get all the stuff out of the nooks and crannies and get your coins worth like I clearly did.

Pro tip: if you have any products in a squeeze tube cut them open so you can get all the stuff out of the nooks and crannies and get your coins worth like I clearly did.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser $10 for 2 oz. - This was from a set but I have used it before and I like it just fine. It doesn't do anything special for me but if you are a fan of foaming cleansers this is one I'd recommend because it lathers well but does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (aka SLS) which is a common foaming agent in cosmetics that can dry out the skin and cause irritation. I like cream or gel cleansers so I won't be repurchasing unless I buy another First Aid Beauty kit and it comes in it but 10/10 would recommend for those that like a foamy cleanser. 

Dermalogica Precleanse Balm $45 - I am a fan of double cleansing and this is by far my favorite product that I've used for a first cleanse. I put my employee discount to use on my last day of work and picked up another one so now I have it sitting around while I'm trying to use up the rest of my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (I think I got this in one of my last few Nylon Boxes, R.I.P.). 10/10 would recommend but I would wait for one of those special "20% off everything including prestige" coupons from Ulta since it is so damn expensive. 


It's A 10 Miracle Leave-in Product $18.52 - This is yet another product that I've had multiples of but the first two were from subscription boxes so this was my first time purchasing. I did like it but I don't think I'd repurchase because I would like to try out other leave-in products which obviously means that I didn't love it. Still pretty good though, made my hair super silky, so I'd say it's a solid 7.5/10 would recommend. 

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask $12 for 2 oz. - I think Amika changed the name of this product ever so slightly because they did some subtle rebranding and repackaging a while back and the newer version looks a little different but I believe what I've linked is the same product. I didn't actually purchase this, it came in a Nylon Box as well, but I would not repurchase nor would I recommend. I didn't feel like this did anything above and beyond my regular conditioner but I did use it to the last drop. Didn't do it for me so only a 5/10 and would not recommend but it has really high ratings on Sephora so what do I know.


Essie Gel Couture Top Coat $11.50 - This was my second bottle of this stuff and I'm almost done with my third if that tells you anything. This is my favorite top coat that I've tried and with certain nail polishes, not all but with some, it does make my manicure last up to 10 days without chipping so that's why I keep going back to it. This gives a very gel-like effect without the use of the lamp (though it does not last as long as a gel manicure). I kinda want to invest in a lamp so I can use gel top coats but for now this does the trick. 9/10 would recommend but I'm interested in trying something different once I finish my current bottle so I won't be immediately repurchasing.

CND Stickey Base Coat $8.50 - This was also my second bottle of this and I'm also currently on my third of it as well. I've tried quite a few base coats and I like this one the best because of the somewhat rubbery texture which I think helps the polish bend with the nail and prevent chips and flaking. 9/10 would recommend and will continue repurchasing unless something else comes up that I want to try. 


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla $30 - And now for all the makeup. This is my absolute favorite/ride or die concealer. It always looks good on my skin and while it definitely creases on me I would rather deal with that than have my skin looking cakey or dry and this one never does that to me. I would class this as a medium coverage concealer and it's the number one concealer that I would suggest to anyone who has not already tried it. 10/10 would recommend and I will continue to repurchase time and time again because it is a staple in my makeup collection. 

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer in Light $27 - Ah, the beauty influencer favorite but you know what, it's not my favorite. I did in fact repurchase this and no, mine was not empty but it was well past the suggested expiration date so I figured I should get a new one for safety and sanitation reasons. This is definitely the highest coverage concealer I've ever tried but I don't think I'll be repurchasing a third time because this is just a bit too drying for me and there's a couple of new concealer launches that I'm quite keen to try. 7/10 would recommend because the coverage is amazing but just not the greatest for dry skin.

Milk Makeup Mini Highlighter $14 - My best friend gave this to me for my birthday or Christmas (can't actually remember since my birthday is so close to Christmas) but I freaking love this highlighter. This is by far my favorite texture out of all the cream/stick highlighters I've tried and I wish they would come out with more shades in this more traditional highlight color (they have some iridescent shades but that's just not really my thing these days). I will definitely be repurchasing this at some point because it is such a favorite of mine. 10/10 would recommend but only if cream highlighters are your jam (I hate seeing cream highlighter reviews from people who hate using cream products).

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Mini in Diffused Light $22 - I love this product but this was not the right shade for me so I'm really glad that I tried out a mini first. Now I use the lightest shade which is called Ethereal Light and I absolutely love it. If you don't like matte skin then this is definitely a good finishing powder to try. 10/10 would recommend and will continue to repurchase because I love using this under my eyes.

Sisley Paris So Intense Mascara in Deep Black $67 for full size - Pictured here is the sample I received during my brief foray with the Sisley subscription box. I absolutely hate to say this since it is so damn expensive but this is the single most amazing mascara that I have ever tried. No mascara has ever made me love my lashes the way this one does; it's volumizing but not too much as to create spider lashes, added length and held a curl so it really did it all for me. Unfortunately there's absolutely no way in hell I could justify spending $67 on a product that is only good for a few months so I will not be repurchasing but I will be admiring it through my computer screen. Price is -8/10 but the product it self is a 10/10.

Lancôme Sourcils Styler Brow Gel in Transparent $26.50 - I think this was the first brow gel that I actually completely finished. I didn't give up on it towards the end like I usually do with brow gels because I actually loved this one so much. Sephora isn't carrying all the shades anymore so I'm terrified it's being reformulated or discontinued so I bought another one while I was working at Ulta since they still carry it. The brush is nuts but it has amazing hold and really grabs onto the hairs. I'm not currently using it because I'm platinum blonde again an have been using a tinted brow gel to lighten my hairs but this is my favorite clear brow gel that I've tried so far. 9/10 would recommend if you're into clear brow gels and can wrap your head around the weird brush.


Nest Midnight Fleur Eau de Parfum $27-74 - I have a refillable spray bottle for this fragrance and I finally finished one of the refills! I have a not unsubstantial fragrance collection (though they're all roller balls/purse sprays to keep it somewhat economical and realistic) but if I could only wear one fragrance for the rest of my life it would be this. It has notes of exotic woods, black amber, patchouli, night-blooming jasmine, and vanilla orchid. I absolutely love this perfume and have turned my best friend and her mom on to it so if you're ever near a Sephora you should go in and have a sniff cause it's amazing. I won't need to repurchase for a very long time cause I have two more refills but I will 100% continue buying this fragrance because it's the best. 10/10 would definitely recommend if you like those kinds of notes in your fragrances.


Okay, I think that's it and I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the products that I actually used up all or most of the way. I try so many new things because of this sick beauty obsession I have so for me to actually finish a makeup product before it expires is a feat in of itself. Now that I'm back to blogging full time I really want to get back to posting multiple times a week. Since I do have so much freaking makeup that I should be putting to better use I was thinking of posting a makeup look on the blog once or twice a week, I'll share details and the products I used but it won't be as in depth as my pictorials, and then keep my more long form posts for Sundays. We all now how great I am at coming up with a schedule and sticking to it but I've been playing with more colorful makeup lately and I love the way it photographs so hopefully this time I'll be able to keep to my posting schedule (plus, not gonna lie the narcissist in me loves editing photos of my face). That's all I've got for you today but thank you so much for you're time and I'll be back in a few days with a really fun makeup look. Bye!


Note: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that if you use a link I've provided to purchase something I will receive a small commission but it does not effect your purchase price. Also, if you noticed the thumbnail image has a product in it that was not featured in this post that is because I was going to do an "Empties & Products I Regret Buying" post but have decided to split it into two (I couldn't re-shoot a thumbnail since I already got rid of everything before deciding to split it) so stay tuned!