2 Looks 1 Palette: iluvsarahii x Dose of Colors

Hello again! For this week's makeup look I decided to play with the recent collab from iluvsarahii and Dose of Colors (aka Karen Sarahi Gonzalez). I was super drawn to the eyeshadow palette because of the teal shade, my favorite color, and the liquid lipstick in Fresa since you all know I love a good red lip. I actually only like half the shades in the eyeshadow palette so I did two looks using just my favorites. I photographed both looks I created with Fresa and with a nude lip from my makeup collection because, to me, they both look drastically different depending on what sort of lip color you pair it with. I'll give you all my thoughts on these two pieces from the collection at the end because I just want to get right into the makeup!


For this first look I took some major inspiration from Melissa Alatorre's GRWM: Birthday Edition video that she did this year. It's a super graphic carved out wing in just one color, she did a smokey charcoal shimmer but I used Palma since it was calling to me. I applied the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise in Cleopatra first as a base to help create the shape and give me an outline but it wasn't sticky enough to hold onto the eyeshadow so I would definitely suggest a glitter adhesive for the metallics in this palette since there was quite a bit of fallout. I photographed the look with Fresa first and this gave me editorial vibes but for the nude lip option I used the lightest nude lipstick I own to really let the eyeshadow shine. This was so far out of my comfort zone and by far the most bold eyeshadow look I've ever done but I am very happy with how it turned out and I hope you like it too!


Teal Eye Makeup Deets (in order of application): 

The Lip Products:



For the second look I decided to just use the other two shades that I really like, Poquito Mas, the light pearly shade, and Finders Keepers, a matte black base with multi colored glitter. I was originally going to try and use the two completely matte shades but they're just not my favorite colors so I decided to stick with what I like which is a simple shimmery lid and winged eyeliner. I used a cream eyeshadow stick as a base so that Poquito Mas would have something to stick to and I applied that all over the mobile lid. For the liner I used an angled brush and wet it with some setting spray to prevent fallout and drew on a very thin wing with Finders Keepers and smudged that out to soften it up. I photographed this look with Fresa of course but showed two photos this time with a gloss over top since this eye look can carry a super bold lip. I used a darker nude lipstick for this one since the eye makeup is not nearly as dramatic, though I think it does still have impact. This is my kind of every day look that isn't trying too hard but still shows some effort and works with literally any lip color. 


Smokey Winge Liner Makeup Deets (in order of application): 

The Lip Products:


So that's that, I hope you like the looks! I really like the two items I picked up from the collection even though I only like three of the six shades from the eyeshadow palette. Sunglow, the antique gold with metallic foil finish, is not unique enough to me to warrant being in a limited edition palette. There are literally hundreds of palettes out there with this type of shade in it and I don't think it was necessary. Wanderlust, the matte rusty toned shade, is too warm for my taste. I'm so fair and have a cool undertone and don't think warm shades flatter my skin tone/eye color combo very well. Loungy, matte peachy-pink, is way too warm for me and is my least favorite shade in the whole palette. I am just so over with this overly warm eyeshadow phase and think it's time the beauty community moved on. I obviously liked the other three shades enough to purchase the palette but I know I won't ever use Loungy and won't use Sunglow or Wanderlust very much if ever. I expected Fresa to be a little cooler than it is on me but I think it's just because of my palor and will look more like a strawberry coral on people with a warmer undertone. I wore it out one day when I had to go to Sephora to exchange something and four employees came up to me just to tell me they liked my lipstick so it's a definite keeper but I need to get a lip liner that matches better so I'll be picking one up during the upcoming Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event. I had a lot of fun creating these makeup looks and am definitely going to be playing with color a lot more in the future. That's it for this one and I will see you back here on Sunday!


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