My 5 Favorite Looks From 2018 (and life update)

Well, well, well…look who’s back. I did not intend to take off two whole months but seasonal affective disorder hit me super hard this fall/winter and I turned into a recluse. I haven’t been watching much YouTube, I quit going to the gym as much and started eating pretty poorly (and subsequently gained back all the weight I’d lost over the past year) and I even quit playing with makeup for a while. All I’ve been doing for the past two months is laying in bed and reading or watching movies/shows online. It also doesn’t help that I got really sick the day after Thanksgiving and was sick for four weeks (ended up being a sinus infection and antibiotics finally kicked it). I think I also just needed a break. I don’t get paid for blogging, I’ve never made any money off of it, but I treat it like my full time job and it’s really easy to get consumed and then burned out on when you don’t have set hours each day that you work on something. There were days when I would get up and immediately create a makeup look to shoot, whether it be for the blog or just for Instagram, and then would end up shooting and editing the entire rest of the day only stopping to eat. I’ve also been in a bit of a panic because I’m almost 29 and don’t have a clear career path or full time job that I’m interested in. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing YouTube for years, like 5+ years, and have been so afraid to do it because of how negative and critical the internet can be. I’ve had multiple friends and family tell me I should do it but I’ve been so afraid and now I feel like I’m at this point in my life where I need to make a decision so I’m finally going to attempt the whole YouTube thing and if that doesn’t work out then I’m gonna have to figure something else out because I need to start making a living. There’s nothing else that I’m really interested in and I know it takes a while to get going and become “successful” at YouTube/social media but I feel like I’m at this now or never moment. I don’t know when I’ll get started exactly, I kinda want to get back into the give of the blog before I take on anything else, but my 2019 goal is to finally start a YouTube channel so maybe putting this out there might give me some good juju. I just wanted to give anyone that is or was a regular reader a bit of an update and let you know where I’ve been and what’s been going on with me. I don’t know if/when my blog posting will be regular again but I really want to try and get out of this dark hole I’m in and get back to being creative and doing what makes me happy.

Okay, so that was a super long winded and serious intro/update so let’s get to what you’re actually here for. In order to get back into the swing of things I thought I would just share my five favorite makeup looks that I created in 2018. I feel like I’ve come such a long way as far as my skillset goes not only in doing makeup but in editing my photos and I went through a major hair change that made me feel more like myself and more comfortable in my own skin. Some of these images were for blog post and some were just for Instagram so I’ll link to the blog post or IG post so you can see more photos (if there are any) and get the makeup details if you want to know more about what makeup I used. In chronological order…


This one is a favorite because I actually achieved what I set out to do; to me my eyes do look “enhanced” or prettier because of the makeup I did. This was also only my second and now last pictorial. I liked the idea of doing picture tutorials but it’s so insanely time consuming to take, edit and upload over 50 images. My camera battery actually died during this shoot (was fully charged to start out with) and I had to stop and let my camera charge for a little bit before I could finish because it took over three hours to photograph (I took over 260 photos and edited it down to 62). It takes hours to shoot because I have to try and take photos while doing makeup but stay in frame and in focus and make camera adjustments as the lighting changes. To put it lightly, this was a nightmare to shoot. I love this makeup though and think it’s a very “me” look because it’s simple and not overpowering but there’s a purpose to it. If someone met me now as a blonde and wanted to see what I looked like with brown hair this is the image I would show them so I’d say it’s a firm favorite.


This one is a favorite because it was my first time going so far out of my comfort zone and really playing and experimenting with makeup. Before this I had always told people I only do “everyday wearable” makeup but this eyeshadow color called to me so I took inspiration from Melissa Alatoree and put my own spin on it. Ever since I did this look I’ve been wanting to re-do it in a bunch of different colors and maybe play with the shape a little (future YouTube video perhaps?). Teals/aquas are my favorite colors so I am obsessed with this one based just on the color alone. I had also just gone back to blonde again in July and when I was previously blonde, circa March 2016 - March 2017, I was so safe with my makeup because when you have pale skin and white hair everything you put on your face really stands out but this time I didn’t want to be afraid to go bold and really pushed it with this one. If I’d of gone out on New Years this year I would of definitely done something like this!


This was such an easy look to create and I love it because when I look at this photo I think, “I look beautiful.” Something about these colors really makes my eyes pop which is usually a goal for me when playing with makeup. I also really love Melissa Alatoree, she has long been when of my favorite YouTubers/influencers, so I was really happy to see her do a collab with a brand that she really loves and be able to support that. Melissa also shared this photo on her IG stories and I about had a heart attack because I was so excited and so flattered that she liked it enough to share (a while later Nudestix also shared it on their stories which was pretty awesome as well). This is another very “me” look because I just used a few cream eyeshadow sticks and have a bold lip, always my go-to, so it was super easy to do but makes quite the impact. This lip color is also just the perfect dark cool berry red which is way more flattering on me than something that’s more brick or more purple so I just really love this lip color. This is also the only bold lip that made it into the top five which kinda surprised me since I usually consider myself to be more of a bold lip girl but apparently not this past year.


It’s really hard for me to choose but if I had to pick a number one favorite it would probably be this one (though I did have a hard time choosing just one from the Charlotte Tilbury post in general). I remember the day I did this makeup and when I finished I was just so proud of myself for how well it had turned out. I pretty much never do a dark smokey eye let alone use black eyeshadow and this came out 10x better than I even imagined. I just felt so good in this makeup and thought my eyes looked super pretty and was very proud of my makeup skills with this one. I think doing that whole Charlotte Tilbury post really helped me a lot as far as perfecting my craft because at the end of all that I felt a lot more confident in my skills with applying makeup. This is also a really good nude lipstick for me that I definitely need to utilize more often.


This was my last/most recent play time with makeup and I wanted to create something that incorporated fall colors without going the berry route (there’s much better photos of the makeup with my eyes closed on my IG if you want to get a better look). I like this one so much because I think these colors look really good with my eye color (the eyeshadows basically color coordinate with my eye color so of course it looks good). The lipstick choice ended up not being quite what I had in mind but I still think it looks pretty good. I used two outrageously expensive Natasha Denona palettes to create this one, used a total of nine shades, but I’m super happy with the end product and wish I could of recreated it on Thanksgiving (didn’t have time). I wanted to use my ND palettes since I don’t use them enough for how expensive they were and now I really want to play with them more to see what else I could come up with. I’ve never used this many eyeshadows in one look (excluding Halloween makeup) so it was a fun experiment for me.


I have to give an honorable mention to my Fairy/Unicorn/Mermaid makeup look from Halloween because that is the most out of the box and creative I have ever been with makeup and I couldn’t believe how good it turned out. 2018 got me being a lot more creative and experimental with makeup so I can’t wait to see where 2019 takes me. It’s my last year in my 20’s and I’m quietly freaking out about life so let’s hope I’m able to get my shit together this year and make something of it so here’s to a good 2019. Cheers!