3 Looks 1 Palette: Natasha Denona Lila


In my last post I mentioned wanting to do multiple looks featuring one palette (much like this post featuring the iluvsarahii x Dose of Colors collab) and jumped right on it with my new Natasha Denona Lila Palette. I even waited till after I got my hair done so that it would still have toner in it and would color coordinate with the palette better because I do like a strong color theme as you will soon see. To show off the versatility of this palette I did three very different looks with three different placements to show some variety. I will also state here that, while I do have great skin, it is not as flawless as it appears in these photos because I retouch my images though I try to leave the makeup alone as much as possible (most common fixes I make are to eyeshadow fallout, mascara smudges and lipstick way outside the lip line). I did end up changing the color of the eyeliner in my waterline in post on the third look because the shade I used initially didn’t match the way I wanted it to so I fixed it to reflect what I had envisioned and linked an eyeliner that is more the color I wish had been able to use. For the rest of my face in each look I ended up using a fair amount of products that have been discontinued but I’ll link as much as I can and try to provide alternatives/dupes for the color products. Now to the fun part!



Shades L-R: Per Se, Layla, Juneau, Viola, Amethyst, Livid, Amara, Magentic, Purpure, Cyclone, Magnolia, Dragon Bite, Nude Vino, Nude Mauve, & Helio. iPhone shows off how reflective the metallics are better than my DSLR did!

Shades L-R: Per Se, Layla, Juneau, Viola, Amethyst, Livid, Amara, Magentic, Purpure, Cyclone, Magnolia, Dragon Bite, Nude Vino, Nude Mauve, & Helio. iPhone shows off how reflective the metallics are better than my DSLR did!




For this first look I started with a fluffy blending brush and put the shade Per Se all through the crease, outer corner and lower lash line. Next I used the shade Nude Vino with a smaller blending brush to deepen the crease so that the next shade would pop. Using a small flat brush I cut the inner crease with concealer (Tarte Shape Tape) - I have to go a bit above my natural crease so that you can still see the cut crease when my eyes are open. I started off applying Amethyst over the concealer with my finger and then went in with a damp flat brush to get up close to the edges and inner corner. I also applied Amethyst to my outer lower lash line with a small detail brush to tie in with the lid. On the outer upper lid I applied Layla with my finger first and then buffed out the edges with a small fluffy brush. For transition on the center of the lid I applied the shade Livid with my finger and softened the top with my small blending brush. The last shadow I used for this one is Juneau which I applied on the inner corner and brown bone. After the eyeshadow I applied a deep plum eyeliner, Marc Jacobs Fineliner in Blacquer(berry), and layered another eyeliner over top, Marc Jacobs Highliner in Obey-ge, to get the shade I actually wanted but don’t own (tried to match the Amethyst shadow). Added a few coats of mascara and my favorite lashes, Another Shot of Whispie from Velour Lashes, and that finished off the eyes. I’m a very matchy-matchy person so for the lips I opted for a nude mauve and lined with Bite Beauty’s The Lip Pencil in 050, Bite Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Cava and topped it all off with Marc Jacobs lip gloss in Pink Steam (and then proceeded to get lipstick all over my teeth).

Full Product List (in order of application):



LOOK 2: MAGENTA HALO with wing


For the second look, which was actually photographed third, I started with the shade Nude Vino in the crease on a fluffy brush. After that I went in with Purpure on the outer corner using my finer and with a small damp brush on the inner corner. Next to that shade I went in with Magentic using my finger on each side leaving the center open for Helio which I also applied with finger. I mixed Purpure and Magentic on a fluffy brush and gently grazed the crease just to blend everything together. For the lower lash line I put down Nude Mauve first and then layered Viola over top which when buffed out is like the slightly more purple version of Magentic. I put just a little bit of Helio on the inner corner, more so on the lower lash line since this is a bit dark for a highlighting shade on my skin tone. I threw on a wing because I just so happen to have a gel eyeliner that matches, Dose of Colors Set the Tone Eyeliner in Hit the Road, and for the water line I layered Marc Jacobs Highliner in Obey-ge over Marc Jacobs Highliner in Fine(wine) to create the color I needed for this look (metallic magenta). For the lip I could of taken the easy route and done a nude but I have a soft spot for magenta/berry lipsticks and I love me a strong monochromatic look so I used the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in Plum n Get It topped with Hudda Beauty Lip Strobe in Snobby for an über glossy pout (this gloss looked really good on its own as well with this look).

Full Product List (in order of application):



LOOK 3: red & SMOKY


And for the final look I loosely followed the Lila Eyeshadow Palette Soft Glam Look Tutorial on Natasha Denona’s YouTube channel. I started with the shade Amara in the crease and on the outer corner on a fluffy blending brush. After that I went in with Nude Mauve on a smaller tapered but still fluffy brush to try and soften the blend; one thing I will say about this palette is that I wish there was a lighter matte shade because I had a difficult time blending the mattes smoothly into my skin tone because of how much darker they are than my fair complexion (I even dipped into another palette for a pale nude shade to try to help and still struggled with the blend). Getting into the fun shades I first started with the shade Cyclone, which is a beautiful copper to pink duochrome, on the inner lid and used a small damp flat brush to really pack that color on. For the center of the lid transition shade I applied Dragon Bite, really cool red to green duochrome, with my finger. I mirrored the placements of all three lid shades, Amara, Cyclone and Dragon Bite, on the lower lash line. To stay true to the tutorial I applied Magnolia on the inner corner but the undertone is too dark to be a highlight on my skin tone and I instead wish I’d just applied it to the inner lower lash line instead of where I put Cyclone and Dragon Bite (I lightened Magnolia in post a little because otherwise it just looked like I had crazy dark shadows on my inner corners). To finish the eyes off I applied a glittery red eyeliner to my waterline which looked kinda cool IRL but also kinda freaky since it was darker than the shadows but still very red so that’s why I ended up photoshopping the eyeliner to a more red-orange shade which I think matches a little better than the red I originally used. I believe on the brow bone what you’re seeing is just a bit of my face highlight (listed below). For the lips I wanted to do something really nude, so the eyes could be the star, but warm to color coordinate with the eyes. Unfortunately this lipstick range, Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Sheer, has been discontinued but any warm-toned nude lipstick will do or even just a bit of a lipgloss.

Full Product List (in order of application):



So those are the three looks I created using the Lila palette but as for an actual review what do I think? I love Natasha Denona’s eyeshadow formulas and there are some truly stunning colors in this palette but, as I said before, I wish there was one more matte shade that was lighter to help with blending the other matte shades (I’d sacrifice Layla or Nude Vino for a lighter matte). The formula is very pigmented which can result in a bit of fallout if you’re not careful which is why I did my eyes first, I usually prefer to do my base first, and I still had to edit out some fallout just from doing my lower lash line. Because of this I would highly suggest using a stickier base, something like the YouTube famous P.Louise Base or even the Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Base Primer. This can make blending a little more trickier, though you can still set the crease if need be, but you’ll get a better color payoff with less fallout when using a tacky base. Both of the primers I tried dried down too much and, before applying foundation, I had to take some micellar water and clean up the fallout. Other than those two little complaints I greatly enjoyed this palette, even more so than I thought I would. If you have the coin and are interested in this palette I would say that you would not be disappointed with the purchase because it is a stunning eyeshadow palette and has some really special/unique shades though with pricier palettes like this I always recommend waiting to purchase till one of Sephora’s Beauty Insider/VIB/Rouge sales so you can get a discount. Beautylish has something called Flexible Payments which allows you to pay in installments without any fees or interest (if that’s more your thing). If the hefty price tag is still too rich for your blood, which I totally understand because $129 for an eyeshadow palette is a lot, there is the Mini Lila Palette for $25 which is an extension of the full size and has five beautiful new shades, most of which I wish were in the full size!

Now the final question is, which look is your favorite? I’m partial to the magenta look but I love them all and for the most part am very happy with how all three turned out. Going forward with this palette I can’t wait to mix and match shades with my other Natasha Denona palettes to see what else I can come up with! I had a lot of fun working on this post and can’t wait to move on to the next palette. I’m going to be posting an updated makeup palette collection soon and in that you’ll see that I actually have quite a few that I haven’t even tried yet so I want to work my way through those palettes first so that I can finally play with them. I’ll leave you with the three Lila Palette and Mini Lila Palette tutorials on Natasha Denona’s YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure (they’re all three minutes or less).


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