2 Looks 1 Palette: Róen Beauty 52° Eye Shadow Palette (+ Disco Eye)


Hello! Today I’ve got two looks using a new cream eyeshadow palette from Róen Beauty that I’ve been testing out for the past few weeks. This was totally an ‘influencers made me buy it’ because Mariah Leonard was the first person I saw try the brand and then Allana Davison did a video as well and I was sold. I’m super into cream eyeshadows and the idea of having four cream shadows in one palette was very appealing to me. I also decided to purchase the individual shade from the brand, Disco Eye, because it just looked so gorgeous (and free shipping, duh). I went for the 52° Cool palette instead of the 75° Warm because I am much more of a cool toned eyeshadow gal but they do have a much warmer option if that’s more your speed. These little palettes are quite pricey at $42 each (total net weight is .16 oz or 4.2 g), Disco Eye (0.06 oz or 1.63 g) is a painful $29 for just the one shade, so I do think they’re a little overpriced for how little product there is and how quickly one might go through it, I personally tend to go through cream shadows much more quickly than powders. Something to note before we get started, and I’ll go into more detail on this, is that these are emollient cream eyeshadows and will crease pretty much no matter what you do so if you can’t stand creasing then these are not the eyeshadows for you. I don’t mind a little creasing from my cream products, in fact I expect it, but thought that was worth mentioning right out of the gate. Okay, I think that’s enough preface so let’s get into it!


52° Eyeshadow Palette (shades Yep & Bask) + Disco Eye

For my first look I wanted to use the two more neutral shades from the palette since that was a natural pairing to me and also use the Disco Eye since it goes very nicely with the tones of Yep (taupe brown-grey) and Bask (rose gold). I had the advantage of having watched Mariah’s second tutorials using this palette prior purchasing so I used an eyeshadow primer, she recommended using one in her second video with the palette, and used the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin because if it did crease then the creasing wouldn’t show very much since that primer is a pale champagne shimmer and goes with the tones of these shades. Because more is more I also used a cream shadow stick from Julep in the shade Taupe Shimmer just to make sure I had something behind the Róen shadows incase they weren’t opaque (kinda wish I hadn’t done this since it just added another creamy layer). I put Yep all over the lid and then added Bask to the center with Disco Eye on the inner corner. And here’s where these being emollient cream shadows becomes a problem; these are so creamy that they don’t really settle down and they will move around a bit, especially if you have hooded or deep set eyes like myself, so layering them ends up just kind of mixing the two shades together. Still created a very gorgeous look and this has been my go to vibe for when I’m not sure what to do with my makeup. I have the full product breakdown for this look on my Instagram if you want to know what all else I used.


52° Eye Shadow Palette (shades Rendezvous & Meow)

For the second look this was the other obvious paring to me, Meow is a gunmetal silvery grey and Rendezvous is a muted purple. The first look I tried doing with these shades, which I posted on Instagram because I didn’t want to waste a pretty makeup look, is when I noticed how poorly they layer and the two ended up completely mixing together so you didn’t get a very good sense of the individual colors so I had to re-do it and came up with this instead. I actually forgot to use an eyeshadow primer this day which was a huge mistake, they will still move a little with a primer but it’s a lot worse without, and this one creased so much that I had a hard time photographing it because I had to keep touching up the creases. For the base I used Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eyeshadow Stick in Stardust, which is also pretty creamy so that did not help the situation at all, and blended out the crease with a palette from Ciaté that’s hella old and discontinued but any mauve or taupe shade will work. I applied Meow all over the upper lid and Rendezvous on the lower lash line. I like the way this one turned out but I love the other one so this is my lesser favorite of the two which surprised me since I’m more naturally drawn to these shades. I also have the full makeup detail for this one up on Instagram in case you are interested.

L-R: Disco Eye, Bask, Rendezvous, Meow, Yep (iPhone pics show the sparkle better than my DSLR)

L-R: Disco Eye, Bask, Rendezvous, Meow, Yep (iPhone pics show the sparkle better than my DSLR)


So final thoughts, would I recommend? Only if you have the coin, have a cream eyeshadow obsession and are okay with some creasing. If you don’t typically like working with cream products and hate the way creased eyeshadow looks then this is not the product for you (the creases are very easy to blend out though). I think from now on I’ll be using all of these as “one and done” lid shades because I think they’ll just work better that way, less is more if you will. If you want a more affordable option I would try ColourPop Super Shock Shadows and I have some suggestions for the specific shades but that’s without me comparing or swatching irl so you’ll have to be the ultimate judge if you are wanting to dupe out this palette from ColourPop. I couldn’t find anything even remotely close to Meow from ColourPop (Snooze probably would of been my choice but that was limited edition), closest to Disco Eye looks like Paisley (sheer golden ivory laced with champagne and pink glitter) or I Heart This (taupe with a silver ultra-glitter sparkle) which has a darker base but looks more sparkly I think, for Rendezvous I’m choosing Cricket (icy purple with multi-dimensional glitter) as the best match, for Yep from what I can tell online the closest would be Nillionare (bronze with pink and gold ultra-glitter) but it’s a bit warmer or Ritz (sheer nude with silver glitter) which is lighter (mixing the two would actually probably get you the closest) - it’s hard to find something deep yet cool enough for this particular shade from ColourPop, and for Bask I would say Like A Shot (soft champagne with a pink sheen) looks quite similar. Again, I have no idea how those would compare in person but from the swatches I looked up online those were the closest “dupes” I could find at ColourPop in the Super Shock Shadow formula (which is super affordable and has 25% off site wide at time of publication). I will also note that in my limited use of Super Shock Shadows they don’t crease the way Róen’s formula does so it’s more user friendly. And that is it for this little demo and review! Bottom line I love my new Róen products but the price point is just way too steep, I think, for your average consumer but I don’t think that’s the target audience for this product. I think this is the type of product that’s geared more towards makeup artist due to the formula because it would be very easy to change up/ad to on set and makes sense since the founder/creator, Nikki DeRoest, is a celebrity makeup artist. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m going to leave the few YouTube tutorials that feature Róen Beuaty products down below that influenced me to purchase these products so that you can get a different perspective and see them in action (none of them use the 52° palette though so you’ll see the 75° palette in action) or you can check out the Róen Beauty YouTube channel where they have tutorials using the products. I hope you are having a lovely day and I will see you next time!


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