Function of Beauty Review


Hello, as you can guess from the title of today’s post I’m going to be talking about my experience with the online customizable hair-care brand Function of Beauty. About seven weeks ago I decided I wanted to try out the company because I’d seen a few influencers/YouTubers I follow talking and doing sponsorships with them and wanted to try it out for myself. I’d actually looked into trying it a while ago but they didn’t have the ‘reduce brassiness’ option back then and that was a deal-breaker for me because, as a platinum blonde, I need a purple shampoo. For those that don’t know how Function of Beauty works; you take a hair quiz and get a customized formula for your specific hair needs:

For my hair profile I chose straight, fine and normal (my hair is actually wavy but sometimes it air-dries straight depending on how it’s feeling). On the ‘select five hair goals’ step of the quiz when you select a goal it tells you what ingredient is added to give it that goal. For my hair goals I chose deep condition (shea butter + avocado oil), replenish hair (chestnut extract + rice protein), color protection (palm fruit extract + rice bran oil), shine (açaí oil + amazonian babassu oil) and reduce brassiness (yuzu fruit extract + deep purple pigments). I chose the feeling (f)ineapple scent on strong for my fragrance and then chose purple as my conditioner color so that it would match my shampoo because I’m neurotic and like things to match. Since each formula is customized you get to have your name printed on the bottle which I think is a cool personal touch that makes the process feel special. On the last page you choose your size and can select if you want a one-time purchase, which adds $5 shipping, or once a month, every three months or every six months delivery which all have free shipping. I chose the ‘just once’ option because I wanted to see if I liked it first before making any commitments.

So, how’d my formula fair….not very well. I don’t know if it’s that I just choose the wrong hair goals or what but the formula I ended up with was pretty harsh on my hair. I used it about once or twice a week for five weeks and it made my hair way too purple which, for me, is saying something because I like my hair very icy blonde plus my hair became extremely dry (worth noting that this is a common occurrence with a lot of purple shampoos on the market). It didn’t matter how long I left the shampoo on, it pretty much always over-toned my hair if I left it on for more than a minute. I don’t mind a little overtone but this stuff is the squid ink of purple shampoos and was just a bit too much for my hair which usually pulls brassy very easily. The dryness though was the worst part, I also bought the leave-in treatment hoping it would help since my hair is on the dry side with me being a bottle blonde but it didn’t do a damn thing except add a ton more fragrance to my hair. And that’s another thing, when they say strong fragrance they mean strong fragrance. I have short hair, a pixie if you will, and I could smell my own hair the next day after washing it because the fragrance lingers so much. I also really don’t care for the ‘feeling (f)ineapple’ fragrance, it’s super artificial smelling to me and too sweet. Overall I was pretty disappointed with how it all turned out because I thought I chose my hair goals accordingly so I left a negative review on the website because I was unhappy with the products. They do have a 30 day guarantee and if you’re not happy with your formula they will refund you or let you reformulate your first order for free (if you choose this option though you’re forgoing any chance at a refund). By the time I made up my mind about not liking this stuff it was out of the 30 day window but fortunately for me someone in customer service saw my review and still offered me the refund or reformulate option. I chose to get my money back because of how dissatisfied I was and didn’t think a reformulation would solve the problem. Just for kicks and giggles, and because the timing worked out perfectly, I decided to ask my hairdresser what she would of chosen for me and we cam up with two different formulas (because I use two different shampoos depending on if my hair needs toning or not) and the scent option I wish I would of chosen;

My hair is indeed wavy, if I let it grow out I might even be able to coax a few natural curls out of it, so I definitely should of chosen that option and she said that since we’ve been bleaching my hair the structure is more medium because bleaching makes the hair expand (if I remember that correctly). We went back and forth on the scalp being normal or dry because bleaching it does make my scalp a little dry and itchy but since it’s not flaky we left that at normal (though I definitely could choose dry). For the regular shampoo hair goals she choose deep condition (shea butter + avocado oil), strengthen (horsetail extract + evening primrose oil), hydrate (coconut oil + aloe vera), anti-frizz (tamarind extract + argan oil) and shine (açaí oil + amazonian babassu oil). For the purple version hair goals she chose deep condition (shea butter + avocado oil), strengthen (horsetail extract + evening primrose oil), anti-frizz (tamarind extract + argan oil), shine (açaí oil + amazonian babassu oil) and reduce brassiness (yuzu fruit extract + deep purple pigments). Something that confused her and that confused me when I was doing this on my own was that a lot of the options sound like synonyms for each other; hydrate, deep condition and replenish hair all sound like they would do the same thing so it’s hard to choose which one of those is the best option(s) for my hair. I would also change to the ‘all (you)calyptus’ scent on medium strength because that one would go best with my body wash which is sweet mint and eucalyptus scented. If I did decide to ever re-try Function of Beauty I’d go with those options and would definitely choose the 8oz sizes as a precaution just to test the formula out without making the big 16oz commitment. I’m not saying Function of Beauty is bad, it just didn’t work out well for me so I would say try at your own precaution. I would suggest, even if you are an icy blonde, to not choose the ‘reduce brassiness’ option because I have an inkling that it might be the cause for the dryness I experienced and just use a purple shampoo from a brand you already know and trust (my faves are Oribe and Drybar).

Since Function of Beauty didn’t work out for me I recently overhauled my entire hair cabinet, it was time…some of it was very old and expired, so once I am able to try everything and make sure it all works well for me I’m thinking of doing some sort of hair related post because I’ve never fully shared how I take care of and style my hair on the blog. I hope this was insightful and at least a little helpful for anyone curious about Function of Beauty. Again, not saying it won’t work for you, I just didn’t enjoy my experience with the products. I recently started seeing ads for a company called Formulate on social media that seems to be very similar with the customization options (though they don’t have a reduce brassiness option as of time of publication) so that might be worth checking out for anyone wanting a bespoke hair experience (and Formulate has nicer looking bottles imo for what it’s worth). Until next time… ♥