2019 Beautylish Lucky Bag

FINALLY! I’ve kind of been holding out on posting because I was waiting for my Lucky Bag but, is it just me or did these get shipped out later this year? Anyways, mine is here so it’s time to share what I received this year. This is my third year in a row getting a Lucky Bag, in fact my first ever blog post was my 2017 Lucky Bag, so if you’d like to see what I’ve gotten previously for comparison or curiosities sake you can check out 2017 here and 2018 here. My previous two were pretty hit or miss and this year is no different but there’s definitely more hits with one particularly awesome item. Full discretion, I have only tried out one item so it’s more of a show and tell rather than a try on like last year but I’m super jazzed about one item so I just wanted to get this up ASAP while I’m still buzzing about it so let’s get to it!


So, out of the six products I received I’m pretty happy with four of them which is actually a really good outcome for a Lucky Bag. The value of my Lucky Bag sans eye serum is $234 which is insane for something that only cost me $85 including shipping. Even if the only thing I end up liking is the eyeshadow palette then it would of still definitely been worth it. This was kind of an important Lucky Bag for me too because if this one had turned out to be a dud then I was thinking about not purchasing one for next year. My previous two, while initially exciting, ended up not getting much long-term use or bringing me much joy if we Marie Kondo it. I’m still waiting for that Viseart Dark Mattes palette to call my name but it has yet to do so and I ended up giving away two out of the three mini Jouer highlighters from the set I received last year since they were too dark for my skin tone. I think one of the things that sets this one apart from my past two is that I didn’t receive any hair products which for me is a good thing since I don’t have a lot of hair and I don’t do much to it styling wise. All in all I’m quite chuffed with my Lucky Bag and am much more likely to continue purchasing after what I received this year. If you bought a Beautylish Lucky Bag I would love to hear what you received and your thoughts about it. If you didn’t buy one, is this something you would consider purchasing in the future? (Here’s the link for sign up if you’re interested.) Let’s start a discussion down below!