10 Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Looks

Okay, she’s here…or should I say, they’re here because all the different looks are different girls in my head. So sorry this took me much longer to get up than anticipated but their ended up being several re-shoots because I am a perfectionist and wasn’t happy with a few of my initial pairings. I planned everything out on paper first and things didn’t end up matching up the way I had anticipated when applied to my face so I had to do some shuffling. I didn’t write anything on each look besides the Charlotte Tilbury products I used because I wanted this to be an easier post to digest than last Sunday’s so any commentary I have on the looks are in the captions for the photos if you want to know my thoughts/though process (click the image and if you’re on a mobile there should be a little dot on the bottom right hand corner that turns the caption on and off). I named all the looks after the lipsticks they’re based around because I wasn’t going to use each lipstick more than once so that just made the most sense to me. I was only going to use each eye product once, as in not use the same eyeshadows for multiple looks, but Miss Kensington ended up getting to re-use some shades since she was the last one I photographed because I just bought that lipstick this past Sunday and hadn’t planned on a tenth look initially. I paired each look with different earrings and tried to change up my hairstyle, there’s only so much you can do with a pixie though, to help keep it interesting and give each girl her own vibe. I also used concealer as an eyeshadow base, which I don’t normally do, and ended up having some major blending issues which I’ve never had happen with these eyeshadows before but I wanted to knock back my eyelid veins since I did close ups so if something looks patchy it’s not the eyeshadow, it’s the concealer. Lastly I am not an MUA, I am completely self taught when it comes to makeup, so it’s not the most mind blowing makeup you’ll ever see but I just wanted to find a way to showcase every Charlotte Tilbury product I own so that you can see what it looks like on my face since I frequently rave about her products. I hope you enjoy!


Shanghai Nights


Products Featured:


legendary queen


Screen siren

劉嘉玲 carina’s love

the queen

The Duchess

Very Victoria

Miss Kensington


Products Featured:


English beauty

American sweetheart


Omg we’re done! This was really fun but also very challenging to do because I don’t ever wear just one brand of makeup and am very happy that I can now go back to mixing it up. I ran out of Charlotte Tilbury foundation samples because of all the re-shoots so the last two looks I photographed, The Duchess and Miss Kensington, I had to use other foundations so that’s why there’s not one listed there. Since this is supposed to be all about my Charlotte Tilbury products I didn’t list the non-CT products I used but if you want to know what something is just leave me a comment and I’ll let you know. I hope you enjoyed seeing so many different makeup looks from me and aren’t too sick of my face yet because I really liked doing makeup looks like this and want to do more in the future. I’m going to be taking off this week’s mid-week post and maybe even next Sunday because I have a lot of stuff that I want to sell and need to get listed plus I need to get ahead on shooting blog content so that I don’t fall behind again. I’ve got plenty of ideas but just haven’t had the time to shoot anything other than Charlotte Tilbury stuff in the past three or so weeks. Please let me know which look(s) is/are your favorites! My top five, in order, are Very Victoria, Carina’s Love, Screen Siren, The Queen and Shanghai Nights. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask otherwise I will see you next time!

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