2019 Warp + Weft Review

Hello! I thought it was high time I did an updated post on my favorite denim brand, Warp + Weft. I did a review and comparison back in September 2017 when the brand was still relatively new but now that they have grown and evolved a lot since then I thought it would be beneficial to do a completely new updated review since I don’t have the same critiques as I did back then.

One of my main issues back when the brand was new is that they called themselves a size inclusive brand and seemed to really pride themselves on that, “inclusivity is central to everything we do,” but I didn’t find their initial launch to be very size inclusive because they started with more options for sizes 00-14 than the 14-24 range. Over time I noticed that they had finally started introducing more and more styles to the plus size range and now they actually have one more style of jeans for sizes 14-24 than they do for 00-14! They do still offer quite a few more washes in the standard sizes than they do in plus but it’s a really big step to even just be offering the same styles for all sizes.

I thought I would go through all the jeans I’ve purchased from the brand, including the few I’ve returned or re-sold, since my initial discovery and give you my current thoughts. One of these is either discontinued or out of stock but I still wanted to include it for comparison sake. I also only used images from Warp + Weft to keep it consistent (plus mine are a bit worn and worse for wear at this point and would not photograph well). Let’s get to it!


My first purchase from Warp + Weft were the JFK in Azure which have fortunately been brought back, they were gone for a little bit! I bought my first pair back in September 2017 and was really unsure about the sizing so I opted for a size 20, I’m usually an 18 or 20 depending on stretch. They were actually way too big for me and is why my first review was a bit sour because the fit just wasn’t good in a size 20 on me. Also, after only two months of wear one of the back pockets started completely coming apart from the back of the jeans. I angry Instagram storied it and the brand got in contact with me; I talked to them about my issue with the quality and sizing and they sent me a new pair in an 18 for free (very generous) and the 18 fit so much better. I still wished they were a little more fitted through the leg but overall these are still one of my favorites. I love the dropped hem detail at the ankle which also makes them longer than all my other jeans, most Warp + Weft plus size jeans come in a 28” or 29” inseam, mine are a 29” but seem longer because of the dropped hem. The Azure wash is in the Dynamic fabric which is described as a comfort stretch cotton. My pair is 93% cotton, 6% elasterell-p (type of polyester) and 1% Lycra but the blend may have changed since I bought mine (they don’t put the fabric blend percentages online) so I’m not sure if they’re the exact same but if they are then I’d say they’re stretchy but still hold their shape fairly well. They don’t have very many photos of this wash online but I’d call it’s a medium wash with some decent fading and a frayed drop hem - I’m so glad they brought these back because the hem detail makes these jeans. The only thing I don’t like about them, and I’d say this rings pretty true for all the washes in this style, is that they aren’t very fitted through the lower half of the leg from the knee down but keep in mind body type/shape, I have athletic calves from cycling and tiny ankles in comparison. Would still definitely recommend trying these out if you like this wash and the price has dropped considerably since I bought mine, I paid $89 (with a discount I actually paid $75.65) but now they’re $50 which I would say is pretty damn good for a pair of jeans.


These were from my second purchase in January 2018 along with the next pair. These were one of the most disappointing purchase for me, especially because it was earlier on with the company and the selection wasn’t nearly as good back then as it is now. They certainly did not look anything like what the model is wearing when worn on my body; they were much wider through the legs and I have some beefy legs so that’s saying something. I am what I call an “exaggerated pear” body shape and carry a lot of my weight in my hips so straight leg jeans usually don’t work out well for me but I wanted to give these a try anyways since my options were limited and I was trying to branch out from skinny jeans (big mistake). The Belle wash are in the Classic fabric so quite stiff and didn’t stretch hardly at all. I ordered a size 20 length 28” knowing there would be less stretch than the JFK and it’s a good thing because they just barely fit over my thighs. They were tight in the thighs but too big around the waist, major butt gap, and a lot looser through the rest of the leg than on the model which did not look very flattering on me. I held on to mine for a little while trying to give them a chance before finally giving up and selling them. Now they make the CDG style in the Oneder and Dynamic fabrics which both have more stretch so the fit might be better in those fabrics. Straight jeans are just not the best style for my body type but if you like straight jeans and structured denim then you might like these.


The version of the Jackson wash that I own are in the Oneder fabric but they’re also available in what they call Power fabric which is denser (more on that in a bit). Composition wise mine are 55% cotton, 36.5% Tencel, 7% polyester and 1.5% Lycra - so quite stretchy and flexible, feel very jegging-like. I bought these because they were on sale and everyone needs a pair of black skinny jeans. I’ve had mine for over a year now and color wise they’ve actually held up pretty well. I’ve had black jeans in the past that I would re-dye because they would fade so fast but these ones haven’t faded much in comparison. Mine are in the 29” inseam and I would call them ankle grazers on my 5’7” frame. If you’re in the market for a pair of black skinny jeans I would say these are nice but still not the skinniest of skinny jeans I’ve ever owned, if you want something you can tuck into boots these probably aren’t the ones.


This wash might be my favorite, or at least my most worn. The difference between the previous wash and the Blacktop wash is that there’s a slight fading around the edges (more noticeable on the images below). Mine are in an inseam 28” and are true ankle jeans so they look really good with pretty much any shoe. The Blacktop wash is in the Power fabric which is denser and has a stronger hold (read: feels more denim like). The composition of mine are 77% cotton, 21% polyester and 2% Lycra - there’s a noticeable difference in the weight of the fabric but these don’t feel stiff and are still quite stretchy and comfortable. This wash of mine has faded the most and noticeably on the inner thigh/crotch area and have not held up the best, the shape of the fabric has distorted and become misshapen on the inner thighs as well. I think I do wear this pair the most though and I will have had them for a year next month so I’m not blaming it on a quality issue, just usual wear and tear when you have juicy thighs. If you want a more casual pair of black jeans I highly rate this pair based on wash alone but be wary of the wear and tear.


I bought this pair just this past October because I figured it would be the closest I’ll ever get to leather trousers. This pair comes in the Oneder fabric and the composition is 62% Tencel Lyocell, 23% cotton, 14% polyester and 1% Lycra - they’re super stretchy and I would say it’s a stretch to call these jeans and not just pants/trousers, at the very least I’d call them more like jeggings. I kept these and hindsight I kinda wish I’d returned them because I’ve only worn them out of the house I think twice. They look dressier from the sheen of the coating and I live a pretty laid-back lifestyle. They’re also quite noisy since my thighs touch when I walk and it kinda sounds like I’m wearing windbreaker pants. The fit also isn’t the greatest which I think you can tell by looking closely at these photos. In my personal opinion coated jeans should fit slimmer like the leather pants they’re trying to imitate but these are a bit too loose in the leg. I need to get more wear out of mine but I think I get tripped up trying to style them and actually wearing them out makes me nervous because of how loud they are but if I put it here and put it out into the universe maybe I can get myself to wear these more often. I think I’ve washed these once to get the creases from shipping out, I wash all my jeans as little as possible to keep them looking fresher longer, and the coating still looks brand new but that is something you’d have to be cautious of with coated denim.


JFK Plus Skinny in Mist

(discontinued wash)

Super bummed to update you that this wash has been discontinued! When I originally published this post the price had been reduced to $50, I paid $98 (though I had a discount of course), so they must of just been trying to get out the last of the stock. I’d bought these because I had been wanting a pair of grey jeans for a while and I liked the raw hem and all the distressing details on this pair so I sprung for them (I don’t have many distressed jeans). They’re the Oneder fabric as well and have a composition of 59% cotton, 33% Lyocell, 7% polyester and 1% spandex - again, super stretchy and soft. I love the color of these but being that I’m plus size and “pear” shaped I get very self conscious in lighter colors on the lower half of my body so I haven’t worn these as much as I thought I would. There are two darker grey pairs available if you’re looking for some grey jeans; one in a shade called Ash in the Power fabric that have some cool design details (I’m really keen to try this wash) and the other is a wash called Stormy and is in the Oneder fabric. Still love the look of these though, don’t regret buying them in the slightest, and am glad I was able to nab a pair before being discontinued.


This was the most recent pair I tried in March. I got super excited when I saw these because the original description specifically said that they tapered to a slimmer ankle than the JFK. I was jazzed thinking Warp + Weft had finally figured out what a true skinny jean is and was gutted when I tried them on. The pair I received were not skinnier at all, they were actually wider than my JFK jeans, and the distressing details hit at a really weird spot on the legs. The distressing on both legs are above the knee and just look and feel really weird, wish they would have put them over the kneecaps because that would have looked and felt better. The rise on these are very high, one inch higher than the JFK which are technically mid-rise but feel high-waisted on me (I do have a shorter torso though). I really don’t like this wash but they do offer them in a black wash called Eclipse which was sold out in my size at the time otherwise I would have gone for those. Trying to pass them off as something they weren’t really struck a cord with me though so I left a rather negative review and ended up being in contact with someone from the company. The guy I talked to basically said it was a mistake that they’d been labeled as being slimmer when in fact they’re just supposed to be a higher rise than the JFK. I sent him a photo showing all my JFK jeans laid out next to these and showed that they’re wider in the calf and he said that the leg widths are supposed to be the same as the JFK and that since this is their newest style there was just an error with the production this time around so hopefully that will be remedied in the future runs. I don’t have this pair in my possession anymore so I can’t tell you the exact composition but they are in the Oneder fabric so they’ll be really stretchy and feel and fit more like a jegging. If you want a skinny jean I don’t think you’ll go wrong with the JFK jeans and I trust that fit more so I’d recommend those over the MXP, these have truly been the most disappointing purchase from the brand thus far.


As much as I love the brand I do wish they’d get it together and come out with a slimmer leg for plus size. I might be a bit chonky but I still like a really fitted pair of skinny jeans. I have big but athletic built legs thanks to a year and a half of cycling classes so it might just be that the composition in my legs is what makes them not as tight as they are on some of the models but I think they could still come out with a more fitted pair (especially in the coated denim). As a whole I really like Warp + Weft because their skinny jean styles fit a pear shaped body much better than other brands I’ve tried (not that I’ve actually tried a lot though). They’re not cheap at just under $100 a pair but I would say you get what you pay for in this instance and they do have a few select styles/washes for $50. I have an affiliate link with their referral program that gives you $20 off your first pair of jeans and then gives me $20 off my next purchase so feel free to use that if you want to try out the brand and save some coins. If you’re plus size and have full hips I’d start with the JFK jeans and go from there, my favorite washes are the Azure and Blacktop. I took my old review down since it’s irrelevant now but I hope this updated review was helpful and can guid you through some of the brand’s styles a little better. If you’ve tried Warp + Weft jeans I’d love to hear your opinions down below, especially if you’re a very different size/shape from me. That’s all I’ve got for you today, until next time!

This post has been updated as of August 2019 and I would also like to add that since publishing this back in April I’ve purchased five more pairs of jeans from the brand because I really do love and endorse this company. I’ve bought the CDG in Azure (yes, I tried the CDG again and with more success this time), three pairs of JFK in Villa, Conifer and Stormy and the MXP in the Eclipse wash. Once I get my most recent purchases in I’ll probably do another update to this post in order to keep from having to completely re-write or have to do a part two because I want to keep it all in one place so I’ll just keep updating this one and changing the publish date to reflect any updates (which is why it has August for the publish date but the URL is from the original April date).