Shoe Closet Cleanout

Summer cleaning is a thing right? I’ve mentioned this before in other posts where I’ve talked about shoes but I have some pretty bad feet. I have literally no arch, they’re flat as can be, and have arthritis due to the many ankle/foot injuries I’ve been through. Because of that finding the right kind of shoe for my feet can be tricky and I tend to shoe shop a lot and then consequently re-sell them once I’ve realized they aren’t working for me. Wasteful? Yes, but every fail helps me learn something new about what not to look for in a shoe. For boots I can only handle up to a two inch heel, though I prefer flat these days, and for sneakers I need ones with removable insoles so that I can insert my custom orthotics. I thought I’d share what I’m selling here since I have mentioned a few of these before on the blog and wanted to let you know what didn’t work out for me (plus, shameless plug for my Poshmark account). If you’re not into purchasing shoes secondhand, in which case I can’t blame you because I personally don’t purchase shoes second hand, I still wanted to link to the originals where they’re still available or to some similar ones for those that like these styles (I do link to some men’s sneakers since I shop men’s and women’s sneaker sizes). I also start my listing prices higher than I expect to sell for because people on Poshmark like to haggle quite a bit so that’s why I put OBO, or better offer, next to all my list prices. Without rambling anymore let’s get to it!


This one physically pains me, no literally these shoes cause me pain. I love these shoes so much but my most recent outing in them told me it was time for them to go. I wore these when I went to get my hair done probably about eight weeks ago and as I was walking back to my car afterwards these really started to rub on the tops of my toes and hurt, a sure fire sign that they’re too small. Idk what happened, if my feet have grown or expanded with age, but I used to be a true-to-size 10 and was so for years but over about the past two years I’ve started to notice that a lot of my size 10 shoes don’t fit so well anymore and have been slowly selling them off as I’ve come to this realization. These were purchased at Urban Outfitters all the way back in April 2014 and were my first big shoe purchase and have held a little bit of sentimental value because of that. I take very good care of my belongings and think that considering the age they’ve held up very well. Plus, I own quite a few pairs of shoes so mine rarely get worn down and weathered looking since I am rotating between so many pairs.


Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedge Sneaker

US Women’s Size 10 | sold!

Not gonna lie, if it weren’t for that neon red I would of kept these. These were a size 10 that actually still fit me comfortably. I really liked the style of these shoes but hated the color I purchased them in, it was an opportunistic purchase for a pair of wedge sneakers. I bought these at Ross so it wasn’t like I had options but I went back to the same location about a week later and saw a pair or white ones and a pair of black ones in my size and was livid because either of those would of been much better for my style/wardrobe. I had already cut the tag off this pair and worn them so I couldn’t take them back otherwise you best believe I would of exchanged them. I tried making these work for years and did wear them some but ultimately the color combo just didn’t work out for me so I decided to let them go. They did put wedge sneakers on my radar though and I’ve been keeping a lookout for a new pair since I decided to let these go (really like these khaki green colored ones down below).


Timberland Averly Chelsea Boot

US Women’s Size 10 | Listed for $67 OBO

I was so excited when I bought these and to be fair I did wear them a reasonable amount when I first got them. Over time though I wore them less and less, they hurt the balls of my feet and they’re a pretty heavy shoe. When I was having a look through my closet and saw these I tried them on to see how they felt and low and behold they’re just a smidge too small for me now. The heel height is also 2.5 inches and even though there’s a small platform they just aren’t comfortable enough for me and I think I maybe wore them once this past winter. I do polish my leather shoes regularly so they’ve held up really nicely in the few years I’ve had them. They’re weather proof and are treaded so it’s a good option to wear during bad weather without wearing your typical snow boot. I could not find anything from Timberland that’s super close to the Averly on any site so I’m linking some newer styles that I would say are in the same realm but definitely don’t look much like them (there’s other colors in both styles, I just shared a few).


Dr. Scholl's x Anthropologie Wilde Sandal

US Women’s Size 10 | Listed for $54 OBO

Dr. Scholl’s and Anthropologie did a collaboration collection about two years ago and I was drooling over these shoes and had to scoop them up. Problem is, the print and coral orange color made them very difficult to pair with my already colorful summer wardrobe. I tried making myself wear them a few times but they just didn’t go with much so I would have to wear them with very basic outfits. I briefly thought about changing the tassels and cutting off the bit that covers the bottom of the zipper but ultimately the comfort of my beloved Birkenstocks won out. I think these are beautiful and love them dearly but think they could go to a much better home. The soles are memory foam and are pretty comfortable for those with more “normal” feet. I searched Dr. Scholl’s website and they don’t have anything very similar but I chose a few that are also light colored and that I think are in a similar vein.


Teleport Bolt Chelsea Boots

US Women’s Size 10 | Listed for $72 OBO

I will say, for the heel height these are not uncomfortable, I wore them during a four hour shift at Ulta and was on my feet the entire time. But, I was hardly ever wearing them because I was terrified I’d face plant because of how tall they made me (I’m already around 5’7” without shoes and these boost me up to about 5’10”). I love them and think they’re a really cool take on the classic Chelsea boot but I wish I could make the heel height about half as tall. These do run big, Teleport recommends sizing down a full size so even though these are a 10 they fit me quite well. Teleport makes these in seven colors now (my favorites are down below). When I first got these and thought I’d be wearing them all the time I thought about buying some of the other colors because I love the style of this shoe so much…why do they have to have a 3” heel? 😭


White Mountain Horizon Sandal

US Women’s Size 10 | Listed for $15 OBO

The only reason I even own these in the first place is because a pair of shoes I wore to work last summer ended up hurting my feet so badly that I had to go to the Marshall’s next door and find a more comfortable pair of shoes. These might have the appearance of the Birkenstock Arizona but they do not have the support. I think I only ever wore these once or twice so they’re still in practically new condition. Cute sandal just not enough support for me and thus not worth keeping.


Men’s Nike Ebernon Low Sneaker


I had a pair of black suede Nike sneakers that I bought from Ross when I was in college and I loved those sneakers. I took them with me on my trip to Australia and they’re one of the few pairs I actually did wear to death. Once I realized they were on their last leg I went hunting for a new pair of black Nike sneakers and settled on this pair that I found at Nordstrom Rack (I had previously tried to replace them with a pair of Nike Toki Low sneakers but those were way too narrow for my orthotics). The thing that separates these from my previous pair is that these are leather and were much stiffer and therefore not as comfortable. I think I did manage to break them in but I just wasn’t loving them as much and one day I was browsing on ASOS and found a pair of black suede Air Force 1 ‘07 for less than $70 and jumped on that. I much prefer the style and comfort of the AF1 and didn’t see the point in keeping both so away these ones go.


Adidas NMD CS2 Primknit

US Women’s Size 10 | Sold!

After watching a sneaker collection video by Katy I decided I needed a pair of NMDs and went crazy. I found this pair first at Nordstrom Rack and thought they would be good to wear on the days I have cycling class since I could take them on an off quickly to switch to my cycling shoes. NMDs are very comfortable but there’s not enough arch support for my flat feet and you can’t put an insole in NMDs since there’s nothing to remove. I could keep these and make them work with some sort of partial insole, I have some soft gel ones that slip over the foot or could get another pair of these gel arch supports that you just stick in your shoe, but I bought three pairs of Veja sneakers recently and since I’m keeping those and I can put my custom orthotics in them I figured I would try and sell these to keep from having an excessive amount of sneakers.


Adidas NMD R2 Summer Boost

Men’s Size 8.5 | Listed for $49 OBO

After my NMD obsession started I went looking for more on ASOS and came across these. Coral orange and teal/turquoise are one of my favorite color combos so I was obsessed with these and had to have them. But long story short, I still can’t wear them with my custom orthotics. I could also make these work if I wanted to but I figured I’d try and find them a better home where they can be fully appreciated. I do really love this pair and would consider keeping them if they don’t sell quickly. I didn’t wear these much because my style doesn’t lean very athleisure and I personally don’t consider NMDs a great workout shoe but…that color combo, I die.


Adidas NMD Racer Primeknit

US Women’s Size 9.5 | sold!

There’s a story with these ones; I saw these on the Adidas website and there was one pair in my size left in stock so I added them to my cart and before hitting that purchase button ran to the restroom to have a wee first, because shopping is just so exciting that it makes you need to use the loo. By the time I got back, mind you less than five minutes, the last pair had sold. I was livid because I love that neon color combo. So then I had to go on a wild goose chase to try and find them somewhere else because I was determined, a woman on a mission to right her wrong. I found them at an online retailer called End. Clothing and when I purchased them from there in a size 10 I got an email the next day saying that they were actually out of stock in a size 10 and that my money would be refunded. So the next day I go back again and see that they’re still listed as available for purchase in a size 10 online so I try again…and get refunded again. Finally I just try and order them in a size 9.5 and hope that they’re in stock and will fit and low and behold they arrived and they did indeed fit! Problem is the soles on these aren’t a thick and thus, in my opinion, are not as comfortable. That being said I do think these would make a decent running shoe which is I think what they’re intended for. I still love the color combo and think NMDs are a comfortable shoe for those without any foot problems but have given up the plight because they’re just not a good shoe for my feet (I work out in a pair of Brooks Ariel 16 with my custom orthotics in case you were wondering, the Ariel 18 suck because the heel cup is really shallow and I would not recommend those).

Okay so that’s all the shoes I’ve cleared out! There’s one other pair of boots I kind of want to get rid of, Timberland Courmayeur Valley Chelsea Boots, because they were quite battered this past winter and haven’t held up well but I don’t think anyone on Poshmark would actually want to buy them in their condition so I might try taking them to a consignment store once it’s cool enough for boot weather (I’d like a better boot for shoveling snow in plus these are quite wide for my long skinny feet). I thought I would make a post about all the shoes I’m getting rid of because I think that sort of thing is really helpful to see what has and what hasn’t lasted long in someone’s wardrobe. Also, shameless plug because I want to offload these as quickly as possible to make up for some recent and possibly future shoe purchases. I’m definitely planning on doing an updated boot collection sometime in the fall because my boot situation has completely changed since my last boot collection post. I could also do a sneaker collection because I’ve got about 12 pairs not counting my two pairs of Brooks Ariel workout shoes and I do love a good “lifestyle” sneaker. My current sandal situation is just five pairs of Birkenstocks since that’s about all my poor feet can handle (styles I own are Mayari, Arizona, Bali and Yara and a pair of Birki’s Tahiti which are very similar to Sydney). If you can’t tell, I love shoes and could talk about them endlessly but I will shut up for now and leave you be since this has been a rather chatty one. Until next time!

This post is being updated to reflect price drops and sales.