Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box #NGQ11

Today I've got a subscription box review and I have not done one of these in what feels like ages. I signed up for the Nina Garcia for Quarterly box back in January or December but then canceled I think around April or May because I hadn't received a box since it had been so long since they last sent one out. One went out in September but there wasn't a winter or spring box so I canceled because it seemed rather pointless to be signed up if they weren't going to be sending out anymore boxes. Then I saw on My Subscription Addiction's Instagram that a new one had finally come out and signed back up. Then, I tried to cancel again because I was thinking $99 is pretty darn expensive and I'm not really in to subscription services anymore but my cancelation never went through even though I tried multiple times so here we are. Before we get into this know that I did not really want this so I'm being a bit harsh the items included. I thought about keeping my subscription to maybe see what another one would be like but it's just so expensive that I'd rather be spending my money elsewhere rather than waiting around to see if/when the next box will be sent out so this is just a one-off review. With that in mind let's check out the NGQ11 box...

I've linked both of the following beauty products to Dermstore who currently have a discount of 25% off with participating brands but the sale ends today, Aug. 19th so hurry before it's over!

I've linked both of the following beauty products to Dermstore who currently have a discount of 25% off with participating brands but the sale ends today, Aug. 19th so hurry before it's over!

Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 $19-48 - I haven't actually gotten into this one yet but it has really great reviews, currently holds a 4.9/5 star review on Dermstore and 4.3/5 stars on Sephora, so I'm sure it will be a great SPF. This must of been a limited size for this box but they do sell it in three different sizes including one very large 18 oz bottle that has a pump since this is an all over SPF. I don't ever go outside or spend time outside, just to get from my front door to my car, so I am 1000% a homebody/indoor person making it not the most useful product for me but still good to have on hand just in case or even for long car journeys to cover my tattoos which is how I'll probably end up using it cause I don't want my tats to fade.

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Collection Lipstick $25 - If you haven't seen this before it is a color adapting lipstick that adjust to the pH of your lips so it will look different on everyone and no, it doesn't not look green on. I find this type of product to be rather gimmicky and just not to my wants or needs so I gave it to my best friend and she put it on immediately but to me it looked more like a sheer balm than a lipstick. For the value it added I would of much rather received an actual lipstick and this was a big miss for me from this box. 


Ellen & James Round Basket Bag $75 - To me this item is kind of the star of the show and it lets its presence be known as soon as you open the box because you can smell it. The reed has been smoked over coconut husks as part of the dying process but upon first being opened the aroma is rather strong and tbh I'm not a fan of the smell so I'm hoping it fades quickly. Aside from the smell I do think it's a rather cute little summer bag and is very on trend. I'm not sure how much I'll use it because it is on the smaller side but it's still definitely a keeper and is my favorite item in the box. 


Donni Charm Gigi Seersucker Skinny Scarf $57 (sold out, linked similar) - This is kind of a ridiculous item in this box if you ask me because it's just a strip of seersucker material and they charge almost $60 for it which is absolutely ridiculous. They sent out several different colors in this I believe so I'm really happy I did get the neutral color so that it's easier to style but this is just so not my taste level but I will try and get some use out of it. 

Soko Hoop Earrings $54-58? - Soko doesn't have this exact pair of earrings on their website so I'm not sure on the exact value that these add to the box but most of their hoops are in the mid to upper $50s. I was not the most excited to see these because they're brass and I pretty much only wear silver jewelry these days so I won't really get much use out of them. I did put them on just to see how they looked and that revealed the error in the design/poor quality that they are. Because the loop all the way around you have to pull them apart to get it through your piercing hole and that stretches it out and deforms the shape of the earring. After several wears I feel like the material would start to weaken from being re-shaped so much and it's not even a great material to begin with. Really unimpressed with the quality on these and would expect better considering this is curated by Nina Garcia. 


The card the scarf was attached to shows several different ways to wear it but I would personally only ever put it on a bag since the other ways are really not my style (I like it in the hair as a headband but since I have a pixie I don't think it looks as good on me worn that way).


It's hard to come up with a total value on this one because the sunscreen's price per oz is drastically different depending on what size you get and I don't know exactly how much the earrings were but taking best guesses into consideration I would put the total value around $225 which is a really good value considering the cost of the box. So the value is there but do I think it's worth it? For me, no. Because it's Nina Garcia I expected something quite luxe and instead I feel like I just got a few very over priced items. The only item I really like is the basket bag but I know I'll also get some use out of the sunscreen and the scarf just by having it tied to a bag so the total cost for those three items does covers the cost of the box but I'm really kind of pissed, to be quite frank, that my cancelation didn't go through. If, unlike me, you do like all these items and think you'd like to sign up then by all means you can do so here but for the cost I think there's better options out there. I'm just not a subscription box girl anymore, I much prefer my Charlotte Tilbury and Marc Jacobs mystery boxes, so I definitely will not be signing up for another one any time soon. I'll be back here on Wednesday or Thursday with another new-ish eyeshadow palette review and demo and hope to see you then!


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